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A Band Named Bob
A Band Named Bob OTB 010
A Band Named Bob
A Band Named Bob have been playing together for over 12 years, providing music for contra, English, and couples dancing. They play for community dances and private affairs. Their unique approach and love of dance music has been a favorite with dancers in the Philadelphia.

1. Saratoga Hornpipe, Frenchie's, Say No More
2. Pipe on the Hob, The River Bend
3. The Road to California, Katydid, Contrazz
4. St. Antoine's, F# minor Reel, St. Jean's
5. The Pernod Waltz
6. Paddy On The Landfill, The Scholar, Sandy MacIntyre's Trip to Boston
7. Horse With a Heart, Penny Hill, David's
8. Waynesboro, Shenandoah Falls
9. Justin Otter Schottische
10. Paddy Killoran's, Gallagher's Frolic
11. John Bowe's, Log Cabin, Trip to Windsor
12. Midwinter blossom

Price: € 17.50

Big Bandemonium
The Big Bang BBM 01
The Big Bang
Big Bandemonium is a rockin' contra dance band which represents the best of modern traditional music. The band takes music to a new level of fun, with some of the best groove you've ever heard in your life! Big Bandemonium has a driving three piece horn section, plus fiddles, guitar, piano, and bass. When you hear them you won't be able to sit still. Big Bandemonium ROCKS!

Who would have thought a big band could play contra music? Lise Brown from Greenfield, MA has brought together a group of outstanding New England musicians made them into a tight team. Three fiddles, horns and rhythm work as a unit. The arrangements are great, danceable, varied and exciting. This is a CD which you will listen to often.

1. Evil Diane
2. Ms. Monaghan's / Rare
3. Fading Light / Joy of My Life
4. Flying Tent
5. When Johnny Comes Marching Home
6. Reel Saint-Antoine
7. The Growling Old Man and the Cackling Old Woman / Eliyahu Hanavi / The Big Bang
8. Indian Point / Coming Dawn
9. Evergreen

Price: € 15.50

Bob McQuillen
Farewell to the Hollow WM 9860
Farewell to the Hollow
Farewell to the Hollow was recorded in 1988 by New England Tradition. This recording featuring Bob McQuillen (piano), April Limber (fiddle) and Pete Colby (banjo and autoharp) is a classic and has lost none of its magic with time. Colby's banjo is renowned. New England Tradition was formed in 1978 to continue the rural contra dance tradition of southern New Hampshire.
Bob McQuillen, Peter Colby, April Limber, Sarah Bauhan 1991.

1. Teetotaler's, Green Fields of America, Swingin' on a Gate
2. Broken Sword, The Gobby-O, I lost My Love, Scatter the Mud
3. Hannah Towle
4. April's, Pete's, Deanna's Marches
5. Another Margaret's Waltz, Pompelia, O'Donnell's Waltz
6. Fireman's, Palerno, Peace River Breakdown
7. Pete and April's Waltz
8. Alouette's, Amelia
9. Ludger Lafore, Trip to Durrow, The Wise Maid
10. Year-End Two Step, O'Donnel Abhu
11. Bob's Own, Jimma's, Money in Both Pockets
12. Mount Cashel's Brigade, Snowy Breasted Pearl, Bonnie Charlie
13. Farewell to the Hollow
14. Great Memories.

Price: € 18.60

Bob McQuillen and Old New England
ONE:IV WM 9810

1. Jigs: Jack Beard's Jig /Dr. Becky's/ Martha's Hornpipe
2. Reels: Blue-Eyed Lassie/ Sailor Set On Shore/ The Brennan Brothers
3. Air: Arianna's Air
4. Reels: Harvey's Hornpipe/ Ludger Laforte/ John Campbell's
5. Waltz, Jig, Reel: Erin's Waltz/ Regina Delaney/ Rear End Reel
6. Polkas: Fitzwilliam Polka/ Coffee's Woowoo/ Sootie's
7. Reels: Castle Hornpipe/ Mr. R. Catto/ Chandler's Hornpipe
8. Waltz: Melanie's Waltz
9. Reels: Reel de Madame Jobin/ Gramin's/ John Brennan's
10. Jigs: Debbie Keller's Jig/ Gaelic Roots/ Mrs. Brennan's
11.Waltz: Miki's Waltz
12.Reels; Seamus Connolly's/ Lord Macdonald's Reel/ Peerless Hornpipe
13.Marches: Comer's March/ Myron's
14.Reels: Piper's Lass/ Collier's Daughter/ Peacock Fancy
15.Waltz: Ms. Brennan's Waltz

