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Salsa Celtica
En Vivo En El Norte DSLCD 2
En Vivo En El Norte
Salsa Celtica recorded live in concert on the 22nd November 2009 at the Universal Hall, Findhorn, Scotland.
After 15 eventful years on the road Salsa Celtica release their first live album.The album titled "En Vivo En El Norte" features Salsa Celtica recorded live in concert with some very special guests.

The Salsa Celtica "all-star big band" was captured live in concert on the 22nd of November at the Universal Hall in Findhorn by Scottish producer Calum Malcolm. The concert was our last gig after a year of touring around the USA and Europe. For the concert we were joined with special guests including melodeon player Dermot Byrne from the Irish super group Altan and salsa trombonist Joe De Jesus from the Bronx NY who has played with every one from Tito Puente to David Byrne.

The gig was great fun for us and the 13 track recording (including some new sets) really captures the atmosphere and the band at our energetic best.

1. Adios Adios - 2. Pa’l Rumberos - 3. Cuando Me Vaya - 4. Pipe Solo - 5. Guajira Sin Sol - 6. El Agua De La Vida - 7. An Cailleach - 8. Rolling Roads - 9. Esperanza - 10. Seis, Ocho, Nueve - 11. Café Colando (Part 1) - 12. Café Colando (Part 2) - 13.Encore (medley including) Cajon solo, Rumba Escocia, Ya Llegó

Price: € 17.00

South West SL 01
South West
Slán is a folkgroup from Holland and was founded in 2004. The band performs with five enthusiastic musicians with very different ages. Although the repertoire mainly consists of Irish tunes, they also like to play Scottish/ Northumbrian and Breton music. Slán tries to combine existing or self written music into an original mixture of Celtic music! Apart from the traditional instruments such as tin whistles and bagpipes they use an electronic drumkit, keyboard and electric violin. Slán has a varied setlist with "sensitive songs" and "sparkling instrumentals" so that they feel either at home on stage or in the pub. In 2008 Slán performed at various folkfestivals in Holland.
Their first CD is called “South West” and will take you on a trip to far away mystic Celtic landscapes.

1. Ready for the Storm
2. Trip to Jerusalem/ The Mason's Apron
3. Si Beag Si Mor/ Sonny's Mazurka
4. The Rakes of Mallow/ Bally Desmond Polka's/ The Drunken Sailor
5. Will ye go to Flanders?
6. Back Home in Derry
7. Merrily kissed the Quaker's Wife/ The Irish Washer Woman
8. The Bigg Market Lasses/ The Dunmore Lassies
9. The Stack of Barley/ Cronin's Hornpipe/ Off to California
10. The Dark Island
11. Daughters of Megan/ Sir John Fenwick's The Flower Among Them All
12. Caledonia/ Inisheer
13. South West

Price: € 12.50

Snakes in Exile
A Dressing Room Session APR 1337
A Dressing Room Session

1. Higher the Highlands
2. Desperate Man
3. Lukey
4. Beeswing
5. McIlhatton
6. General Taylor
7. Share the Darkness
8. The Prisoner Song
9. John Gunn
10. My Johnny is a Shoemaker
11. The Sun is on its Way
12. Wild Mountain Thyme
13. Caledonia

Price: € 17.50

The MacDonald Brothers
Young Celts TMKCD 072
Young Celts
The X-Factor MacDonald Brothers show that their musical talents are wider than just covers of pop song.

They can play fiddle and accordion, and sing Scottish songs too!

1. Second Hand News
2. Flower of Scotland
3. You Can Always Come Home Son
4. 500 Miles
5. Turn Out The Light
6. Loch Lomond
7. So Young
8. Ae Fond Kiss
9. Me And Rose
10. Wild Mountain Thyme
11. Celtic Mantra
12. Movin' On
13. Scottish... And Proud Of It
14. Caledonia
15. Celtic Reel
16. The Music Of Spey

Price: € 15.50

Celtic Folk from Brittany EUCD 2230
Celtic Folk from Brittany
An excellent and beautiful collection of magical Celtic music from Brittany featuring a variety of traditional Celtic instruments. Presented by the most popular groups of the genre, e.g. Bernard Benoit, Bagad Du Moulin Vert, Long John Silver, La Godinette, Yvon Etienne, Pierrick Lemou…, presenting a variety of traditional and modern pieces. CD booklet in English, German, French and Spanish.

