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Marshall Barron & Christine Helwig
Purcell, Playford And The English Country Dance. B 152
Purcell, Playford And The English Country Dance.
Volume 1: The dances.
Contains the dances reconstructed from original sources.
Volume 2: The music.
Contains the written music
Book (Volume 2 -Music) - € 22.50.

Price: € 22.50

Maud Karpeles
Cecil Sharp - His Life and Work B 6459
Cecil Sharp - His Life and Work
Others came before and after him but no person is more strongly associated with the revival of English folk song and dance at the turn of the twentieth-century than Cecil Sharp (1859-1924). He collected about 5000 folk songs and nearly 500 dances.

This prodigious achievement is told by someone who perhaps knew him better than anyone else. Maud Karpeles was his assistant for many years and accompanied him on his expeditions to the Southern Appalachian Mountains.

This remains the definitive biography of the greatest figure in the English folk song and dance movement.

Pages: 256

Price: € 20.00

Maud Karpeles
Singing and Dancing Wherever She Goes EFDSS 2011
Singing and Dancing Wherever She Goes
The English Folk Dance and Song Society (EFDSS) is proud to announce the publication of Maud Karpeles’ biography, written by the late Simona Pakenham. A personal friend of Maud's, Pakenham has combined information from a number of sources: Maud’s unpublished autobiography, notebooks, letters and diaries, supplemented by the reminiscences of many friends. At a time when folk music and arts are enjoying a visible renaissance, this book reveals the invaluable and unique contribution Karpeles made to the development of the folk revival, fieldwork, the evolution of the English Folk Dance Society (EFDS) and the life and work of Cecil Sharp.

Price: € 14.00
Twice as Nice B 4894
Twice as Nice
Melanie Axel-Lute presents her second book of contra and English country dances. Spiral bound.

Includes 35 contras of various levels of difficulty, but many easy ones:

Apples & Coconut
Blind Date
Bluebirds on my Shoulder
Bristol Court
Chaos Pie
Charm Bracelet
Crochet Hook
Dean’s Valentine
Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend
Embraceable Reel
Going into Orbit
Hand in Hand
Less Is More
Little Black Dress
Long May It Wave
Lucky Charm
Miller’s Nephew
Miller’s Thumb
More to the Point
Orbiting Venus
Polar Vortex
Sliding into Home
Slinkin’ Around
Spinning Reel
Sue’s Suggestion
Teapot Reel
24 Below
Venetian Blinds
Waving Good-Bye
Women in Charge

Also includes 4 contras that Melanie wrote in conjunction with my granddaughter (then aged 8):

Spiral Pearl
Jessica’s March
Lego People

plus 6 English country dances, with music:

After Sandy
Bransle in the Barn
Brisk Young Lads
Myra’s Maggot
The Strollers

Price: € 17.50

Michael Raven
One Thousand English Country Dance Tunes B 432
One Thousand English Country Dance Tunes
The new edition of 1.000 English country dance tunes is now available. This is the largest single collection of dance tunes ever published. Jigs, triple jigs, set dances, waltzes, reels, hornpipes, polkas, quicksteps, Schottisches, etc. , with special features on Morris, Sword and Ceremonial tunes, the Northumbrian pipes, and facsimile reproductions of the complete first editions of John Gay's The Beggar Opera ( 1729 ) and Playford's The English Dancing Masters (1651). Widely acclaimed by professional, folk, and early music musicians.
Over 300 pages, sewn in sections, larger than A4 size (9" x 12" - 1. 1/2" thick). Illustrated.
Described as "the folk dancer's bible" this is a must have for all folk / country dance enthusiasts, instrumentalists and collectors.

1999, 336 pgs.

Price: € 42.00

Naomi Alexander
Naomi's Tunes and Dances B 1598
Naomi's Tunes and Dances
Many of her dances are extremely popular.
2006 -22 pgs.

CD - € 19.50

Price: € 11.50

Neil Stuart
Squares and Double Contras B 8884
Squares and Double Contras
9 square dances
6 double contras

Whilst written in a broadly American style, as the majority of the dances do not contain a lot of swinging, they may appeal more to English dancers.

Price: € 7.00

Nicolas Broadbridge
The Assembly Dances (revised reprint) B 265
The Assembly Dances (revised reprint)
An original collection of dances and music composed by Nicolas Broadbridge. Piano arrangements by Norman Bett. Musical editing by Brian Prentice.

For Marjorie - The A&A Polka - The Garden Assembly - Golden Browne - Mackontosh's Maggott - Minor to Major - Nell's Waltz - A Wesley Conzert

Price: € 9.50

Orly Krasner
Celebrations B 9990
Celebrations, Orly Krasner's long-awaited collection of 20 English country dances, uses tunes by Debbie Jackson, Jonathan Jensen, Dave Wiesler and others, both old and modern.

The dances, in a variety of formations, include :
1. Parkgare
2. Crystal Spring
3. Algorhythms
4. Independence
5. Middlemarch
6. Sally's Choice
7. A Garland fro Judi
8. Coast to Coast
9. Gene's Gambol
10. When Laura Smiles
11. A Perfect Ten
12. Heartland
13. The Nine Tailors
14. Kate's Whimsy
15. Longevity

A CD is also available with 15 dance-length tracks performed by Reunion (Daniel Beerbohm, Barbara Greenberg, and Jonathan Jensen)

CD - € 19.00

Price: € 24.90

Pat Shaw
Holland as seen in the English Country Dance - 171 B 813
Holland as seen in the English Country Dance -  171
NEW EDITION – Completely Revised B 813

A selection of 20 Country Dances with references to Holland in their titles taken from various English sources, selected, edited and described by PAT SHAW.

DANCES: The Dutch Skipper - Dutch Dollars - Holland’s Ginn - Helder Point 1 - Zealand - Helder’s Point 2 - Prince William 1 - The Texel - The Nassau - A Trip to the Texel - Auretti’s Dutch Skipper - Admiral Mitchell’s Waltz or - La Ballet Hollandoise - A Rout in the Texel - The Dutchman - The Texel Island - Prince William 2 - Walcheren Waltz - Prince William’s Return - Up with the Orange (Oranje Boven) - Dutch Pins - Juliana

2002, 43 pgs.

Price: € 12.50

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