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Brenda Godrich
Pat Shaw - His Life through Memories 1917-1977 B 5632
Pat Shaw - His Life through Memories 1917-1977
Patrick Shuldham-Shaw was a man of many talents. He had a thirst for learning and had not only an encyclopedic knowledge of most subjects (including Whisky and food) he was an authority on the folk music, song and dance of many countries. He played many instruments and spoke many languages- indeed, it was said that there were none he could not just pick up and play or converse in. He was a fine singer, natural teacher and a lover of puns with a sometimes wicked sense of humour.

248 pgs

Pat collected traditional tunes- most notably in Shetland where he noted down tunes that had previously been passed on orally. He edited The Greig-Duncan Folk Song Collection, which was published in eight volumes after his death. He was a ‘Roving Ambassador’ for the Sing for Pleasure movement. Most of all he was an authority on and composer of English Country Dances.

It was his prodigious output of dances in all styles and levels of complexity which has led him to be labeled the Twentieth Century Dancing Master. He took his dances to Wales, Scotland, Holland and the U.S.A as well as all over England.

But Pat was also full of charm and enthusiasm and had a charisma which led to him being loved and well remembered by all who knew him. This book has attempted to bring together those memories and the varying strands of his life.

Price: € 24.00

Jan Dale
Flora Janica - A Florigium of Dances B 4832
Flora Janica - A Florigium of Dances
Following the sucess of 'Tuzzy Muzzy', Jan has put together a further collection of dances for your enjoyment.
They are in the Playford Style and, with the exception of 'Jankers', all have botanical names.
Hence the title "Flora Janica"

1. Blue Eyed Mary - 2. Cetraria - 3. Chorus of Crocus - 4. Fritillaria - 5. Jankers - 6. Lovage - 7. Moonwort - 8. The New English Mistletoe Dance - 9. Parrotia - 10. Periwinkle - 11. Pulsatilla - 12. Snowdrops - 13. Tamarisk - 14. Twayblade - 15. Welsh Poppy - 16. Winter Aconite.

CD - € 20.00

Price: € 10.00

Ricarda Hennig / Frieda Van Vlaenderen
The Pride and Prejudice Collection - Volume 2 - English / German B 9856
The Pride and Prejudice Collection - Volume 2 - English / German
This Second Volume in the Pride and Prejudice Collection contains more of the Jane Austen film and TV dances. In the earliest stages of planning it became clear that little had been done to interpret the dances from the "Apted" Collection to their original tunes.
Referring to the original book, Reg Battle set about the task of interpretation, bearing in mind the dialogue between 17th to 19th Century dance techniques and current expectations. This will undoubtedly give a new look to some of the more familiar dances from this Collection.
1. Auretti's Dutch Skipper - 2. The Barley Mow - 3. Mr Beveridge's Maggot - 4. Gathering Peascods - 5. Gray's-Inn Mask - 6. The Happy Captive - 7. The Hole in the Wall - 8.Jacob Hall's Jig - 9. Jenny Pluck Pears - 10. The Juice of Barley - 11. The Lasses of Portsmouth - 12. Lord How's Jigg - 13. Mutual Love - 14. Rufty Tufty - 15. Shrewsbury Lasses - 16. Trip to Highgate - 17. Wildboar's Maggot.

CD - € 20.00

Price: € 6.00

Marjorie Fennessy
Pat Shaw - Collection Of Dances B 8945
Pat Shaw - Collection Of Dances
This is the second book of a series of three which Marjorie Fennessy has instigated and funded in memory of Pat Shaw. The third book, which will be ready later this year, will publish for the first time dances from the ‘Another Look’ classes, a series of workshops which Pat took from 1959 to 1972 at Cecil Sharp House following his researches in the library there.

Dances written by a 20th Century Dancing Master
Albert Memorial Square, The - Anton's Surprise - Avoncroft - Bare Necessities - Battersea Processional - Bell Of Creation - Berkshire Tragedy, The - Chigwell Row - Clarance House - Clevedon Sicilian, The - Dancing Dutch, The - Dancing The Baby - Donnie's Farewell To London - Errol On The Green - Four Winds - Freda's Fancy - Gladys's Galop - Halsway Sicilian - Heidenroslein - Heswall and West Kirby Jubilee - John Tallis's Canon - Johnny's Quadrille - Joseph's Jig or Jovial Joe - Kennedy's Rant - Long Live London - Margaret's Waltz - Miss Anderson's Allemande - Miss Avril's Delight - Miss Bedlington's Fancy - Miss de Jersey's Memorial - Mr Ganniford's Maggot - Miss Fennessy Smiles - Mr Shaw's Apologies - Mr Shaw's Canon - Monica's Delight - Morecambe Bay - Muschamp's Maggot - Nan's Waltz - Nibs Goes West
The Phoenix Rejuvenated - The Pride of Newcastle - The Prince Consort's Rant - Rant Gone Wrong - Rayleigh Reel - The Real Princess - The Rose of Tankerton - Shropshire Galop - Silver for the Matthews - Staffordshire Hornpipe - Sybil's Au Revoir - The Thames Valley Diamond - Thora's Surprise - The Three Sea Captains - A Trip to Orpington -Twelve Reel - Twickenham Ferry - Walpole Cottage - The Whirligigs' Last Bow - The Winsor Knot.

