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George Wilson
Royal Circus RC 2000
Royal Circus
George Wilson has long been a fixture on the Albany contra scene playing contra music with driving interpretations of Cape Breton, Scandinavian, Scottish and Quebeccois tunes. Becky Ashenden and Selma Kaplin provide the necessary driving piano back up.

1. Gânglât fran Mockfjärd
2. Judique Jig, Drummond Castle, Stool of Repentance
3. Mist on the Loch, Kitchen Ceili Reel, Capt.Peterson of Melby, Barrowburn
4. Forever Young Waltz
5. The Earl of Dalhousie’s Happy Return to Scotland, Stirling Castle, Homeward Bound
6. Margaret Chisholm, Broken Lantern, The Royal Circus, Miss Gordon of Park
7. John Roy Lyall
8. Reel en sol d’André Alain, Reel du Goglu, Reel Ste. Antoine
9. Morag’s Waltz
10. Inverness Jig, Campbell’s Road, Dolbin
11. Farewell to Ravenscraig?
12. Brace Bridge, Pat the Budgey, Cheticamp Reel, Phil Cunningham’s, Francis the Miller
13. Finn Jenta
14. Francis Sitwell, Silver Cluster, Reel from Joe Cormier - The Royal Circus (continued)
15. Indian Ladder, Mouse in the Cupboard, Tar Road to Sligo 16. The Duke of Fife’s Welcome to Deeside, James F.Dickie’s Strathspey, Miss Maule’s Strathspey, The Cape Breton visit to Shetland, Coir An Lochan, Gladstone
17. Niel Gow’s Lament for the Death of his Second Wife
18. Gânglât efter Skommerfar.

Price: € 18.50

Grand Picnic
Grand Picnic DS 101
Grand Picnic
All you can say about Grand Picnic's music is "joyful". These guys have fun and they showed us how at the 2007 Fall Ball in Peterborough, NH. Complete with tubas and whistles, these guys play great Contra music. CD originally released in 1992, but still fun as a country picnic.

Michael Gorin, Sam Zygmuntowicz, Jody Kruskal, Marco Brehm, Bill Peck, with guests Danny Elias and Karen Geer.

1. Saint Joseph's Reel / Pulaski Skyway / Little Red Brick House in Georgia
2. Dean Street
3. Peter's Jig / Where's Marco / Smart Young Man
4. Druttjenkarl Lenken
5. Romainian Invirtita / Grasshopper on a Sweet Potato Vine / Old Gray Cat / Shenandoah Falls
6. Judith's Waltz
7. Raise the Devil / Hayride / raise the Devil
8. Bunch of Rushes / Bonaparte's March / Butcher's Row
9. Canadian Waltz
10. Puff Adder Quickstep
11. The Mouse in the Cupboard / I lost My Love / Scollay's Reel
12. Grand Picnic / Johnny in the Swamp / West Virginia Gals
13. Galician Waltz

Price: € 17.00

Greenfield Dance Band
High Clouds GMM 2015
High Clouds
David Kaynor's Greenfield Dance Band has been one of the strongest influences on the revolution in New England contra music over the last 25 years. Recorded here for the first time, the joy and vitality of their music reaches out to you, just as it does when you are on the dance floor. I have listened to High Clouds over 50 times and all I want to do is hear it again, Yes, high praise, but to me it is just beautiful.

1. Foxy Mary, Loch Laven Castle, Da Tushker
2. The Silver Spire, Ships are Saling, Dillon Brown's Fancy
3. Connaughtman's Rambles, Shandon Bells, Over the Causeway
4. Little Burnt Potato, Dusty Bob's/Made in Ireland, One Hundred Pipers
5. Bonnie Isabel Robertson, John Howat's
6. Waltz in D Minor
7. The Troll's Polska
8. The Rambler/Music in the Glen
9. Hull's Victory, The Arthur Seat, Iris-American Reel, Tommy's Tarboukas
10. Schottische in A Major
11. Return to Miltown/Cooley's Reel
12. High Clouds

Price: € 14.00

Guys Can Talk
Guys Can Talk BERT 010
Guys Can Talk
From Minnesota and New Hampshire, these guys play solid New England dance music and are lively, uplifting and a ton of fun. Dan Newton's accordion leads the charge. Limited Edition.Eric Mohring, Dan Newton, Larry Siegel.

