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GalEire ARD 80
GalÉire is a mixture of both Galician and Irish music and song. Aran has managed to capture a beautiful and eclectic collection of melodies and songs representing both of these rich Celtic cultures. Accomplished musical arrangements on all tracks initially coaxes one’s attention and subsequently go on to captivate and enchant the listener throughout this album. The playing is brisk yet assured and full of great rhythm and energy in both solo and ensemble playing. Two Irish songs, one an attractive version of a song in Irish, Cóilín Phádraig Shéamuis, compliment the beautiful Galician songs, all of which are treated with taste and respect.

1. The Hollybush Reels
2. Breatnach, Stewart & Neff
3. Polkas Galegas
4. Baila Así
5. The Reels on the Road
6. A Guía
7. The Jolly Beggerman
8. Tribute to the Bothy Band
9. O Mar Anda
10. Four Reels
11. Xotas Galegas
2. Sporting Reels
13. Coilín Pádraig Shéamuis
14. Suite Patelas

Price: € 19.50

Rhythm Of The Celts CDITV 744
Rhythm Of The Celts
This album portrays traditional Scottish Music from a world music point of view. The Celtic melodies and lyrics have been embedded in a fusion of traditional African, Indian, Latin rhythmic ideas and guitar riffs, with an overall energetic brush of a rock feel.

1. Bonnie Dundee
2. Birnie Boozle
3. Peat Fire Flame
4. The Braes O'killekrankie
5. Mairi's Wedding
6. The Battle O' Sherramuir
7. Will Ye No Come Back Again
8. Garten Mother's Lullaby
9. My Bonnie Moorhen
10. Sae Will We Yet
11. Kiss The Children For Me Mary
12. Lowlands Away
13. The Dowie Dens O'Yarrow
14. Kishmal's Galley
15. The Barge O'Gorrie Crovan
16. The Castle O'DrumoreBonnie Dundee

Price: € 16.00

Brother Seamus
Celtic Spirit CD 5078
Celtic Spirit
Brother Seamus is an international composer and performer of Celtic Christian Songs and Music that are deeply inspiring and soul-nourishing. He plays to packed audiences of up to 30,000 people throughout the world and is much sought after for his Spiritual Workshops.

1. Ar Nathair
2. Three Hands
3. Christ Within Me Recitation
4. Grassroot Serenade
5. Pater et Filius Earthsong
6. Bluesleeves
7. Search for the Queen Listen
8. Apache Spirit Flute Improvisation
9. A Blessing
10. True Love of Mine
11. Window Shoppers
12. Messengers [Whistle Version]
13. Críost Is Muire
14. Heart's Desire
15. Mysteries
16. Criost Is Muire (Finale)

Price: € 13.00

Golden Bough
Celtic & Original Music - Winding Road EUCD 2294
Celtic & Original Music - Winding Road
20 delightful Celtic songs, both traditional and original, by Golden Bough, with gorgeous 4-part harmony singing. Accompanied on Celtic harps, violin, accordion, mandolin, bouzouki, guitars, tin whistle, bodhran... Complete lyrics in the CD booklet.

1. Zingaro (P. Espinoza)
2. Riders of the Sea (trad., arr. P. Espinoza) / Welsh Tune (anon., arr. P. Espinoza)
3. Fog on the Bay (L. Sørbye) (instr.)
4. John of Dreams (B. Caddick)
5. Brown Skin Ladies / Mangos Are Ripe (P. Espinoza)
6. Running Through the Wildwood (Hinton)
7. Brothers of the Sun (P. Espinoza)
8. Flight of Fantasy (P. Espinoza)
9. Sing Us a Sad Farewell (Sørbye/Sandin)
10. Cathi Milligan's Fancy (L. Sørbye)
11. All Across the Green (P. Espinoza)
12. Meeting With the Huldra (P. Espinoza)
13. Upon an Island (P. Espinoza)
14. The Night Wind (P. Espinoza)
15. Winding Road (L. Sørbye) (instr.)
16. Across the North Sea / The Tater Polka / Farewell to Coosbania (trad., arr. L. Sørbye) (instr.)
17. Call Me to the Dance (P. Espinoza)
18. The Wizard (P. Espinoza)
19. Under the Forest Moon (P. Espinoza)
20. Säkijarven Polka / Gypsy Wedding Song / Mickey's Chewing Bubblegum (trad., arr. Espinoza/Sørbye/Butler) (instr.)

Price: € 13.00
Celtic Christmas Songs - When Winter Comes EUCD 2304
Celtic Christmas Songs - When Winter Comes
For the festive season: Popular Christmas carols, such as The Mummers' Carol, I Saw Three Ships, Green the Whole Year Round, Hark, the Herald Angels Sing & beautifully sung in multi-part harmonies, accompanied with guitar, harps, violin, accordion, mandolin, penny whistle & Complete lyrics in the booklet. Information in English, German, French and Spanish.

