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Kate Van Winkle Keller and Genevieve Shimer
The Playford Ball, 103 Early English Country Dances B 240
The Playford Ball, 103 Early English Country Dances
The Playford Ball is a landmark collection of the classic dances originally published by John Playford in The English Dancing Master (1651) and other 17th and 18th century dance publications. For the first time, dance lovers and scholars can compare Playford's original tunes and instructions with the changes that have been made over the last two centuries.
Music is chorded and each dance given in modern instructions with facsimiles of original dance and music pages. Brief essays describe meaning or references; if extant, song lyrics set to the tune are reproduced. Over 150 period illustrations of persons, places, and things referred to in the dance titles are included. An extensive bibliography supports the documentation for every dance and tune.
The dances selected for this collection represent the core repertory of the Country Dance and Society Society from 1915 through 1990. The purpose of the book was an appreciation for the legacy of Cecil Sharp, for his accomplishment in reviving interest in English country dancing and bring the world's attention to the works of John Playford and his successors. With the extensive facsimiles, source materials and dance and tune reconstructions, the text provides a valuable resource for those interested in reconstructing colonial American social dance.
Adson's Saraband to the tune of The New Exchange - Amarillis - Apley House - Argeers - Auretti's Dutch Skipper - Aye Me; or The Symphony - Bath Carnival to the tune of Keppel's Delight - The Beggar Boy - The Bishop to the tune of Miss Dolland's Delight - The Black Nag - The Boatman - Broom, the Bonny Bonny Broom - Chelmsford Assembly - Chelsea Reach - Chestnut; or Dove's Figary - Childgrove - Christchurch Bells - Confess - The Corporation to the tune of Fete Champetre - Cotty House - Dargason; or, Sedany - Dick's Maggot - Dover Pier - Drapers Gardens to the tune of The Margravine's Waltz - Draper's Maggot - The Dressed Ship - Dublin Bay; or, We'll Wed and We'll Bed - The Duke of Kent's Waltz - Epping Forest - Fain I Would - The Fair Quaker of Deal - The Fandango - The Female Saylor - The Fine Companion - Gathering Peascods - The Geud Man of Ballangigh to the tune of Hunt the Squirrel - Greenwich Park - Green Sleeves and Yellow Lace - Grimstock - Hambleton's Round O - The Health; or, The Merry Wassail - Heartsease - Hey, Boys, Up Go We - Hit and Miss to the tune of Daphne - Holborne March - The Hole in the Wall - Hunsdon House - Hyde Park - Indian Queen - The Installation - Jack's Maggot - Jacob Hall's Jig to the tune of Under and Over - Jamaica - Jenny Pluck Pears - Joy after Sorrow - Juice of Barley - Kelstern Gardens - Knole Park - Lilli Burlero - Love's Triumph - Lull Me Beyond Thee - Mad Robin - Mage on a Cree - Maid Peeped Out At the Window; or, The Fiar in the Well - The Merry, Merry Milkmaids - Miss Sayer's Allemand - Miss Sparks's Maggot - Mr. Beveridge's Maggot - Mr. Cosgill's Delight - Mr. Isaac's Maggot - Newcastle - Nonesuch; or, A la Mode de France - The Northdown Waltz - The Old Mole - Once a Night to the tune of Ye Social Powers - Oranges and Lemons - Parson's Farewell - The Phoenix - Picking Up Sticks to the tune of Lavena - Portsmouth - Prince William - Prince William of Glo's'ter's Waltz - The Queen's Jig - Ramsgate Assembly - The Round to the tune of Mr. Lane's Maggot - Rufty Tufty - Saint Margaret's Hill - Saint Martin's - Scotch Cap - Sellenger's Round; or, The Beginning of the World - Shepherd's Holiday; or, Labour in Vain - The Shrewsbury Lasses - Spring Garden - Step Stately to the tune of Jack Pudding - Sun Assembly - The Touchstone - A Trip to Paris - A Trip to Tunbridge - Up with Aily to the tune of The are's Maggot - Upon a Summer's Day - Well Hall - Zephyrs and Flora.

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Kathryn and David Wright
The Vesey Collection B 4583
The Vesey Collection
BACK in Stock !!!

15 Country and contra dances.

Amstrad Contra, Bedggood Square, Big School Circle, The Bishop (Of Exeter), Eddowes Quadrille, Founder's Day, Good Hope, Harman's Reel, The Mitre, Moor Hall, N.T.M., Oldham's Frolick, Trinit Hill Circle, Vesey 450, The Veseyan

CD - € 16.00

Price: € 8.00
Wright's Humours 1 B 216
Wright's Humours 1
Nine country dances from 18th century printed collections.

1979, 12 pgs.