1. The Rush and Pepper, Francis Grant
2. Montmarquette's, Pipue Bois, Set Americaine, G Tune
3. Tango
4. Apple Picking
5. Frenchie's Reel, Blind Man's Reel, Mother's Reel
6. Fritz and Julie's Waltz
7. Teresa's, Granny will Your Dog Bite, Glory at the Meeting House

Price: € 14.50

Volga Notions MOLE 099
Volga Notions
Contradance music for the critical masses. This latest creation by the Seattle-based KGB presents 64 minutes of tunes from their current repertoire. Balkan, tango, blues and Viennese influences are evident in these original and traditional dance tunes as are sounds and images relevant to the original KGB that have been humourously incorporated throughout. All of the high energy medleys are dance length.

1. Tiger Mountain Special / The Last Straw
2. Oddville Cupola / Paddy on a Bun
3. Gasworks Park / Scatter the Mud / Ferris Eugene
4. Flight
5. The Smoke Gets in Your Ears / Iron Curtain Breakdown - 6. Bear Creek / Jack Bartley's / Jig of Slurs
7. Frenchies / Habanera
8. Wind in the Hills
9. Sligo Creek / High Reel
10. Volga Notions / Craggy Dome / The I-5 Corridor / The Outback
11. The Empty Place / Waltz for Anita Bartley

Price: € 17.00

Latter Day Lizards
Sleeping on a Rock LLL 01
Sleeping on a Rock
These very fine musicians, Peter Barnes - piano and guitar; Bill Tomczak- clarinet, tenor sax, dumbeck, banjo uke; and Dave Langford- fiddle and guitar, have been having a grand time playing together for several years. Now you can have an immensely good time listening to the Lizard's eclectic blending of Irish/ French/ Canadian/ Ragtime/ Rock/ Appalachian/ Jazz music in your very own home.

1. Temperance Reel
2. Smith's Reel
3. Joy of My Life
4. Star of Munster
5. Findeborgen
6. Blackjack Grove
7. East Tennessee Blues
8. Beaumont Rag
9. Elzick's Farewell
10. Vladimir's Steamboat
11. Thompson's Jig
12. John Mahinney's

Price: € 18.50

Laurie Andres
Hand It Down AV 105
Hand It Down
Bob McQuillen, Laurie Andres and Cathie Whitesides
Hand It Down is a collection of New England contra dance tunes composed by Bob McQuillen. The recording grew out of a summer of festivals where Bob, Cathie, and Laurie played together. Bob McQuillen began playing traditional New England dance music in 1947 as the accordion player in Ralph Page's Orchestra. Since then, he has played with innumerable bands and musicians from his own Monadnock region of New Hampshire to Alaska. Bob is a bridge from the pre-World War II generation of New England musicians and the contra dance revival of the 1960's to the present. After the death of a family friend in 1972, Bob composed his first tune, Scotty O'Neil. He has gone on to compose over a thousand tunes, each dedicated to a person or event, mapping the musical course of his past twenty-five years. Also featured on Hand It Down are Liz Dreisbach, Michael Kerry, and Warren Argo.

1. Father Charlie's / Frankie's Tune
2. Tony's Quadrille / Priscilla's Jif
3. Anne's Waltz
4. John Krumm's Hornpipe / Tolman's Reel
5. Rappaport's Jig / Dick Nevell's Jig
6. Bannerman's Quadrille / Mike's March
7. Argo's Reel / Tracey Sherry's Reel
8. Lydia's Waltz
9. Kathy's Jig / Lilac Lady
10. Dale's Hornpipe / Segal's Flight / Corey's Reel
11. Brynne Marie
12. Roger's Reel / Culhane's Hornpipe
13. Lia's Jig / Hank's Mother / It's C-C-Cold Out!
14. Old Tyme Quadrille / J. B. Milne
15. Sandy's Waltz / Cathie's Waltz.

