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The Duplets
Tree Of Strings CHIK 001
Tree Of Strings
The Duplets are Scottish harp and song duo Gillian Fleetwood and Fraya Thomsen. They have been carving names for themselves as two of Scotland's finest exponents of the Scottish harp, through their captivating live shows.

Intricately woven melodies nestle into luscious harmonies, rich chords, cascading ornaments and even stonking bass lines to create a sound which is both unique and engaging.

Add to this the warmth and intimacy of Gillian's voice which draws the listener in like a storyteller, and you get an album as colourful and enduring as a tapestry.

Gillian Fleetwood (harp, vocals) and Fraya Thomsen (harp, vocals) with Duncan Lyall (bass), Gabe McVarish (fiddle), Donald Hay (drums, percussion) and Tam 'The Banjo' Kinsella (banjo).

1. Ca' the Yowes
2. O'Niell's March / Lillian Ross of Inverness / Donald Blue
3. The Twa Corbies * Chloe's Passion / Up Downie / The Triangle
4. Monkey Puzzle / Inspector Hector / Mr Nice
5. The Rigs of Rye
6. The Paw Paw Polska / Tommy Nagle's / The Strathnairn
7. The Bendy Tune / The Good Man in the Kitchen
8. Love
9. Female Affability
10. The Queen of All Argyll
11. Craobh nan Teud

Price: € 17.00

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