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Aryeh Frankfurter
Celtic Harp EUCD 1967
Celtic Harp
From Ireland and Scotland Aryeh Frankfurter ventures into Scandinavia arranging folk tunes for Celtic harp: A "Halling" from Norway, "Polskas" from Sweden and old Finnish dances, originally performed on kantele. "Frankfurter is not only a wonderful harp player, but an inspired arranger.

1. Luke Dillon (Turlough O'Carolan) - 3:52
2. Setervise (Summer Farm Song) - 3:11
3. Two Kantele Dances (Finland) - 3:37
4. The Fairy Queen (Turlough O'Carolan) - 3:52
5. Slängpolska after Kyss-Kalle (Sweden) - 3:51
6. Lördagvisa (Saturday Song) - 4:42
. For Eirinn I Will Not Tell Her Name (Ireland) - 4:57
8. Bingsjö-låten efter Hjort Anders Olsson (Bingsjö tune by Hjort Anders Olsson) (Sweden) - 4:05
9. Halling from Bjerkreim (Norway) - 3:32
10. Mabel Kelly (Turlough O'Carolan) - 5:25
11. Gråtarevalsen (The Melancholy Waltz) (Sweden) - 4:40
12. Music of Spey (Scotland) - 5:06
13. Polska efter Ola Lans (Sweden) - 4:54
14. Mull of the Mountains (Scotland) - 4:27

Price: € 15.50
Celtic Harp - The Music of O'Carolan - O' Carola EUCD 1605
Celtic Harp -  The Music of O'Carolan -  O' Carola
Celtic Harp - The Music of O'Carolan - O' Carolan's Dream The CD presents a collection of beautiful Celtic harp pieces, written by the legendary blind Irish harper Turlough O'Carolan. Occasional accompaniment on violin, cello, guitar, flute and bodhran. The CD booklet gives extensive historical information about the Celtic harp and O'Carolan plus historical notes and anecdotes about how each of the pieces came to be written, etc.

1. Sidhe Beag agus Sidhe Mor - 5:05
2. O'Carolan's Ramble to Cashel - 4:15
3. Captain O'Kane - 4:14
4. O'Carolan's Quarrel with the Landlady - 3:20
5. O'Carolan's Draught - 3:19
6. Squire Wood's Lamentation of the Refusal of his Half Pence - 4:58
7. O'Carolan's Receipt for Drinking (or Dr. John Stafford) - 2:29
8. Planxty Colonel Irwin/Lord Inchquin - 5:44
9. O'Carolan's Cup - 4:02
10. Lady Athenry - 3:09
11. Roe O'Niel's Lamentation - 3:44
12. Planxty Browne - 2:48
13. Loftus Jones - 5:17
14. O'Carolan's Dream - 3:21
15. Eleanor Plunkett - 4:29
16. Planxty Burke / Marie O'Niell (O'Carolan's Favourite Jig) - 6:37
17. Farewell to Music - 4:12

Price: € 15.00

Cheyenne Brown
Parallel Latitudes BCRCD001
Parallel Latitudes
A project highlighting the connection between Scotland, Alaska and a stream of infinite Earth-circling lines of parallel latitude.

Cheyenne was brought up in Alaska and spent nine years in Scotland. Her music comes from a variety of sources.

Cheyenne Brown (Dusty Strings harp), Seylan Baxter (cello), Jon Bews (fiddle), Dave Boyd (pan art hang, frame drums, bodhran, percussion), Dave Currie (dobro, guitar), Hardeep Deerhe (tabla), Anna Massie (banjo).

1. Funny Jigs: Bah Humbug / Wearing The Bathroom Curtains / Farewell To Whalley Range
2. Cold Frosty Morning / Ruth's Recovery / Cold Frosty Morning
3. Ruairi Dubh
4. Parallel Latitudes
5. Strathspey And Reels: Springfield / Janine's Reel / Andy Renwick's Ferret
6. Seals at Rhu / Ali's Tune
7. Arthur And Isobel's Trip To Brittany: Arthur Darley's / Miss Isobel Robertson's Reel / Trip to Brittany
8. Mrs. MacPherson / The Earl Of Hyndford
9. Mo Charaid
10. Raigmore

Price: € 15.00

Margie Butler
The Irish Harp EUCD 1888
The Irish Harp
Margie Butler grew up in musical surroundings and music runs in her family. Her true musical vocation was realised when she discovered the Celtic folk harp. Tales about harps and the magical powers of their music weave throughout the Celtic speaking world. Celtic harps have a light, clear, often ethereal sound that lets you recall the ancient magic.