Price: € 17.00

Mineola Band
Rags & Pieces MBCD-01-2010
Rags & Pieces

1. Mineola Rag
2. Vacation Rag/Take-Away Rag
3. Just Because/Golden Slippers
4. Wild Cat Rag/L&N Rag
5. I Dont Love Nobody/Tallapoosa Bound/ Hawkins Rag
6. Carolina Breakdown/Sandy Boys
7. Dallas Rag/Black and White Rag
8. Dill Pickle Rag
9. Shuffle About/Nixons Farewell
10. Stones Rag/Texas Serenade

Price: € 14.50
Price: € 10.00

Old New England
Old New England GMM 2008
Old New England
Bob McQuillen, legendary piano player teams up with Jane Orzechowski on fiddle and Deanna Stiles on flute to produce great New England Contra music. Their combined history of playing Contra music exceeds a hundred and ten years! They've honed their skills, for sure, but it's their sensitivity, caring, intelligence and high spirits which make this music so wonderful.
Bob McQuillen, Jane McBride Orzechowski, Deanna Stiles, 1996.

1. Scotty O'Neil, Jan's March, The Isle of Mull
2. Bill's Reel, Ice Cream Hornpipe, Altan's Reel
3. Melissa's Waltz, April Lee's Waltz
4 Derek's Jig, Bertha's Jig, Black Friday
5. Happy Acres Two Step and Murphy's Polka, Jonny Rhino's Polka
6. Kanaly's Hornpipe, Trafalgar Hornpipe, Herrin' Brook
7. Ms. Hathawy's Jig, Guy Walks into A Bar, Amelia's Jig
8. Visit To Sandy, John Simon McDonald, Good For the Tongue
9. Jane's Hambo, Sohpie's Hambo, Tobuguggen
10. The Canote Men's Bramble, Brick Layers Hormpipe, Cincinnati Hornpipe
11. The Kitchen, The Chicago Reel
12. Eugene O'Donnell
13. President Clinton's Hornpipe, High C's, Kiss The Cook, President Garfield's Hornpipe
14. Jack and Connie's Jig, Cat In the Hopper, Planxty Dennis O'Conor
15. Vampire Reel, Yerow's Reel, Bob With the One Horn
16. Heavens to Besty, Tea with Debra, Mary Elder's Jig
17. Francis' Hornpipe, Russell's Reel, Sandy Silva's
18. The JB JB Waltz, Amelia, Nancy's Waltz, Linda's Waltz, A to Z Waltz

Price: € 16.50
One: III CD 103
One: III
Bob McQuillen- keyboards, Deanna Stiles- flute, Jane McBride Orzechowski- fiddle. Old New England has a new CD, their third, called ONE:III of course. Here is a blurb from Mary DesRosiers' liner notes: "The members of Old New England have come by their music in the old way. They have learned it from other musicians in that unbroken chain which stretches back to the British Isles, France and beyond. Through their passion for keeping the old alive, as well as adding new ones that "fit" our dance tradition, they have themselves become a precious link in that chain. I defy anyone to listen to this music and not feel the urge to get up a nd dance: that's what it's about.

1. Black Cat Quadrille, Prince Imperial Galop, George Cheroux
2. Sheila's Hornpipe, David Millstone's Hornpipe, Mary Lou and Charlie
3. The Bowmaker, Mood Swing, Shauna's Jig
4. Sally's Walz, Eileen's Waltz, Allen McBride
5. ONE Polka, Lady's Polka, Macky Quacky
6. Brigid of of Knock, The Gypsy Girl
7. Caroline's Hornpipe, Uncle George's Reel, Reel de Ste. Louise
8. Martha's (about time!) Walz, L and M Waltz, April Flowers
9. Mrs. Fraser's Party in the Catskills, Bob's Reel
10. Star Island Jig, Bob's Fancy, Edith and David's Hornpipe
11. Da Slockit Light.

Price: € 18.60

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