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Davy Spillane
The Davy Spillane Uilleann Pipe Tutor 11AWAL-2183
The Davy Spillane Uilleann Pipe Tutor
By Davy Spillane and Tommy Walsh designed for the complete beginner,here is a comprehensive tutor fromone of Ireland's best known and most innovative pipe players. Withbook full of history, photos and music, Spillane makes this challenging instrument a joy to learn.
Garrett Barry's - The Dawning Of The Day (Fainne Gael An Lae)- The Humours Of Tulla - The Kid On The Mountain - The Battering Ram - The Twopenny Bit - The Sligo Maid - Paidin O' Raifeartaigh - The Kesh - The Liverpool Hornpipe - The Rights Of Man - The Sally Gardens - Heather Breezes - The Stack Of Barley - Coppers And Brasses - Hunting The Hare - The Copperplate - The Traveller - The Wise Maid - Drowsey Maggie - Saddle The Pony - The Green Groves Of Eireann - The Honeysuckle Rose - The Rambling Pitchfork - Hardiman, The Fiddler - The Boyne Hunt - The Mountain Road - Donnybrook Fair - The Clare Jig - The Silver Sphere - Drops Of Brandy -Kiss The Maid Behind The Bar - The Boys Of Bluehill - The Lark In The Morning - Star Of Munster - The Cup Of Tea - The Harp That Once Through Tara's - Hallolling On The Ryegrass - Gander In The Pratie Hole - Harvest Home - Morrison's Jig - The Butterfly.

Price: € 13.95

H.J. Clarke
The New Approach To Uilleann Piping B 1052
The New Approach To Uilleann Piping
The new approach with CD by H.J. Clarke. This is a comprehensive instruction for the Irish Uilleann Pipes. It has a Easy Learning program, teaches you how to read music, master the chanter, develop the ear and play in the Irish Traditional way.

Price: € 23.50

Leo Rowsome
The Leo Rowsome Collection 11AWAL-1346
The Leo Rowsome Collection
A unique collection of 428 reels and jigs, including an illustrated introduction by Helena Rowsome and a facsimile of Leo Rowsome's Tutor for the Uillean Pipes (1936). Also suitable for fiddle, flute and tin whistle.

Price: € 25.50

Chanter and Whistle: Part One FLAITH 001H
Chanter and Whistle: Part One
The Uilleann Pipe & Whistle Collector's Series Part 1

A unique selection of transcribed solos and interviews featuring some of the worlds finest traditional musicians. Full Length Solos & Selected Interviews featuring Paddy Keenan, Leo Rickard, John McSherry, Ronan Browne, David Power & Thomas Keenan

Included Solos:
Condon's Frolics - Eavesdropper - The Swallow's Tail - An tAthair Jack Welsh - The Cook in the Kitchen - Donnybrook Fair - Friar's Britches - An Rogaire Dubh - Craig's Pipes - The Bush in Bloom - The Pigeon on the Gate - Cal Callaghan's Reel - Discography included.

Price: € 21.00

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