suite Vannetaise:
2. Part I: Hanter-Dro et Dans Klam
3. Part II: Kas Abarh
4. LONG JOHN SILVER: Ar martolod yaouank
5. LA GODINETTE: Suite de ridée 6 temps
6. YVON ETIENNE: Si j'ai le courage
7. P. LEMOU/E. GRANDJEAN: Hommage au Père Jean
8. BURNS DUO: Les magiciens (suite de tours)
9. BLEIZI RUZ: L'oiseau rare
11. PIERRICK LEMOU: Humours of Bad Town
12. KET: As I Roved Out
13. JÉRÔME GASMI: Jolie jeunette
14. PATRICE DELETTRE: La Gigue du comte de Neuville
15. JÉRÔME GASMI: Rêve de lande
16. PIERRICK LEMOU: Early in the Morning

Price: € 13.00
Celtic Folk from Wales EUCD 2222
Celtic Folk from Wales
A delightful and varied cross-section of Welsh music, with Carreg Lafar, Aberjaber, Meredydd Evans, Côr Seirion, Plethyn, Ar Log and more. The music ranges from famous Welsh male choirs, to folk songs, to ancient pieces played on traditional instruments and contemporary pieces with modern arrangements. Info about the groups, music and instruments. Original Welsh lyrics with English translations.

1. CARREG LAFAR: Ysbryd y Werin (Lovatt/Pearce) / Mae'r ddaear yn glasu (Antwn Owen-Hicks) - 5:08 Spirit of the people / The earth is getting greener
2. ABERJABER: 4 pieces from the "ap Huw" Manuscripts (instr.) - 3:32 Gosteg Dafydd Athro (The silence of Dafydd the teacher) Caniad Marwnad Ifan ab y Gof (Elegy song of Ifan, son of the blacksmith) Profiad y Botwm (The button's experience) ch. Cainc Gryffudd ab Adda ab Dafydd (The melody of Gryffudd son of Adda son of Dafydd)
3. MEREDYDD EVANS: Bachgen Bach o Dincer (trad., arr. Meredydd Evans) - 0:53 The little tinker boy
4. PARTI GAD: Deffrown, deffrown! (trad.) - 1:51 Let us awake!
5. CALENNIG: Ffarwel i Aberystwyth (trad., arr. Mick Tems/Pat Smith) (instr.) - 2:36 Farewell to Aberystwyth
6. CRASDANT: Huw's Dance (trad., arr. Crasdant) / Cwrw Da (trad., arr. Crasdant)/ Pibddawns Owen Huw (Ian Saveggar) (instr.) - 3:45 Good beer / Owen Huw's hornpipe
7. CÔR SEIRIOL: Ar Lan y Môr - 3:24 On the sea shore
8. PLETHYN: Seidir Ddoe (Myrddin ap Dafydd) - 5:30 Yesterday's cider
9. AR LOG: Cwrw Melyn / Y Dyn Meddw (trad., arr. Ar Log) (instr.) - 4:10 Yellow beer / The drunken man
10. MEIBION LLYWARCH: Tramwywn ar gyflym adenydd (Rhisiart Ddu o Wynedd/ arr. Dan Puw) - 2:14 Let us go on fast wings
11. MYNEDIAD AM DDIM: Wrth fynd efo Deio i Dywyn (trad., arr. Mynediad am Ddim) - 2:11 Going with Deio to Tywyn
12. SIÂN JAMES: Mwynen Merch (trad., arr. Siân James/G. Cynan/J. Thomas) - 3:53 The maiden's melody
13. SAITH RHYFEDDOD: Hyd y Frwynen / Rhuad Teirw'r Dyffryn (instr.) - 3:27 Length of the reed / The roar of the valley bulls
14. CÔR MEIBION TWM O'R NANT: Gwn Dafydd Ifan (trad., arr. Mair Beech Evans) - 1:35 Dafydd Ifan's gun
15. ELINOR BENNETT AND MEINIR HEULYN: Cader Idris (John Parry, arr. E.Bennett/M. Heulyn) - 1:29
16. SIÂN JAMES: Si Hei Lwli (trad., arr. Siân James) - 2:22 Lullaby
17. GWERINOS: Cefn Du (Emlyn Roberts) / Ymdeithgan Gwyr Dyfi (trad., arr. Gwerinos) / Y Derwydd (trad., arr. Gwerinos) (instr.) - 4:45 The black hillside / The march of the men of Dyfi / The druid
18. PLETHYN: Ffarwel i Blwy Llangywer (trad., arr. Plethyn) - 2:12 Farewell to the parish of Llangywer

Price: € 13.00
Celtic Moods EUCD 2024
Celtic Moods
Romantic and atmospheric instrumental melodies with violin, harp, flute and bagpipes in traditional and modern arrangements evoke the grandeur of the Scottish Highlands or the haunting beauty of the Irish west coast. A beautiful atmospheric collection of Celtic music.

Some of the wonderful artists you can hear on this CD include: Florie Brown, Aryeh Frankfurter, Noel McLoughlin, Daniel Thonon, Margie Butler.

