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Brad Foster & Francis Attanasio
A New English Ball: Dances for Volume 11 B 2589
A New English Ball: Dances for Volume 11
Volume 11 of the English Country Dance Collection (the companion booklet to Volume 11 of the CDS Boston English Dance Collection CD series by Bare Necessities) focuses on dances by modern English composers, primarily Pat Shaw, who opened the door to modern composition in the second half of the 20th century, and whose Centenary it is this year. Also included are dances by William Ganiford, Bob Lilley, Colin Hume, Ellen Taylor, Naomi Alexander, Tom Cook, Ron Coxall, and Hazel Moir. With music from a wide range of sources, both old and modern, the volume shows tremendous variety in style and feel. After the passing in 2013 of former editor Helene Cornelius, Volume 11 is the first dance booklet edited by Brad Foster.

Dances Include:

Amy The Betrayed Lover Dear Papa and Dear Mama Delia The Fast Packet Josephine Koepoort Galliard Mr. Ganiford’s Delight Mr. Ganiford’s Maggot The Pride of Newcastle Stepping Stones Turn of the Tide Up on a Lofty Mountain White Wheat

CD - € 18.00

Price: € 9.50

Brenda Godrich
Pat Shaw - His Life through Memories 1917-1977 B 5632
Pat Shaw - His Life through Memories 1917-1977
Patrick Shuldham-Shaw was a man of many talents. He had a thirst for learning and had not only an encyclopedic knowledge of most subjects (including Whisky and food) he was an authority on the folk music, song and dance of many countries. He played many instruments and spoke many languages- indeed, it was said that there were none he could not just pick up and play or converse in. He was a fine singer, natural teacher and a lover of puns with a sometimes wicked sense of humour.

248 pgs

Pat collected traditional tunes- most notably in Shetland where he noted down tunes that had previously been passed on orally. He edited The Greig-Duncan Folk Song Collection, which was published in eight volumes after his death. He was a ‘Roving Ambassador’ for the Sing for Pleasure movement. Most of all he was an authority on and composer of English Country Dances.

It was his prodigious output of dances in all styles and levels of complexity which has led him to be labeled the Twentieth Century Dancing Master. He took his dances to Wales, Scotland, Holland and the U.S.A as well as all over England.

But Pat was also full of charm and enthusiasm and had a charisma which led to him being loved and well remembered by all who knew him. This book has attempted to bring together those memories and the varying strands of his life.

Price: € 24.00

Brian Jenkins
High Jenks B 312
High Jenks
A collection of tunes by Brian Jenkins with dances by Peter André - Charles Bolton - Philippe Callens - Tom Cook - John Dale - Alan Davies & Graham Jones.
1998, 32 pgs
Book - € 16.50

Mary's malteaser - Glenton park - Smoke rings - Sleeping in the Attick - Heibrand - Rowen - Hackins Hey - The printer's measures - Lobelia - Reverie - Another Enid's whirlaround - The octagon - Lobelia two - The new arrival - January girl - Neston forty - Fried.

Price: € 7.50

Brooke Friendly & Chris Sackett
Impropriety Volume II - Country Dances BKROG 2
Impropriety Volume II - Country Dances
A second collection of newly choreographed dances by Brooke Friendly and Chris Sacket. The 22 English country dances include music with chords indicated. There are also 5 Scottish country dances.
It also has a Glossary, Abbreviations and Diagrams.
2008, 59 pgs.
1. English Country Dances
Alder Cove
Birthday at Pinewoods
Chocolate for Breakfast
The Dancing Betty
Hazelfern Place
Hey Baby Hey
An Improper Notion (NOTE: a new, improved version of this dance, titled An(other) Improper Notion, is published in Volume IV)
Joint Effort
Larkin Grace
MacQueen’s Jig
Mendocino Cure
Pear Blossom
The Play’s the Thing
Scales of Justice
Snow Day
Through the Looking Glass
Trim the Sails
X Ackley
Yakima Rim
2. Scottish Country Dances
McNeal Pavilion
Orcas Rising
The Solution
Susan Mann’s Jig
Trip to Panama
CD - € 19.00

Price: € 19.00
Impropriety Volume III - Country Dances BKROG 3
Impropriety Volume III - Country Dances
Dances included in Volume III:
1. English Country Dances

