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Graham Christian
The Playford Assembly: 125 Early English Country Dances, 1651 - c.1820 B 5222
The Playford Assembly: 125 Early English Country Dances, 1651 - c.1820
A CDSS Publication

The Playford Assembly is a collection of 125 English country dances that have their origins in the 17th through the early 19th centuries. It is a successor volume to The Playford Ball (CDSS, 1990) and, like that collection, reflects the extraordinary work of Cecil Sharp and the generations of dance leaders and interpreters who have worked in his tradition since the 1910s. The dances in The Playford Assembly include many beloved favorites, such as "Bar a Bar," "The Dusty Miller," "Irish Lamentation," "Jack's Health," "Leather Lake House," "The Merry Salopians," "Money Musk," "News from Tripoly," "The Pursuit," "Sally in Our Alley," "The Young Widow," and many more, enlivened with lively anecdotes and illustrations. Each dance entry is published with music, facsimile, modern interpretation, and historical information. By Graham Christian; 175 pages

Price: € 39.00

Hazell Peggy
Fireworks B 1027
Twenty-four Dances (Spiral-bound).

2005, 16 pgs.

Price: € 7.00
Norfolk Capers B 946
Norfolk Capers
Norfolk Country Dances.

1980, 88 pgs.

Price: € 9.90

Héléne Cornelius
Hudson Barn II B 425
Hudson Barn II
This second edition contains seven new dances as well as the original ten.

2000, 36 pgs.

Price: € 9.80

Helene Cornelius and Francis Attanasio
At Home: Dances for Volume 5 B 270
At Home: Dances for Volume 5
A founding purpose of “The English Dance Collection” was to provide small dance groups with quality music recorded at dance length and tempo. For that, Volume 5 may be the most useful book of the series. Where a gathering of two to four couples would find duple minor dances frustrating and triple minor dances prohibitive, this volume provides 22 set dances which can be performed in a living room, dining room, family room or finished basement; hence the title, “At Home”.
1. The Installation - 2. The Astonished Archaeologist - 3. Lull Me Beyond Thee - 4. Argeers - 5. Hunsdon House - 6. Shrewsbury Lasses - 7. Fain I Would - 8. The Merry Andrew - 9. Hyde Park - 10. Broom, the Bonny Bonny Broom - 11. Love and a Bottle - 12. The Merry Andrew (slow version) - 13. Chelsea Reach - 14. Leah's Waltz - 15. Epping Forest - 16. Once A Night - 17. Mrs. Pomeroy's Pavane - 18. Sir Watkin's Jig - 19. Jovial Beggars - 20. Oxford Circus/Parson's Farewell - 21. The Merry, Merry Milkmaids - 22. Randolph Farewell

CD - € 18.00

Price: € 14.00
At the Ball: Dances for Volume 6 B 8946
At the Ball: Dances for Volume 6
The Ball is the highlight of the year for an English dance community. It is an opportunity to put together a grand dance party, to dress elegantly, enjoy favorite dances, and do your best dancing to the finest music available. Volume 6 of the CDS-Boston Centre series At the Ball commemorates the over 20 years which Bare Necessities has played for the Philadelphia Ball. The booklet is made up of a collection of 15 older, classic English country dances, all suitable for ball programs. Nine are from different editions of Playfords The Dancing Master and all of the dances are longways. Thirteen dances are duple minors (with one of them a double progression and one other improper). The remaining two dances are triple minors. A number of the dances will be easily recognized by those who frequent balls, as they are popular with dance communities across the country and make it onto programs regularly. All of the dances will fit into a ball program and should still be enjoyable to dancers in any kind of venue.
Included are: Amarillis, Anna Maria, Bar a Bar, Corellis Maggot, King of Poland, Leather Lake House, Mount Hills, The Mulberry Garden, Never Love Thee More, The Northdown Waltz, Prince Georges Birth-Day, The Pursuit, Red House, Sadlers Wells, and Young Widow

CD - € 18.00

Price: € 9.50
By Request: Dances for Volume 7 B 7555
By Request: Dances for Volume 7
This edition, By Request, was created by soliciting suggestions from the community (as did Volume 9: Strong Roots). Preference was given to requests by dance leaders who depend on recordings and who are, in fact, the target audience for the entire series. We feel the final selection creates a program balanced in style, key, mood, and tempo. Compositions run from 1710 to 2001, and while the majority of them are from the 18th century, new dances are making their way into the repertoire and, more importantly, being sought out by the community. It shows a vibrancy and energy in a dance style that on the surface might seem dated and stagnant. Of the 14 dances, ten are duple minor, plus three two-couple longways and one square.

Dances: The Collier’s Daughter, Cupid’s Garden, Dover Pier, Gigue for Genny, The Gypsy Round, In the Fields of Frost and Snow, Jaque Latin, Midnight Ramble, Mrs. Savage’s Whim, Ore Boggy, Perpetual Motion, Ramsgate Assembly, Red and All Red, and When Laura Smiles.

CD - € 18.00

Price: € 9.00
Dances for volume 8 - By Choice BK CDS 08
Dances for volume 8 - By Choice
Volume 8 “By Choice,” is a collection of twelve dances to accompany a selection of favorites tunes chosen by Bare Necessities. To provide a volume of dances to accompany such lovely music is a treat.

1. The Haymakers - 2. Easter Tuesday - 3. Rafe's Waltz - 4. Softly Good Tummas - 5. Bonny Gray-Ey'd Morn - 6. Nightcap - 7. Muriel's Measure - 8. Angels Unawares - 9. The Princess - 10. Cockle Shells - 11. Turning of the Year - 12. Beggar Boy - 13. Rufty Tufty.

CD - € 18.00

Price: € 9.50
Fast Friends: Dances for Volume 15 B 7756
Fast Friends: Dances for Volume 15
Dances for Volume 15 of the CDS Boston, Bare Necessities English Dance Series companion books features the dances of Gary Roodman.

Dances:Peace and Plenty, Joy(ce) of the Town, Apollo's Hunt, Helene's Gavotte, Fast Friends, The Belle of Amherst, Ramblin' Rosie, Stride Stately, Trip to Greene, Midwinter Maggot, Mr. Chopin's Waltz, Christine, A Celt's New Dance, Hideaway, and A Solstice Snow.

CD - € 17.00

Price: € 9.50
Favorites of the Boston Centre: Dances fro Volume 1 B 176
Favorites of the Boston Centre: Dances fro Volume 1
Dance instructions for 13 favorite dances of the Boston Centre dance community and found on Volume 1 of the CDS Boston Centre's English Country Dance Collection with Bare Necessities CDs. This collection features both classics from 1698-1766 and modern dances from the second half of the 20th century. Dances are: Bury Fair, Easter Morn, The Female Saylor, Hudson Barn, The Introduction, Jack's Maggot, John Tallis's Canon, Long Live London, The Old Mill, Quite Carr-ied Away, Round about our Coal Fire, Sally in our Alley, and Sun Assembly. With an index to Vol. 1-10, alphabetically by name of the dance.
2006 - 38pgs.

Dances:1. Jack's Maggot - 2. Sun Assembly - 3. The Old Mill - 4. The Female Saylor - 5. John Tallis' Canon - 6. Sally in Our Alley - 7.Long Live London - 8. Round About Our Coal Fire - 9. The Introduction - 10. Hudson Barn - 11. Bury Fair - 12. Quite Carr-ied Away - 13. Easter Morn.

CD - € 18.00

Price: € 9.50

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