1 Alterations - 2. Hey Ding A Ding - 3 Jacks Ramble - 4 Take A Dance - 5 The Delight Of Sudbury - 6 The Devil Among The Tailors - 7 The Review - 8 The Waggoner.

Book 2 - € 4.50

CD - € 16.00

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Kennedy Douglas - Les Barclay and Ian Jones
Community Dances Manual B 948
Community Dances Manual
Seven volumes bound into one book. Instructions and music for 130 English and American traditional tunes with guitar chords. A classic collection. Edited by Les Barclay and Ian Jones. An extensive revision of the well-loved original series which began in 1947. More than 130 English and American dances, with dance notation and music on facing pages for ease of use.
An extensive glossary assists anyone not familiar with the terms used. All but one of the dances from the original editions, chosen for their simplicity and suitability for inexperienced dancers have been retained in this new work although a few tunes have been changed.

2005, 118 pgs.

4 CD SET - € 25.00
Featured dances in the manual:

1.All the Way to Galway
2.American Spanish Waltz
3.American Waltz Country Dance
4.Arkansas Traveller
5.Armstrong’s Waltz
6.Barbary Bell
7.Barry’s Best
8.Beaux of Albany
9.Belfast Duck
10.Belgian Waltz
11.Big Set - Allemande
12.Big Set Mixer
13.Black Jack
14.Blaydon Races Mixer
15.Bonnets So Blue
16.Bonny Breast Knot (Devon)
17.Bonny Breast Knot (Sussex)
18.Boys of Oakhill
19.Bridge of Athlone
20.Bucksaw Reel
21.Butterfly Hornpipe
22.Camp Town Hornpipe
23.Cheviot Rant
24.Chorus Jig
25.Circassian Circle
26.Circle Waltz
27.College Hornpipe
28.Corn Rigs
30.Cumberland Long Eight
31.Cumberland Reel
32.Cumberland Square Eight
33.Danish Double Quadrille
34.Derry Down Derry
35.Devil’s Dream
36.Dorset Four Hand Reel
37.Dorset Ring Dance
38.Dorset Triumph
39.Double Lead Through
40.Drops of Brandy
41.Duck for the Oyster
42.Durham Reel
43.East Meets West
44.Fairfield Fancy
45.Fifth Column Reel
46.Fisher’s Hornpipe
47.Flowers of Edinburgh
48.Follow Your Lovers
49.Foula Reel
51.Glover’s Reel
52.Goathland Square Eight
53.Good Girl
54.Green Mountain Volunteer
55.Haste to the Wedding
56.Haymaker’s Jig
57.Homosassa Hornpipe
58.Hull’s Victory
60.Hunt the Squirrel
61.Irish Trot
62.Jakie’s Hornpipe
63.Johnny Fetch Your Wife Back
64.Jubilee Roundabout
65.Judge’s Jig
66.Kate’s Hornpipe
67.Kielder Schottische
68.La Poule Quadrille
69.La Russe Quadrille
70.Ladies Triumph
71.Lady Bogart’s Reel
72.Lady of the Lake
73.Lady Walpole’s Reel
74.Lucky Seven
75.Margaret’s Waltz
76.Meeting Six
77.Merry Dance
78.Miss Brown’s Reel
79.Morpeth Rant
81.Norfolk Long Dance
82.Nottingham Swing
83.Opera Reel
84.Patacake Polka
85.Pin Reel
86.Pins and Needles
87.Piper’s Fancy
89.Portland Fancy
90.Princess Royal
91.Progressive Six Reel
92.Quaker’s Wife
93.Queen Victoria Country Dance
95.Road to California
96.Roxburgh Castle
97.Royal Albert
98.Russian Ballet
99.Sackett’s Harbour
100.Sheep Hill
101.Sicilian Circles
102.Silly Threesome
103.Six Reel
104.Soldier’s Joy (Somerset)
105.Soldier’s Joy (Northumberland)
106.Spanish Waltz
107.Spanking Jack
108.Speed the Plough
109.St Patrick’s Day in the Morning
110.Steam Boat
111.Stoke Golding Country Dance
112.Streets of Laredo
113.Swedish, The
114.Tempest (Wilts)
115.Tempest (Vermont)
116.Texas Progressive Threesome
117.Thady You Gander
118.Third Figure Jig
119.Three Hand Star
120.Three Meet
121.Three Sea Captains
122.Threesome Sicilian Circles
123.Timber Salvage Reel
124.Tom Pate
125.Triple Promenade
127.Twelve Reel
128.Up the Sides and Down the Middle
129.Virginia Reel
130.Walpole Cottage
131.Waltz Cotillon
132.Waltz Country Dance
133.Washington Quick Step
134.Waves of Tory
135.Wiltshire Six Hand Reel
136.Winster Galop
137.Yorkshire Square Eight

