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Joseph Pimentel
The Goldcrest Collection JPBK 01
The Goldcrest Collection
The companion book to The Goldcrest Collection CD, with instructions for twelve English country dances including "The Treasure of the Big Woods, " "Mr. Millstone's Inauguration," and "Mile of Smiles, " as well as eight American contra dances including "Hotpoint Special" and "Changeling Intuition."

Appin's Dance
A Balanced Tern
Turlough O'Carolan
Blackbird Pie
Daron Douglas
Changeling Intuition
Dave Wiesler
Come with Voices Singing
Dance of a Lifetime
The Farmer's Joy
A Health to All Good Dancers
Hotpoint Special
Mile of Smiles
Mr. Hamilton's Inauguration
Mr. Legge's Initiation
Mr. Millstone's Inauguration
Peace and Joy
Ramsay Chase
Sasna's Swing
The Treasure of the Big Woods
Westaire Court

CD - € 19.50

Price: € 16.00

Geof Owen
Calling The Tunes (Booklet + CD) GO 03
Calling The Tunes (Booklet + CD)
22 Dances with a CD available with tunes that can be used for most of the dances.List of dances
1. Born and Bred 3 couple 32 - 2. Coppett Cottage 3 couple 32 - 3. Days Away 3 couple 48 - 4. Gilpin’s Roundabout 5 couple 32 - 5.Half Measures Longways 32 - 6. Middleton Hall 4 couple 32 - 7. Captain Peter’s Maggot 4 couple 32 - 8. Oakwood 3 couple 24 - 9. Six O’Clock Pheasant Circle 32 - 10. The Skimmington Ride Square 64 - 11. Mind Your Ps and Qs 3 couple 48 - 12. Valentine Embrace Longways 32 - 13. Susato’s Ronde 4 couple 32 - 14. Realms of Glory 4 couple 32 - 15. Nola 4 couple 32 - 16. Miles From Nowhere Sicilian Circle 32 - 17. Ingestre Hall 3 couple + 1 40 - 18. Grey Stone Circle Circle 32 - 19. Ducks on the Pond Sicilian Circle 32 - 20. Coral-ation 5 couple 32 - 21. Concentrated Minds Longways 32 - 22. We’ll Meet Again Longways 40.

1. Gilpin Roundabout
2. Captain Peter's Maggot
3. Dd'il Take The Warr

Price: € 10.00

Ronald u.Brita Harriers
Simple Pleasures B 8425
Simple Pleasures
5. Christina - 6. Auretti's Dutch Skipper - 8. The Physical Snob - 9. Freeford Gardens - 10. I Care Not For These Ladies - 13. Handel With Care - 15. Hole in the Wall.

Book English - € 9.50

CD - € 18.00

Price: € 5.50

Graham Christian
The Playford Assembly: 125 Early English Country Dances, 1651 - c.1820 B 5222
The Playford Assembly: 125 Early English Country Dances, 1651 - c.1820
A CDSS Publication

The Playford Assembly is a collection of 125 English country dances that have their origins in the 17th through the early 19th centuries. It is a successor volume to The Playford Ball (CDSS, 1990) and, like that collection, reflects the extraordinary work of Cecil Sharp and the generations of dance leaders and interpreters who have worked in his tradition since the 1910s. The dances in The Playford Assembly include many beloved favorites, such as "Bar a Bar," "The Dusty Miller," "Irish Lamentation," "Jack's Health," "Leather Lake House," "The Merry Salopians," "Money Musk," "News from Tripoly," "The Pursuit," "Sally in Our Alley," "The Young Widow," and many more, enlivened with lively anecdotes and illustrations. Each dance entry is published with music, facsimile, modern interpretation, and historical information. By Graham Christian; 175 pages

Price: € 39.00

Brooke Friendly and Chris Sackett
Impropriety Volume V: The Country Dances BKROG 5
Impropriety Volume V: The Country Dances
Brooke Friendly and Chris Sackett are back with a fifth outing in the Impropriety series. Volume lV includes 19 English and Scottish dances set to tunes both traditional, and by modern composers such as Dave Wiesler, Shira Kammen (part of Roguery), Dave Bartley, Paul Hutchinson, and Gary Thomas.

CD - € 18.00
On the Midway (tune: Dance of the Demon Daffodils), Autumn Gifts (tune: Saint Malo), Love Always (tune: Love and all that Hijaz), The Ruddy Duck (tune: A4 Up Go We), Gingerbread (tune: Kuparai Eeva), Rare Vintage, Greengage (tune: Walnut Hall), The Longest Night (tune: Cog Railway), Chocolate is the Answer (tune: The Maid's Complaint), Sweet Mischief, Sea Shadows (tune: Your Slip is Showing), The Skin of Our Teeth (tune: Trip to Sligo), Nutkin's Hornpipe (tune: Squirrels), Cascades (tune: Bugs in Both Pockets), V (Vee - tune: Incunabula), De Novo, Make the Sun Dance (tune: Tatshenshini Triple), Blythe Company (tune: All Among the Barley).

