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Liam O'Flynn
The Given Note TARA 3034
The Given Note
Liam O'Flynn (whistle, Uileann pipes); Paul Brady (vocals, mandolin, piano); Andy Irvine (vocals, mandolin); Steve Cooney (guitar, bass); A rty McGlynn (guitar); Sean Keane (fiddle); Rodrigo Romani (harp). Nando Casal clarinet); Xose V. Ferreiros (oboe, tambourine); Rod McVey (Hammond B-3 organ, synthesizer); Ciaran Mordaunt (drums); Noel Eccles (percussion). Recorded at Windmill Lane Studios, Dublin, Ireland. Includes liner notes by Seamus Heaney.

1. O'Farrell's Welcome to Limerick
2. O'Rourke's, The Merry Sisters, Colonel Fraser
3. Come with me over the Mountain, A Smile in the Dark
4. Farewell To Govan
5. Joyce's Tune
6. The Green Island, Spellan The Fiddler
7. Foliada de Elviņa
8. Ag Taisteal Na Blārnan (Travelling Through Blarney)
9. The Rambler, The Aherlow Jig
10. The Smith's a Gallant Fireman
11. Romeo's Exile
12. The Rocks of Bawn
13. Cailā­n na Gruaige Doinne (The Girl of the Brown Hair) (a.) Teņo un Amor NA Montaņa
15. Unha Noite no Santo Cristo

Price: € 18.50
The Piper's Call TARA 3037
The Piper's Call
Since the release of his award winning album The Given Note, in late 1995 Liam O'Flynn has been in huge demand across Europe and America where he has been touring practically nonstop. Early in 1997 Liam started work on the follow-up to The Given Note and after nine months work he has, together with his long time musical companion Arty McGlynn, produced what he considers his finest recording to date 'The Piper's Call'.
For 'The Piper's Call' Liam has brought together some of Ireland's top musicians including Arty McGlynn (guitar), Steve Cooney (guitar), Rod McVey (keyboards) and Liam Bradley (percussion), who provide a perfect setting for Liam's piping on tracks such as 'The Humours of Kiltyclogher', 'Miss Admiral Gordon's Strathspey ' and 'The Humours of Carrigaholt Set ' amongst others.

1. Humours of Kittycloghen, Julia Clifford's
2. Pleasures of Hope, Rick's Rambles
3. Droichead (The Bridge)
4. Miss Admiral Gordon's Strathspey
5. Silabh Na Mban (The Woman's Mountain)
6. Drunken Landlady, McKenna's Reels
7. Muiņeira de Poio/Muiņeira de Ourense
8. Bean Dubh an Ghleanna (The Dark Woman of the Valley)
9. Humours of Carrigaholt Set
10. Gold Ring
11. Marcha de Breixo/Marcha de Lousame

Price: € 18.50

Michael McGoldrick and John McSherry
At First Light VERTCD 061
At First Light
A glorious, rolling selection of Irish folk tunes, highlighting the mellow tones of the whistle family - wooden, tin, and low whistles - with uillean pipes, bodhran and guitar. Many traditional tunes, many traditional styles, all played with a smooth contemporary slant and strong feeling.

Mike McGoldrick (flutes, whistles, bodhran, uilleann pipes) and John McSherry (uilleann pipes, whistles) with Paul McSherry and Ed Boyd (guitar), Dezi Donnelly (fiddle), Aidan O’Rourke (fiddle), Manus Lunny (bouzouki, guitar), Ewen Vernal (bass) and Donald Shaw (keyboards).

1. Farewell To Connaught
2. Rolling Waves
3. Dionna
4. Ornette's Trip To Belfast
5. Lucy Campbell's
6. Lady Lane
7. Trip To Ireland
8. The Bloom Of Youth
9. Lacey's Jig
10. The Graf Spee
11. Road To Taynuilt

Price: € 18.50

Bagpipes Of Britain & Ireland CDSD l416
Bagpipes Of Britain & Ireland
Irish Uillean Pipes - Northumbrian Small-Pipes - Scottish Highland Pipes.

1. Maidrin Rua / The Little Red Fox - The McPeake Family Trio 1:40
2. The Blackthorn Stick / Saddle the Pony - The McPeake Family Trio 2:21
3. Juanita - The McPeake Family Trio 2:51
4. Mrs Mcleod's Reel - The McPeake Family Trio 2:29
5. The Lark in the Morning - Felix Doran 1:31
6. Pigeon on the Gate / Miss Monaghan's - Felix Doran 2:19
7. The Brown Thorn - Seamus Ennis 1:27
8. The Boyne Hunt - Seamus Ennis 1:20
9. The Dear Irish Boy - Willie Clancy 1:46
10. Rowsome's Slip Jig - Willie Clancy 1:35
11. Lewis Proudlock's Hornpipe - Jack Armstrong 0:53
12. Peter Baillie's Pig - Jack Armstrong 0:47
13. Maggie's Foot - Jack Armstrong 1:33
14. Maa Bonny Lad - Jack Armstrong 1:50
15. Money Musk - Jack Armstrong 0:32
16. The Fair Flower of Northumberland - Jack Armstrong 0:46
17. The Jenny Bell Polka - Jack Armstrong 1:07
18. Wild Hills O' Wannies - Jack Armstrong 1:31
19. Whittingham Green Lane / Ward's Brae - Jack Armstrong 2:11
20. The Redesdale Hornpipe - Jack Armstrong 0:57
21. The Lads of Alnwick - Jack Armstrong 1:11
22. Bonny at Morn / Billy Boy / The Earl of Derwentwater's Farewell - Jack Armstrong 2:44
23. The Keel Row - Jack Armstrong 2:59
24. The Burning Sands of Egypt - Alex Stewart 1:50
25. My Lodging Is on the Cold, Cold Ground - Alex Stewart 2:15
26. The De'il's I' the Kitchen / London Society - by Alex Stewart 1:23
27. Loch Duich - Alex Stewart 2:27
28. Manchester Hornpipe / Maggie Dickie's / De'il Among the Tailors / Reel O' Tulloch / Wind That Shakes the Barley / Rights of Man - Alex Stewart
29. Bonnie Annie / The Duke of Roxbugh's Farewell to Black Mount - Pipe Major William Ross 2:44
30. By Lock Etive's Side / High Road to Gareloch - Pipe Major William Ross 2:06
31. Leaving Ardtornish / Port Askaig - Pipe Major William Ross 1:41
32. Duncan Macrae of Kintail's Lament -Pipe Major William Ross

Price: € 17.95

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