Price: € 19.50

Lancashire Folk
The Hoghton Band Collection B 843
The Hoghton Band Collection
A selection of English Country Dances played dance length.
CD - € 22.00

Dances :
This Is Scotland; Les Longways; Circle Waltz; Chinese Breakdown; Fandango; Alabama Jubilee; Fairfield Fancy; The Ranch-House; Pins And Needles; Marianne' Waltz; Yorkshire Square; Nonsuch; East Meets West; Long Odds; White Coppice; Barn Dance; Monday Night; Draper's Gardens; Spriggs Of Laurel; Farmers Quadrille; Three Hand Star; Pat Shaw's Traditional; Dallas Route; Lancashire Reel; The Veleta; Sicilian Circle; Bridge Of Athlone; Trip To Bavaria; Yellow Rose Of Texas; Waves Of Tory; Gone For A Burton; Blaydon Races; The Wiltshire Tempest; Postie's Jig; The Cottagers; The Dressed Ship; The Vermont Tempest; Streets Of Laredo; Levi Jackson Rag; Circassian Circle.

Price: € 7.50

Loretta Holz
Dancing Across the Atlantic B 201
Dancing Across the Atlantic
Dances in this book have been done in the US, England, Germany, Japan and beyond at local dances, festivals and balls.

Loretta strives to make her dances accessible for beginners but also interesting for experienced dancers. She focuses on using new tunes written by contemporary composers.

1. Dancing Across THe Atlantic - 2. Diamond Gypsy - 3. Meet in the Middle - 4. Leading Man - 5. The Belle Of The Ball - 6. Woodland Chase - 7. Meandering Matilda - 8. Squaring the Circle - 9. Whirl-a-Jig - 10. Candles in the Dark - 11. Mirror Me - 12. My Lady of the Lake - 13. Gotham Jubilee - 14. Our Brief Encounters.

CD - € 18.50
Booklet (German) - € 6.00

Price: € 17.50

Lorraine Sutton
ECD-Sea to Sea B 769
ECD-Sea to Sea
Dances in the English Country Tradition by Canadian Composers, 2017

The Booklet holds 21 original dances and music from choreographers and composers from sea to sea in Canada. Dances such as Active Pass, Fundy Tides and Blue and Gold, add wonderful contributions to the existing collections of English Country Dances. The attachments hold the Table of Contents.

The purpose of the project is to acknowledge and distribute the work of Canadian ECD callers, choreographers and composers from across the country, in celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Confederation of Canada in 2017. The project coordinators have modeled ECD Sea to Sea, on the CDSS booklet 21 Easy English Country Dances, theirs is yellow ……ours is blue.

Price: € 9.50

Marjorie Fennessy
Another Look at Playford: Research into 17th and 18th Century English Dances by B 2569
Another Look at Playford: Research into 17th and 18th Century English Dances by
From 1959 to 1972 Pat Shaw led a monthly English Country dance event at Cecil Sharp House entitled “Another Look at Playford” to study and dance some of the dances, first published by John Playford, in the “The English Dancing Master” Volume I in 1651, through its eighteen editions, and the two further Volumes up to 1728. He also included some of the dances of that period which Cecil J. Sharp had published in “The Country Dance Book” Part II (1911), Part III (1912), Part IV (1916) with George Butterworth and Part VI (1922).
Dance title
Albion Queen or Barksheir -Alice Marley -Apley House -Bartlett House -The Bishop (Valenciennes) -The Boatman -Bonny Dundee -The Brays of Angus -The British Toper (The British Hero) -Broom, the Bonny Bonny Broom -Burlington House -The Cambridge Waltz -Captain Macintosh -le Carillon d’ Oxfort (Christchurch Bells) -The Cobbler’s Hornpipe -Les Colisée or Paris Pantheon -Confess – Confesse his Tune -Count Leon -Country Courtship -Devonshire House -Double the Cape (Alternative title for Dick’s Maggot) -The Drummer -Duke of Gloucester’s March (Bray) -The Duke of Gloucester’s March (The Dancing Master) -Edinborough Castle -Excuse Me -Exeter Ladies -Fair Quaker of Deal -La Favourite de la Reine -The Female Saylor -Flowers of Edinburgh -The Free Mason -Frisky Jenny or The Tenth of June -Fy, Nay, Prithee John -Gasconne -The Geud Man of Ballangigh to a New Scotch Jigg -The Gloucester -The Great Turk -Grenadiers Exercise -The Hair’s Maggot (The Hare’s Maggot) -The Health or The Merry Wassail/The Merry Frolic -The Herefordshire Lasses -Hey to the Jubilee -Holborn March (Princess Amelia) -Hombey House -Humours of the Age -Paper -Jack’s Health -Jacob Hall’s Jig -Joy after Sorrow (Love and Beauty) -The Jubilee to the tune of The Jubilee Dance -Kelston House -Lady in the Dark -Lincoln’s-Inn Garden -La Lirboulaire (Lilli Burlero) -Lord Killmurry’s Delight -Lord of Carnarvon’s Jig (Jack a Lent) -The Lord Phopington (Lord Foppington) -The Lovers Luck -Ludlow Castle -Lull Me Beyond Thee -Mad Moll -Mage on a Cree -Manage the Miser -les Manches Vertes (Greensleeves) -Marli Water Works -The Matelot -Merry Conceit -The Merry Milk Maids in Green -Micarême -Morpeth Rant -Mr Beveridge’s Maggot -Mr Isaac’s Maggot -My Lady Winwood’s Maggot -My Lord Byron’s Maggot -Nampwich Fair -Never Love Thee More -News from Tripoly -Nonesuch/A la Mode de France -Of Noble Race was Shinkin -Once I Loved a Maiden Fair -Paddy Whack -The Parson’s Cap -The Punch Bowl -The Pursuit -Recruiting Officer -Red Joak -The Round -Sabina -The Scotch Measure -The Shade -Short and Sweet or Orlabear’s Maggot -A Soldier and a Sailor -Somerset House -The Spring -Spring Garden -St Albans -St David’s Day -St James’s Day -The Sword Dance or Strum -The Tatler -The Trip to the Jubilee (as ’tis Danc’d at the Play-House) -Trip to the Jubilee (Thompson) -The Triumph -True Joak -The 29th of May -Up with Aily -Valentine’s Day -The Virgin’s Frolick -Whely House -himbleton House -White Joak -The Wives’ Victory -Woolly and Georgey