1. Florie Brown: Mist on the Highlands (Florie Brown / Pablo Cárcamo)
2. Aryeh Frankfurter: Luke Dillon (Turlough O'Carolan)
3. Barbara Gray / Wilbert Garvin: Gleann na phíobaire (The Piper's Glen) (Barbara Gray)
4. Noel McLoughlin: Down by the Glenside (Denis Carey)
5. Aryeh Frankfurter: Captain O'Kane (Turlough O'Carolan, arr. Aryeh Frankfurter)
6. Ann Gray: The Mermaid's Song (trad., arr. A. Gray)
7. Daniel Thonon: Marche Bretonne (trad., arr. D. Thonon, © SOCAN)
8. Aryeh Frankfurter: Coilsfield House (Scottish air) (trad., arr. Aryeh Frankfurter)
9. Fred Morrison: Drumbuie (Fred Morrison, MCPS)
10. Kieran Fahy: Lament for Eoin Rua (trad.)
11. Margie Butler: Gaelic Lullaby (trad, arr. Margie Butler)
12. Sean Talamh: Inisheer - Inis oirthir (Thomas Walsh)
13. Margie Butler: The Maid from the Parish of Penderyn (Welsh) (trad., arr. Margie Butler)
14. Strathclyde Police Pipe Band: Highland Cathedral (Roever / Korb)

Price: € 13.00
Jug of Punch MWCELT 90012
Jug of Punch
Raising a glass to celtic music.

1. The Ramblin' Rover - Andy M. Stewart
2. The Jug Of Punch - Altan
3. Whiskey From The Field - Pat Kilbride
4. Jug Of Brown Ale/Spot The Wollop - Kevin Crawford
5. Stick To The Craythur - The Green Fields Of America
6. Humours Of Whiskey/The Fairy Jig/Humours Of Whiskey - Frankie Kennedy/Mairead Ni Mhaonaigh
7. Willie Won't Be In Today/Aftermath - Orealis
8. Keg Of Brandy - Cherish The Ladies
9. A Whistle On The Wind/The Jug of Punch/Dogs Among The Bushes - Joanie Madden
10. The Parish Of Dunkeld/The Curlew - Andy M. Stewart
11. The Wild Rover - The Irish Tradition
12. The Homebrew Hornpipe/Kitty Jones' Reel - John Williams
13. The Three Healths - The Tannahill Weaver

Price: € 13.00
Price: € 10.00
Seasons of Mists: A Collection of Celtic Moods CELT 9023
Seasons of Mists: A Collection of Celtic Moods
Flutes and harps are among the featured instruments in this collection of Celtic music a softer mood, intimate and atmospheric. Celtophile's Season of Mists: Collection of Celtic Moods collects atmospheric Celtic songs into a low-priced CD. Eileen Ivers' "Lorraine's Waltz," Orealis' "L'Hiver Sur Richelieu," Wolfstone's "Glenglass," and the Tannahill Weavers' "Sound of Taransay" are a few of the highlights from this affordable sampler. - Heather Phares, All Music Guide

1. A Daisy In December - Mick McAuley & Winifred Horan
2. Ceol na Nollag - Pat Kilbride
3. Grimstock - The House Band
4. Miss Gordon of Gight - Sileas
5. The Sound of Taransay - The Tannahill Weavers
6. Lorraine’s Waltz - John Whelan and Eileen Ivers
7. Glenglass - Wolfstone
8. Marcus Hernon’s Air - Joanie Madden
9. An Raibh Tú Ag An gCarraig - Déanta
10. Pockets of Gold - Reeltime
11. Leaving Lochinver - Orealis
12. The Banks of Suir/Mama’s Pet - Kevin Crawford

Price: € 9.00
Trad Roots SAIN 24
Trad Roots
The passion and spirit of Welsh, Irish, Stottish and Breton traditional music.

1. Bullocks (Blazin Fiddles) - 2. Y Fwyalchen (Plethyn) - 3. The League Reel (Teada) - 4. Rag ar Plinn (Skeduz) - 5. Mympwy Llwyd (Crasdant) - 6. Puirt-a-berl (Dochas) - 7. Uaine Behag (Slide) - 8. Merch ei Mam (Sian James) - 9. Lay Dee at Dee (Filska) - 10. Morgan Jones (Bob Delyn) - 11.Kaz a Barh (Storvan) - 12. Jig Songs (Dervish) - 13. Ar Galv / Kas Ha Barh (Alain Pennec) - 14. Polkas (North Cregg) - 15. Pachpi (Loeiz Ropars) - 16. Twll yn y to (Ar Log) - 17. Pressed For Time (The Finlay Macdonald Band).

Price: € 19.00
Price: € 10.00

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