Price: € 18.60

Bob Pasquarello
When Midnight Comes OTB 1012
When Midnight Comes
Afterwaltzes by Bob Pasquarello. Bob Pasquarello has been making up this afterwaltzes for the past twenty years. At the end of an evening of playing for dancing, he will spin off one of these tunes. Dancers drift off, waltz out the hall, sent home on the dream cloud of melody. Each tune holds the memory of the people and the occasion they were written for, each one played with tenderness and affection.

1. Paint Creek
2. Bright Hopes
3. This Moment
4. The Marquis
5. The Dressmaker
6. When Midnight Comes

Price: € 18.00
Price: € 7.50

Canterbury Country Dance Orchestra
Canterbury Country Dance Orchestra CD FW8
Canterbury Country Dance Orchestra
The name Canterbury Country Dance Orchestra goes back to 1966. Their music and Dudley Laufman's calling led to the rekindling of the contra music and dance that thrives today. In 1972 they made the first-ever long playing album of New England contra and square dance music. Now, in 2001 we have Canterbury Orchestra on CD. Their sound tells us why the Canterbury Country Dance Orchestra became so enormously popular in the late 60's and early 70's. The music is up-beat, earthy, engaging, and above all - happy.
Allan Block - fiddle Fred Breunig -fiddle Art Bryan - guitar Pete Colby banjo, autoharp Larry DeLorier - flute, piccolo, pennywhistle Charlene Fagelman Morse - flute Dave Fuller - accordion Nicholas S. Howe -fiddler Dudley Laufman - fiddle, accordion, harmonica Ted Levin - fiddle Bob McQuillen - piano, accordion Vince O'Donnell - fiddle, electric guitar Jack Perron - fiddle Jack Sloanaker - string bass, piano Dick VanKleeck -french horn Jerry Weene - fiddle, mandolin, viola, banjo.

1. Earl of Mansfield
2. Chorus Jig
3. Coleraine
4. Mistwold
5. Starr Label Reel, Ned Kendall
6. Maguinnis's Delight
7. Prince William II
8. Scotch Hornpipe
9. Glenn Towle
10. Reel de Jeunne Marie
11. Madame Bonaparte
12. Farewell to Whiskey, Money Musk
13. Prince William
14. Brisk Young Lads, 2 & 6 Penny Girl
15. Petronella
16. Irish American Reel
17. La Gondeuse
18. Poor Auld Woman
19. Huntsmen's Chorus
20. Petronella with calls
21. Meeting of the Waters

Price: € 18.50

Smitten CP 01
Here are four talented musicians from the Great Plains. Both Minnesota and Iowa claim them. Very creative and fun Contra music.
Pat O'Loughlin, John Goodin, Patrice Pakiz, Erik Sessions.

1. Loaves and Fishes, Too Many Goats, 4th and Walnut
2. Puddle Jumper, Snow Day, Offshoot
3. Bighorn River Sunset
4. Aly On the Plains, Hay to Market, Just 4 Guys
5. Ladybug Lightning
6. Mason's Apron, Maggie in the Snow, Julia Delaney
7. Lucy's Stroll, Box Elder Stomp
8. Smitten
9. Surprise, Stumpy, Bunch of Stuff
10. Manistique, What You got There, Scandy Twist
11. Lost Summer.

Price: € 18.00

David & Ginger Hildebrand
George Washington: Music for the First President H 105
George Washington: Music for the First President
This recording includes songs and instrumental tunes familiar to our first President. Thoroughly researched and performed on reproduction instruments popular in late 18th-century America, these pieces demonstrate the breadth and character of music during George Washington's lifetime. Selected chiefly from 18th-century American sources, they include pieces composed in Washington's honor, songs heard at Mount Vernon during his lifetime, tunes to which he danced, and airs and instrumental works he enjoyed at the theater and in concert. Some of the featured composers are Francis Hopkinson, Henry Carey, Pierre L. Duport, and a New York fiddler named Mr. Hoffmaster. Instruments include: harpsichord, violin, baroque and English guitars, hammered dulcimer, recorder and voices. Liner notes offer both a biographical essay and detailed program notes. See companion music book 'George Washington.A Biography in Social Dance', written by Van Winkle Keller Kate & Charles Hendrickson.