1. The Mummers' Carol
2. The Wexford Carol
3. I Saw Three Ships
4. Green the Whole Year Round
5. A' Soalin'
6. Con Ligereza, Con Gran Cariño / Galician Carol
7. Eight Little Candles
8. Sans Day Carol
9. Hark, the Herald Angels Sing
10. The Boar's Head / Carolan's Draught
11. All Souls Night
12. When the Winter Comes

Price: € 16.00
Celtic Folk Songs EUCD 2078
Celtic Folk Songs
Beautiful Celtic songs and instrumentals from Ireland, Scotland, and Brittany including The Minstrel's Tune, The Sporting Boys, Jock O'Hazeldean, Ballyconnell Fair, Mona's Delight, The Mermaid's Song / Song of the Seals, The Airy Wee Hill of Kilmurray, The Keel Laddie / Lass of the Gowrie, Ellan Vannin and many more.

Great playing and glorious harmony singing! Lyrics and guitar chords included!

1. Polca dos Campaneiros / An Dro / The Minstrel's Tune / The Sporting Boys (trad.)
2. Jock O'Hazeldean (trad.)
3. Ballyconnell Fair (trad.)
4. Mona's Delight (trad.) -
5. Your Daughters and Your Sons (Tommy Sands)
6. The Mermaid's Song / Song of the Seals (trad.)
7. Planxty Burke / Farewell to Ireland (trad.)
8. The Airy Wee Hill of Kilmurray (trad.)
9. My True Love's Gone a'Sailing (trad.)
10. The Wild Rover (trad.)
11. The Keel Laddie / Lass of the Gowrie (trad.)
12. Ellan Vannin / Eriskay Love Song / Gentle Maiden (trad.)

Price: € 15.50

Kate Rusby
The Girl Who Couldn't Fly PRCD 017
The Girl Who Couldn't Fly
Charming, disarming, and deceptively subtle, Kate Rusby has already proved to be one of England's finest interpreters of traditional material and other people's songs, and now she sets out to show her growing confidence as a songwriter.

Her own compositions - which form over half of this set - include songs of lost love like The Lark, or the joyful Fare Thee Well, both of which sound as if they could have been around for centuries. She moves away from the traditional with No Names, a lyrically simple but effective song of parting, and the more thoughtful and drifting Moon Shadow, which shows off the sturdy playing from her acoustic band.

1. Game Of All Fours
2. The Lark
3. No Names
4. Mary Blaize
5. A Ballad
6. You Belong To Me
7. Elfin Knight
8. Bonnie House Of Airlie
9. Moon Shadow
10. Wandering Soul
11. Fare Thee Well
12. Little Jack frost (Bonus Track)

Price: € 21.00
Price: € 7.00

Kieran Fahy & Luc Pilartz
Trip to Ireland WBM 21075
Trip to Ireland
Celtic music from Ireland, Scotland, Shetland and Galicia played on violin.
Excellent music!

1. Trip to Ireland / Abbey reel / Green groves of Erin / The flowers of Redhill
2. The humours of Flinn
3. Bird in the bush / The new mown meadow / Silver spear
4. Drunken sailor
5. The first hard rain / Brumley Brae
6. Asturian Air
7. Stocklit light
8. Fishers Rant / Tommy Peoples / Guns of the magnificent
9. Iníon Ní Scannláin
10. The Boys of Ballysodare / The foxchase
11. Kitty O’ Shea
12. My lady Binnis lilt / If thou wert myne own thing / Lecoq’s jig

Price: € 18.00

Media Vita FR 057
Media Vita
1. Shadow Dance - 2. Jeanne D'Arc - 3. Humilitas - 4. Love's Calling - 5. Sweet Divinity - 6. Media Vita - 7. Fin Amor - 8. She Moved Through The Fair - 9. Life Goes On - 10. Love's Calling (Alternate Version) - 11. My Love.

1. Shadow Dance - 2. Jeanne D'Arc - 3. Humilitas - 4. Love's Calling - 5. Sweet Divinity - 6. Media Vita - 7. Fin Amor - 8. She Moved Through The Fair - 9. Life Goes On - 10. Love's Calling (Alternate Version) - 11. My Love.

Price: € 15.00
Price: € 10.00

30 Year Journey - The Best of Runrig RHCP 01
30 Year Journey - The Best of Runrig
For the last three decades Runrig have uniquely combined their Gaelic roots with a mainstream rock sensibility that has won them countless fans across the globe.

This album is a Best Of compilation that embraces all the high points on their path since their formation on the Isle of Skye, with songs drawing on the spiritual, political and historical themes that have surrounded them in during that time.

With tracks featuring current lead vocalist Bruce Guthro as well as ex-lead singer Donnie Munro, 30 Year Journey is a true celebration of some remarkable music.

1. Wall Of China
2. Empty Glens
3. The Greatest Flame
4. Book of Golden Stories
5. Big Sky
6. Abhainn An T-Sluaigh
7. Maymorning
8. Alba
9. Canada
10. An Uhbal As Airde
11. Proterra
12. Running to the Light
13. Recovery
14. Loch Lomond
15. The Old Boys
16. In Search of Angels (Bonus Track)

Price: € 19.00

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