1. False Love (Isle of of Man) (trad., arr. M. Butler) - 2:54
2. Parting of Friends ( Butler ) / The Piper's Hut ( Ireland ) (trad., arr. M. Butler) - 4:59
3. Beauty of the North (Fraser, arr. M. Butler) / Glen of Copsewood ( Scotland ) (trad., arr. M. Butler) - 5:15
4. The Knight's Blessing (M. Butler) - 3:34
5. Marsh of Rhudlands ( Wales ) (trad., arr. M. Butler) - 3:08
6. Is Trua Gan / Cuaichin ( Ireland ) (trad., arr. M. Butler) - 3:25
7. Mrs. McDermott's (trad., arr. M. Butler) / Planxty George Brabazon (O'Carolan, arr. M. Butler) - 3:02
8. I'll Go No More to Yon Town / Amelia Murrys ( Scotland ) (trad., arr. M. Butler) - 4:22
9. Limerick is Beautiful (Scanlon, arr. M. Butler) / Kilcash ( Ireland ) (trad., arr. M. Butler) - 3:53
10. Siege of St. Malo / Flitter Dance (Cornwall/Isle of Man) (trad., arr. M. Butler) - 2:46
11. I Will Leave This Country ( Ireland ) (trad., arr. M. Butler) - 3:03
12. Carolan's Draught (O'Carolan, arr. M. Butler) - 4:26
13. The Maid from the Parish of Penderyn (Welsh) (trad., arr. M. Butler) - 4:05
14. Pointe du Van ( Brittany ) (trad., arr. M. Butler) - 2:59

Price: € 16.00

Mary MacMaster & Donald Hay
Love And Reason MDMC 001
Love And Reason
Mary MacMaster (Sileas, The Poozies) plays harp and sings, with Donald Hay (Mystery Juice) playing drums, percussion and samples.

A beautiful mix of the old and the new both in material and presentation.

1. Daniel's
2. Mary Cullen
3. Fred's
4. Thograinn Thograinn
5. Soraidh Leis A Bhreacan Ur
6. Pibroch
7. Rinn Mi Moch
8. Waves
9. Weary
10. Reason And Love
11. Shining Star

Price: € 16.00

Oscar Benito
Best of Paraguayan Harp EUCD 2531
Best of Paraguayan Harp
Renowned Paraguayan harpist Oscar Benito sings popular songs of his country such asSol del Paraguay, Cariñito mio, Mi serenata, Canto de pajarito, Dulce amor, Felicidades and many more. Accompanied on guitar, accordion, percussion and occasional Andean flutes.

1. Sol del Paraguay (Tropical) (O. Benito) - 4:39
2. Cariñito mio (Canción) (L. Dartes/F. P. Cardozo) - 2:31
3. Mi serenata (Paso Doble) (H. Fierro) - 3:27
4. Solo por ti (Tropical) (O. Benito) - 3:56
5. Canto de pajarito (Polca) (L. Bordon) - 2:15
6. Mombyryete che retagüi (Polca) (O. Corrales) - 4:00
7. Josefina (Polca) (S. Goiburu/C. Ocampo) - 4:11
8. Chaco boreal (Marcha) (G. Fernandez Moreno) - 3:47
9. Cuando te vayas Maria (Guarania) (S. Gonzales/M. A. Carlez) - 3:34
10. Dulce amor (Tropical) (O. Benito) - 3:41
11. Galopando (Polca) (F. Brunelli) - 3:36
12. Faltan 5 pa las 12 (Galopa) (P. Peres) - 2:15
13. Felicidades (Polca) (C. R. Zayas/C. de Nicola) - 3:43
14. Un amanecer una canción (Ballada) (A. M. Boselli) - 4:03
15. Galopera (Mauricio Cardozo Ocampo) - 3:30

Price: € 11.00

Pablo Cárcamo
Harp & Flutes from the Andes EUCD 1596
Harp & Flutes from the Andes
This instrumental recording presents the magic of the Indian flutes and the soft, flowing sound of the Paraguayan harp in combined harmony. Pablo Cárcamo from Chile gives a haunting quality to his flute-playing. Oscar Benito from Paraguay is a virtuoso harpist. In Paraguay there is no formal way of learning to play the harp each harpist has to work out his own method and Oscar's touch is simply - magic.