The Bemused Benthologist
Breakfast with Coyote
The Chocolate Equation
Dreams of Mirth
Footprints in the Sand
Hidden by Light
Leaves of Autumn
Plum Thursday
Pony Express
The Potter's Wheel
Rock the Boat
Sally by the Pond
Shira Delight
Ursa Minor
We'll Bed and We'll Weed
Well Met
2. Scottish Country Dances
The Cold Snap
The New Garden
Roll Back the Rug
Spiced Cider

CD - € 19.00

Price: € 19.00
Impropriety Volume IV - Country Dances BKROG 4
Impropriety Volume IV - Country Dances
Dances included in Volume IV:
1. English Country Dances

All Who Wander
An(other) Improper Notion
Banjo in a Bear Suit
A Big Heart
Birds of a Feather
Chocolate Moose
Foot it Featly
General Grooviness of the Universe
It's Always Something
Julie's Scandal
Monte Toyon Mist
Rain on the Roof
Ruby-Crowned Kinglet
Standard Conclusions
To Dance Divine
Scottish Country Dances
Crimson Clover
The Sun Box
Triple Chocolate
CD - € 19.00

Price: € 19.00

Brooke Friendly and Chris Sackett
Impropriety Volume V: The Country Dances BKROG 5
Impropriety Volume V: The Country Dances
Brooke Friendly and Chris Sackett are back with a fifth outing in the Impropriety series. Volume lV includes 19 English and Scottish dances set to tunes both traditional, and by modern composers such as Dave Wiesler, Shira Kammen (part of Roguery), Dave Bartley, Paul Hutchinson, and Gary Thomas.

CD - € 18.00
On the Midway (tune: Dance of the Demon Daffodils), Autumn Gifts (tune: Saint Malo), Love Always (tune: Love and all that Hijaz), The Ruddy Duck (tune: A4 Up Go We), Gingerbread (tune: Kuparai Eeva), Rare Vintage, Greengage (tune: Walnut Hall), The Longest Night (tune: Cog Railway), Chocolate is the Answer (tune: The Maid's Complaint), Sweet Mischief, Sea Shadows (tune: Your Slip is Showing), The Skin of Our Teeth (tune: Trip to Sligo), Nutkin's Hornpipe (tune: Squirrels), Cascades (tune: Bugs in Both Pockets), V (Vee - tune: Incunabula), De Novo, Make the Sun Dance (tune: Tatshenshini Triple), Blythe Company (tune: All Among the Barley).

Price: € 17.00

21 Easy English Country Dances: Booklet with CD B 4599
21 Easy English Country Dances: Booklet with CD
Simple music; simple dances. Simply wonderful.

This booklet and CD are designed for people who have seen English country dancing (perhaps in a popular Jane Austen movie) and are intrigued by the elegance of the dance and the beauty of the music and want to try it out for themselves. The recording showcases the best of the CDS recording series, highlighting the playing of Phil Merrill, Marshall Barron, Chuck Ward, and others, for the first time on CD. The booklet gives you 21 historical English dances, easy to teach and to dance, with good music. We’ve included information about dance formations, the music and character of English dancing, and a glossary of the major figures and steps used. You don’t need to wait any longer – buy this booklet/CD set and start dancing!

Dances include: Black nag, Childgrove, Christchurch Bells, Draper's Maggot, The Duke of Kent's Waltz, Epping Forest, The Fine Companion, Gathering Peascods, The Geud Man of Ballangigh, Heartsease, Hit and Miss, The Hole in the Wall, Indian Queen, Juice of Barley, Knole Park, The Queen's Jig, Rufty Tufty, Sellingers Round, A Trip to Paris, Upon a Summers Day and Zephyrs and Flora

Price: € 21.00
Dances for a Crowded Hall : Self-Contained English Dances B 4444
Dances for a Crowded Hall : Self-Contained English Dances
A CDSS Pubication

The latest in our CDSS Booklet Series.
Six experienced English dance leaders present programming and hall management suggestions for a crowded hall. Does not include actual dance instructions. 2004 20 pages

Price: € 6.00

Cecil Sharp
The Country Dance Book - Book 5 & 6 B 965
The Country Dance Book  -   Book 5 & 6
Kentucky Old Time Dances.

1918, 187 pgs.

Price: € 11.00

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