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Conor Long
Absolute Beginners Bodhràn Tutor B 1405bcd
Absolute Beginners Bodhràn Tutor
Book /CD Edition.
An easy-to-use basic tutor with a new,simpler approach to playing the bodhrán.Uses a unique system of tablature todemonstrate exercises and techniques.

1998, 32 pgs.

Price: € 13.00

Nicholas Driver
Driver Bodhran & Bones Tutor GM 1663
Driver Bodhran & Bones Tutor
Nicholas Driver's ever popular book. Ideal for beginners.
The book comprises

•right hand technique,
•notation explanation,
•the reel tutorial,
•triplets or 'introducing the top knob',
•the jigs tutorial,
•Left hand,
•the rim and
•other styles
It does all this in 8 pages of which two are photographs, so it is all pretty basic and brief. There is some additional information on the elements and construction of the drum and following the bones tutorial, advice on playing with other instruments and a useful historical perspective by Janet McCrickard.

26 pages, softback, A4

Price: € 8.00

Ó Súilleabhàin Micheàl
The Bodhràn 11AWAL-1001
The Bodhràn
An easy-to-understand beginner's method by Michael O'Suilleabhain, illustrating how to play the bodhran. Shows the different regional styles and techniques. The book describes the construction of the bodhran and its uses. Using several diagrams and musical notation, the book explains the different styles of bodhran playing and rhythm patterns.

1984, 25 pgs.

CONTENT: PLAYING THE BODHRAN: Following the tune - The different styles - The double-ended stick style - A note for music readers - Random play - The double down-stroke - The double-jig.
OTHER PLAYING METHODS: Single-ended stick style - Playing on the rim - The hand style - The thumb roll
CONTEMPORARY DEVELOPMENTS: The rim-shot - Rhythms - Using the left hand - Synchronisation.

Price: € 9.00

Peter Houlahan
The Irish Drum Tutor GM 1652
The Irish Drum Tutor
An in depth look at playing the bodhrán. Peter Houlahan takes the absolute beginner to professional status in this easy to follow tutorial.

Price: € 12.25

Steafan Hannigan
The Bodhran Book OMB 71
The Bodhran Book
A complete course in traditional bodhran playing. The beginner will be carefully guided with many examples and exercises. Sections on the various types of traditional dance music, and suggested ways of accompaniment.

Price: € 11.00

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