Price: € 17.00

More Dances for Jane Austen (Book and CD) DHDS 2015
More Dances for Jane Austen (Book and CD)
More Dances for Jane Austen is a sequel to Dances for Jane Austen. This collection continues in the same spirit, offering a typical repertoire from the Regency age. There are several direct connections to Jane Austen herself in the country dances, and some in the cotillons, which are identified in the Contextual Information on Dances.

The book, by Anne Daye, contains an introduction, notations and music for 6 country dances and 7 cotillons, notation for a reel, descriptions of steps, holds, figures and the changes. There is also information on the dances and their history along with a section on the English Cotillon 1760-1815.

All the music on the CD was specially recorded to accompany the book. The musicians are:
The Austen Allegros: Ian Cutts (violin, tambourine), Vernon Wood (flute), Gail Ford (harpsichord, piano, oboe), and Jeanette Edwards (cello).

1.Chichester Bells
2.The Honey Moon
3.Lord Granthams Whim
4.Miss Bennets Jigg
5.Mr Brockmans Hornpipe
6.Ramsgate Assembly
7.La Brunette
8.L'entrée du Bal
9.La Fete de Regent
11.Les plaisirs des Anglois
12.Le Reproche
13.Twelfth Night
14.Reel (Mrs Drummond Younger of Perth's Strathspey, Lord Macdonald's Reel, The Irish Washerwoman)

Price: € 22.00

Melanie Axel-Lute
Twice as Nice B 4894
Twice as Nice
Melanie Axel-Lute presents her second book of contra and English country dances. Spiral bound.

Includes 35 contras of various levels of difficulty, but many easy ones:

Apples & Coconut
Blind Date
Bluebirds on my Shoulder
Bristol Court
Chaos Pie
Charm Bracelet
Crochet Hook
Dean’s Valentine
Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend
Embraceable Reel
Going into Orbit
Hand in Hand
Less Is More
Little Black Dress
Long May It Wave
Lucky Charm
Miller’s Nephew
Miller’s Thumb
More to the Point
Orbiting Venus
Polar Vortex
Sliding into Home
Slinkin’ Around
Spinning Reel
Sue’s Suggestion
Teapot Reel
24 Below
Venetian Blinds
Waving Good-Bye
Women in Charge

Also includes 4 contras that Melanie wrote in conjunction with my granddaughter (then aged 8):

Spiral Pearl
Jessica’s March
Lego People

plus 6 English country dances, with music:

After Sandy
Bransle in the Barn
Brisk Young Lads
Myra’s Maggot
The Strollers

Price: € 17.50

Kate Badrick, Wendy Crouch , Anne Daye, Diana Camp
Understanding Victorian Society Through Dance B 6851BK
Understanding Victorian Society Through Dance
This is a distance learning manual, with an accompanying CD, to help teachers deliver the requirements of the National Curriculum from Key Stage 2 upwards. Learning these dances requires, in particular, teamwork and knowledge of the rules. It will encourage the acquisition of social skills and promote self-esteem, which can equip a child for life. This title includes: how to use this resource; teaching tips; and, dances. Ballroom Dances include: The Waltz; The Spanish Dance; The Polka; The Schottische; Highland Schottische; Hart's Lancers; Galop Finale Country Dances; Pop Goes the Weasel; Four Hand Reel from Dorset; La Tempete (The Tempest); Sir Roger de Coverley; The Triumph; Nine Pins Morris and Processional Dances; Castleton Garland; Bean Setting from Headington; Helston Furry Dance; Stave Dance Performance Dances; Sailor's Hornpipe; Jockey Dance; Skirt Dance; Tambourine Dance; Street Clowns 1; Street Clowns 2; Street Clowns 4; Crossing Sweepers 1; Crossing Sweepers 2; Crossing Sweepers 3; Clog Dance; Clog - 6x8-bar reel - practice speed; Clog - 6x8-bar reel - intermediate speed; and, Clog - 8x16-bar reel - performance speed

CD - € 16.00

Price: € 20.00

Hilary Herbert
Hilary's Humours 4 B 7532
Hilary's Humours 4
A collection of contemporary dances.
A mix of styles and complexity with some dances more suitable for a workshop and others for an evening dance.

1 Paper Chase
2 Rosa Centifolia
3 Snow Joke
4 St Tugal's Chapel
5 Speculation
6 Walsall Fortified Walsall Fortified
7 Winds over Gigha
8 Clints and Grikes
9 So Many Men
10 Wiltshire Wisdom
11 Whirlwind
12 Random Threes
13 A Diamond in the Sky
14 Fortissimo
15 Eight Spiders
16 Freers' Fortification
17 Above Diamonds
18 T.W.Lawson
19 Practice Makes Perfect
20 Triple X

CD - € 19.00

Price: € 9.00

Sue Stapledon
Not Quite The 2 Of Us B 9999
Not Quite The 2 Of Us
A tribute to John Stapledon.

Apley House Revised - Rattle The Bucket - Mr. Mitchelson's Maggot - Butterfly Silver - Honesty - Shepherd's Warning - Golden Dales - Jaydee's - Sarina's Waltz - Can't Be Sure - 3H Hornpipe - Aimee's wish - Alstroemeria - Five Bar Gait - The Perfect Gentleman - House By The Stream - Dawstone Park - Mirror By The Dee - Gently Does it - Deeside Meadows

CD - € 19.00

Price: € 8.00

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