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Alan Roberts
The Castles in the Air Tune Book B 124
The Castles in the Air Tune Book
This book is a collection of fiddle tunes transcribed from Rodney Miller’s CD Castles in the Air.
The goal is to impart as accurately as possible Rodney’s style and technique without producing overly complex scores. Therefore are notated the essential elements: notes, rhythm, ornamentation and slurs.
Included in this book is a half-speed CD to help clarify the notation as well as help you absorb the other, more esoteric and indescribable features of Rodney’s style of fiddling.

This tune book includes detailed chapters on Rodney’s bowing technique and finger ornamentation.

Price: € 21.50

Susan Songer
The Portland Collection, Volume 3 B 4530
The Portland Collection, Volume 3
At last! After more than 3 years of work on the project, we are only a few weeks away from going to press with The Portland Collection, Volume 3. We are hoping for an April, 2015 release date. Watch this space for a list of the 300+ tune tiles in Portland 3. There are no repeats from the two earlier books, but the format and features will be just the same.

Price: € 30.00

Marshall Barron
Minuets, Cotillions, and Early American Country Dances B 257
Minuets, Cotillions, and Early American Country Dances
Three-part arrangements of most of the tunes in Morrison's Twenty Four Early American Country Dances.

CONTENTS: Bonny Lass of Aberdeen, Doubtful Shepherd, Elegance and Simplicity, Innocent Maid, Jockey to the Fair, King George the 3rd's Minuet, Lady Coventry's Minuet, Maid of the Oaks, Marlbrouk, Minuet de la Cour, Money in Both Pockets, Mr. Turner's Academy Cotillion, Pea Straw, Revenge, The Rose Tree, Stony Point, Virginia Reel, Welcome Here Again, White Cockade, Yankee Doodle, York Fusilears, Young Widow.

Price: € 16.00

Peter Barnes
Interview With A Vamper B 036a
Interview With A Vamper
Piano accompaniment techniques for traditional dance music, focusing on accompaniment styles for American contra and square dancing. The book starts with basic vamping (simple bass-chord backup) and continues on through bass runs,'thumb-leading', chord voicings, syncopation, substitutions and special effects. The piano has long history in New England and British Isles traditional dance accompaniment and is more popular today than ever. This is the only book available covering these particular techniques. For beginners and experienced players.

1993, 140 pgs.

Price: € 29.00

Bill Matthiesen
The Waltz Book IV B 7836
The Waltz Book IV
75 newly composed and traditional waltzes, including:
♦ tunes from the U.S., Ireland, England, Sweden, Finland, France, Brazil and beyond
♦ French Canadian and musette waltzes
♦ swing and bluesy waltzes, even a raggy waltz
♦ tunes from Molly Mason, Keith Murphy, Larry Ungar, Jay Unger, and more
♦ easy tunes and challenging tunes, slow and fast tunes
♦ perfect for evenings of waltzes and other couples dances, as well as waltz jams.

Alma Brasileira - Alouette’s Waltz - Alpenglow - Annelis Vals - Arran Boat Song - Berceuse pour Hannah - Blue Dress Waltz - Cabernet - La Cachucha - Café Waltz - Candles in the Dark - Carolan’s Cottage - Chance Creek - Chouchenn - Cinecittà - Dark Island - Daybreak - Doireann’s Waltz - Dying Embers - Endearing Young Charms - Eva’s Waltz - Ffarwel Vaughn Ward - Flatworld - Flying Home - For Ireland - I’ll Not Tell Her Name - Gaye’s Steps - Gina’s Waltz - Glades - La Gueussinette - Hugo’s Waltz - In Continental Mood - Jitterbug Waltz - Konstan Parempi Valssi - Längtan efter Sally - Leaving Lismore - Lill-Ingrids Vals - The Love of My Life - Lueur d’Espoir - La Maestra - The Merry Widow Waltz - Mrs. Chambers - Muistatko - Monrepos’n - Mystérieuse - Nany Valse - The Ohia Blossom Ragtime Waltz - Old Madera Waltz - Parlez-Moi d’Amour - Pearls & Diamonds - Purpurivalssi - Ralph’s Watch - Rantakoivun Alla - Regency Waltz: Patriot’s - Regency Waltz: Lord Downshire’s - Return to Crieff - Saari & Kristen - Sasha’s - She Left a Star - 60 Roses All in a Roe - The Snowstorm - The Solstice Maid - Sörens Vals - Stens Vals - Summer Haze - That Sultry Waltz - Tim & Lydia’s Wedding Day - Upper Valley - La Valsajo - La Valse des Espoirs Fanés - Valse des Fables - La Valse Joyeuse - La Valse Laurencienne - Valse des Niglos - Ville de Quebec - Waltz for Eliza - Wilmington Waltz

Price: € 19.00

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