Book - € 23.55

1. A Toast by Francis Hopkinson
2. There was a Jolly Miller
3. Sweet Richard
4. General Washington
5. Of all the Simple Things
6. Durang's Hornpipe
7. The Death of General Wolfe
8. He Comes, the Hero Comes!
9. The President's March
10. The Drum
11. Fancy Minuet danced before General Washington, 1792
12. Mount Vernon
13. Lady Washington
14. Good Morrow to your Night Cap
15. Funeral Dirge
16. Stony Point
17. March to Boston
18. A Minuet by the Reverend Mr. Bacon
19. Orpheus and Euridice
20. Lord Howe's Jig
21. Jefferson and Liberty
22. Funeral Dirge on the Death of General Washington.

Price: € 16.00

David Hildebrand
Music of the War of 1812- 2 CD Set CD 27908
Music of the War of 1812- 2 CD Set
Rigorously researched, the music and lyrics herein bring life to the issues, thoughts, and stories of this critical period of American history—authentically with drama and humor. THE WAR OF 1812 in America spawned a huge variety of songs and instrumental music. From the stirrings of party politics under President Adams, the traumatic effect of Jefferson’s Embargo in 1807, through the triumphal defense of Fort McHenry and last major battle at New Orleans, Americans sang about their thoughts, feelings and unfolding history. Fresh lyrics lashed out at political opponents, while military heroes like Hull, Perry and Jackson inspired ballads of praise which detail their great battles on land and sea.

° Ginger Hildebrand (voice, guitar, violin, hammered dulcimer)
° Laura Hildebrand (violin)
° John Burkhalter (recorder)
° Jonathan Palmer Lakeland (piano & choral conductor)
The United States Naval Academy Glee Club - directed by Dr. Aaron Smith
The Sons of Harmony, St. John’s College - directed by Peter Kalkavage
Singers from the Westminster Choir College

Book - € 27.50

DISC A (57:31) Broadside to Anthem: Music of the War of 1812 is a one-hour public radio program written, produced, narrated and performed by David Hildebrand and guest musicians; it was creatively conceived by Peter Fretwell, General Manager, WWFM—The Classical Network.

DISC B (46:32) Twenty American Songs, Marches and Dances includes most of the recorded pieces within the radio show, plus additional selections, but without the spoken commentary.
1. Madison’s March (1:30)
2. Perry’s Victory (2:26)
3. James Madison my Jo (3:35)
4. Jackson’s Welcome Home (0:36)
5. The Anacreontick Song, harmonized by the author (1:59)
6. Yankee Tars (4:00)
7. The Battle of Baltimore (3:03)
8. Decatur and the Navy (2:03)
9. Sacket’s Harbor (1:26)
10. The Embargo (3:23) Listen to SAMPLE Audio track
11. The American Star (3:39)
12. Hull’s Victory (1:46)
13. Before the Lord We Bow (1:36)
14. Fort Niagara Quick Step by Carroll (0:42)
15. An Old “War Song of ’76” new vamped (2:26)
16. Lilli-bull-ero (4:41)
17. Jockey to the Fair (1:12)
18. The Death of the Embargo (2:07)
19. The Anacreontic Song (with choruses) (1:55)
20. The Star-Spangled Banner (1:31)

Price: € 21.00

Super Tonic EL 01
Super Tonic
Elixir blends driving fiddle and guitar with the rich texture and rhythmic excitement of a full horn section. Elixir performs tightly crafted music drawing on a wide range of styles and evoking a variety of moods. Elegant melodies, Dixieland horn riffs, and playful improvisations combine with traditional and original Irish, French Canadian and New England tunes, all with a solid dance beat.

1. Dance Around
2. Ring of Kohala
3. Chicago
4. Calamity
5. Bird in the Bush
6. Jehovahs Retreat
7. Dongo
8. I Don't Know Why
9. Abe's Retreat
10. Rambling Pitchfork
11. Montreal
12. Hope
13. Red Star Line

Price: € 16.00

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