1. El Condor Pasa (A. Robles) - 6:24
2. O Cangaseiro (A.R.Do Nascimento) - 3:57
3. El Rondador (Calchag & S. Arriagada) - 2:09
4. Fantasia Guarani (Oscar Benito) - 3:17
5. Soy Pan - Soy Paz - Soy Màs (Piero) - 3:55
6. Leño Verde (Ernesto Cavour) - 3:08
7. Negro Joséà¢€íš (Roberto Ternàn) - 3:12
8. Poblacion la Victoria (Roberto Marquez) - 4:18
9. El Humahuaqueño (Zaldivar) 2:39
10. El Canelazo (Trad.) - 4:27
11. a) - El Manicero (M. Simons) b) - Cachita (J. Hernadez) - 3:31
12. Fiesta Del Sol - 3:54
13. Colorado (Motivo Popular - Arr. O. Benito & P. Cárcamo) - 2:12
14. Moliendo Café - 3:55
15. Alma Llanera (P.E. Gutierrez) - 4:11
16. El Cumbanchero (R. Hernandes) - 3:00

Price: € 11.00

Rachel Hair
The Lucky Smile MHRCD 002
The Lucky Smile
“One of Scotland’s brightest young harpists” (The Scotsman) Rachel Hair’s “The Lucky Smile” is an eagerly awaited follow up from the highly acclaimed solo album “Hubcaps and Potholes”. Produced by respected musician Angus Lyon (18months later, Box Club) the album features Rachel’s newly formed trio of harp with acoustic guitarist Paul Tracey and double bassist Andy Sharkey. With an eclectic mix of traditional and contemporary material, tinged with influences ranging from jazz and funk, to classical and bluegrass and her Scots-Irish heritage, “The Lucky Smile” confirms Hair’s ability as a prolific composer, as well as an incredibly talented harpist. Featuring guest appearances from award winning Gaelic singer Joy Dunlop, drummer Scott Mackay (Roddy Hart), cajon player Paul Jennings (Old Blind Dogs, The Bar Room Mountaineers) and jazz violinist Graham McGeoch (The Fortunate Sons) the album showcases the harp as a lead band instrument allowing its vibrance and vitality to shine through with sparkle and poise.

1. Back Home
2. Kilmartin Sky
3. Blue Hills Of Antrim
4. Tsunami Jack
5. A Fhleasgaich Oig As Ceanalta
6. The Lucky Smile
7. I Lost My Harp In Barcelona
8. The Lochaber Gathering
9. Leis An Lurgainn
10. The Midge House Jigs

Price: € 16.00

Simon Chadwick
Clarsach na Banrighe (The Queen's Harp) EGH 1
Clarsach na Banrighe (The Queen's Harp)
Medieval and 18th century Scottish harp music played on a newly commissioned replica of the famous medieval Scottish Queen Mary harp.

The metal strings give a very different sound from the gut-strung harp on these often stately pieces.

The medieval section of the CD includes 13th century church repertory from St Andrews Cathedral (where the CD was recorded), as well as from Inchcolm island in the Firth of Forth.

The second half of the CD presents, for the first time, the complete repertory of John Robertson of Lude, Perthshire, who owned and played the Queen Mary harp in the early 18th century. As well as airs, ports and a family salute, it includes a Gaelic song on the battle of Sherrifmuir, which has been newly matched to its original tune and is sung by guest Mairead Murnion from Co Down, Ireland.

Part 1: Medieval Church Music:
1. Vir Perfecte
2. Vir Iste
3. Kyrie Virginitatus Amator
4. Salve Splendor
5. Pater Columba
6. Ex Te Lux Oritur, O Dulcis Scotia
7. Nobilis Humilis.
Part 2: Medieval Instrumental Music:
8. Burns March
9. Battle of Hara Law.
Interlude: 17th & 18th Century Clarsach Music:
10. Rory Dall's Port (Jig)
11. Da Mihi Manum
12. Cumh Easpuic Earra-ghaoildheal.
Part 3: The Queen Mary Harp at Lude House:
13. Air by Fingal
14. Air by Fingal
15. Air by Fingal
16. McLoud's Salute
17. Lude's Supper
18. Port Lennox
19. Port Gordon
20. Oran air Cath Sliabh an t Siorraimh
21. Port Athol.
22. The Flowres of the Forrest

Price: € 18.00

Simon Chadwick
Tarbh EGH 3
This CD presents five grand architectural pieces of historical music taken from Ceòl Mór composed by Raghnall Mac Ailein Òig, originally for fiddle, pipes and vocal settings, but is here presented in new adaptions for solo clarsach.

This is Simon's third CD of historical Scottish and Irish music, he has sympathetically and skilfully adapted from the original material for solo clarsach.

The clarsach Simon used on this recording is a replica of the Queen Mary harp.

1. An Tarbh Breac Dearg (The Red Speckled Bull)
2. A' Ghlas Mheur (The Finger Lock)
3. Beinn Eadarrainn (The Headless Body)
4. Maol Donn MacCrimmon's Sweetheart)
5. A' Bhoilich (The Vaunting)

Price: € 16.00

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