Price: € 20.00

Derek Jones
Barn Dance Fiesta 1027-B
Barn Dance Fiesta
A selection of Jigs, Reels, Hornpipes, Waltzes, Polkas and Rags, all of dance length, some set dances, but mainly 32 bars with the odd 16 bar, 48 bar and 64 bar dances.

20 dances to accompany the music of the Ring O'Bells Band.

CD - € 13.00

Price: € 8.50
21 Easy English Country Dances: Booklet with CD B 4599
21 Easy English Country Dances: Booklet with CD
Simple music; simple dances. Simply wonderful.

This booklet and CD are designed for people who have seen English country dancing (perhaps in a popular Jane Austen movie) and are intrigued by the elegance of the dance and the beauty of the music and want to try it out for themselves. The recording showcases the best of the CDS recording series, highlighting the playing of Phil Merrill, Marshall Barron, Chuck Ward, and others, for the first time on CD. The booklet gives you 21 historical English dances, easy to teach and to dance, with good music. We’ve included information about dance formations, the music and character of English dancing, and a glossary of the major figures and steps used. You don’t need to wait any longer – buy this booklet/CD set and start dancing!

Dances include: Black nag, Childgrove, Christchurch Bells, Draper's Maggot, The Duke of Kent's Waltz, Epping Forest, The Fine Companion, Gathering Peascods, The Geud Man of Ballangigh, Heartsease, Hit and Miss, The Hole in the Wall, Indian Queen, Juice of Barley, Knole Park, The Queen's Jig, Rufty Tufty, Sellingers Round, A Trip to Paris, Upon a Summers Day and Zephyrs and Flora

Price: € 21.00

Helene Cornelius and Francis Attanasio
At the Ball: Dances for Volume 6 B 8946
At the Ball: Dances for Volume 6
The Ball is the highlight of the year for an English dance community. It is an opportunity to put together a grand dance party, to dress elegantly, enjoy favorite dances, and do your best dancing to the finest music available. Volume 6 of the CDS-Boston Centre series At the Ball commemorates the over 20 years which Bare Necessities has played for the Philadelphia Ball. The booklet is made up of a collection of 15 older, classic English country dances, all suitable for ball programs. Nine are from different editions of Playfords The Dancing Master and all of the dances are longways. Thirteen dances are duple minors (with one of them a double progression and one other improper). The remaining two dances are triple minors. A number of the dances will be easily recognized by those who frequent balls, as they are popular with dance communities across the country and make it onto programs regularly. All of the dances will fit into a ball program and should still be enjoyable to dancers in any kind of venue.
Included are: Amarillis, Anna Maria, Bar a Bar, Corellis Maggot, King of Poland, Leather Lake House, Mount Hills, The Mulberry Garden, Never Love Thee More, The Northdown Waltz, Prince Georges Birth-Day, The Pursuit, Red House, Sadlers Wells, and Young Widow

CD - € 18.00

Price: € 9.50

Maud Karpeles
Cecil Sharp - His Life and Work B 6459
Cecil Sharp - His Life and Work
Others came before and after him but no person is more strongly associated with the revival of English folk song and dance at the turn of the twentieth-century than Cecil Sharp (1859-1924). He collected about 5000 folk songs and nearly 500 dances.

This prodigious achievement is told by someone who perhaps knew him better than anyone else. Maud Karpeles was his assistant for many years and accompanied him on his expeditions to the Southern Appalachian Mountains.

This remains the definitive biography of the greatest figure in the English folk song and dance movement.

Pages: 256

Price: € 20.00

Wright Kathryn and David
Wright's Humours 1 B 285
Wright's Humours 1
Nine country dances from 18th century printed collections.
1 Alterations - 2. Hey Ding A Ding - 3 Jacks Ramble - 4 Take A Dance - 5 The Delight Of Sudbury - 6 The Devil Among The Tailors - 7 The Review - 8 The Waggoner.

CD - € 16.00

Booklet Volume 2 - € 5.00

Price: € 3.85

Wright Kathryn and David
Wright's Humours 2 B 284
Wright's Humours 2
Blenheim Pound
Cheshire Rounds
Fumbler, The
Old Wigg, The
Oldenburgh Bonnet, The
Rural Felicity
Soulton Jigg
Tom Jones
Trip To Richmond, A
Trip To The Jubilee, A

Book volume 1 - € 4.50

CD - € 16.00

Price: € 4.50

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