Price: € 21.00
Pat Shaw - Collection Of Dances B 8945
Pat Shaw - Collection Of Dances
This is the second book of a series of three which Marjorie Fennessy has instigated and funded in memory of Pat Shaw. The third book, which will be ready later this year, will publish for the first time dances from the ‘Another Look’ classes, a series of workshops which Pat took from 1959 to 1972 at Cecil Sharp House following his researches in the library there.

Dances written by a 20th Century Dancing Master
Albert Memorial Square, The - Anton's Surprise - Avoncroft - Bare Necessities - Battersea Processional - Bell Of Creation - Berkshire Tragedy, The - Chigwell Row - Clarance House - Clevedon Sicilian, The - Dancing Dutch, The - Dancing The Baby - Donnie's Farewell To London - Errol On The Green - Four Winds - Freda's Fancy - Gladys's Galop - Halsway Sicilian - Heidenroslein - Heswall and West Kirby Jubilee - John Tallis's Canon - Johnny's Quadrille - Joseph's Jig or Jovial Joe - Kennedy's Rant - Long Live London - Margaret's Waltz - Miss Anderson's Allemande - Miss Avril's Delight - Miss Bedlington's Fancy - Miss de Jersey's Memorial - Mr Ganniford's Maggot - Miss Fennessy Smiles - Mr Shaw's Apologies - Mr Shaw's Canon - Monica's Delight - Morecambe Bay - Muschamp's Maggot - Nan's Waltz - Nibs Goes West
The Phoenix Rejuvenated - The Pride of Newcastle - The Prince Consort's Rant - Rant Gone Wrong - Rayleigh Reel - The Real Princess - The Rose of Tankerton - Shropshire Galop - Silver for the Matthews - Staffordshire Hornpipe - Sybil's Au Revoir - The Thames Valley Diamond - Thora's Surprise - The Three Sea Captains - A Trip to Orpington -Twelve Reel - Twickenham Ferry - Walpole Cottage - The Whirligigs' Last Bow - The Winsor Knot.

Price: € 20.00

Marjorie Fennessy and Antony Heywood
New Wine In Old Bottles B 056
New Wine In Old Bottles
54 dances by Pat Shaw to old Dutch tunes.

1. Babylon (first version) - 2. The Betrayed Lover - 3. The Lover’s Farewell - 4. Up on a Lofty Mountain - 5. I Have a Song to Sing - 6. The Farmer - 7. Dear Papa and Dear Mama - 8. Ah! Belinda - 9. Men of Law - 10. Little Nightingale - 11. The Sleepless Swain - 12. Katie the Nuisance - 13. May in the Hague - 14. Planting the May - 15. The Woeful Lover - 16. Sweet Rosie Red - 17. The Carillon at Sneek - 18. An English Air - 19. Sally from Poland - 20. Cecilia.

Price: € 9.50

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