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Alan Gardiner and his Scottish Dance Band
Scottish Dances - vol. 7 HRM 507
Scottish Dances -  vol. 7
Tradition, talent and fun!

1. The Kelpie of Loch Coruisk 7x32R
2. The Flying Scotsman 8x32J
3. Mrs Garthland's Strathspey 8x32S
4. Mrs MacPherson of Inveran 8x32R
5. MacPherson's Jig 3x32J
6. Mrs Clancy's Strathspey 4x32S
7. Admiral Nelson 4x64R 4.31
8. A Kiss for Nothing 8x32J
9. Cape Town Wedding 8x32S
10. Old Nick's Lumber Room 8x32J
11. The Braes of Mellinish 8x32S
12. Moving Cloud 8x32R
13. Prince of Orange 8x16J
14. The Punch Bowl 8x32R

Price: € 19.00

Alasdair Maccuish And The Black Rose Ceilidh Band
Stepping Out SKEY 018
Stepping Out
Scottish Dance music with a twist. Alasdair MacCuish and the Black Rose Ceilidh Band formed in the early 1990s, at the height of the ceilidh dance revival in Glasgow, and are now recognised as the one of the most popular dance bands in Scotland. Their energetic and innovative approach to traditional music has become a firm favourite with dancers and listening audiences the length and breadth of Scotland, Europe and beyond.
Their style draws on the Scottish Dance music idiom, but is heavily influenced by the wider folk music scene. This album demonstrates their ability to play traditional dance music alongside more contemporary sets.

1. Ceilidh Cascade
2. Hebridean Schottische
3. Gaelic Waltz
4. The Panda
5. Gay Gordons
6. Postie's Jig
7. The Swan
8. Highland Barn Dance
9. Pipe Jigs
10. A Flying Trip
11. St Bernard's Waltz
12. Britannia Two Step
13. The Seagull
14. Captain Stretch's Mandolin
15. Strip the Willow
16. Dunoon Barn Dance
17. The Banshee
18. Take It Easy

Price: € 19.00

Anderson & his Scottish Dance Band
Scottish Dances - vol. 8. HRM 508
Scottish Dances -  vol. 8.
A lively tight young band.

1. Blacksmith Of Elgin
2. Bolt Court
3. Campbell's Frolic
4. Chevy Chase
5. Culla Bay
6. Ellwyn's Fairy Glen
7. Jennifer's Jig
8. Lamb Skinnet
9. Miss Thompson's Reel
10. Moment Of Truth
11. Moray Rant
12. Mrs MacLeod
13. Off She Goes In The North
14. Rob Roy

Price: € 19.00

Andrew McCowan
Fling Time - Volume 1 CDMON823
Fling Time -  Volume 1
Highland Dancing. Piping.

1. Highland Fling (4): De'il Among the Tailors/The Marquis of Huntly's Highland Fling
2. Sword Dance (2 slow, 1 quick): Ghillie Callum
3. Sword Dance (2 slow, 2 quick): Ghillie Callum
4. Shean Truibhas (3 slow, 1 quick): Whistle o'er the Lave O't
5. Hullachan: The High Road to Linton/Jock Wilson's Ball
6. Strathspey and Reel of Tulloch: Orange and Blue/Mac-an-Irish/The High Road to Linton/The Piper of Drummond/Kate Dalrymple
7. Reel of Tulloch: Jock Wilson's Ball/The Piper of Drummond/The Reel of Tulloch/The Kilt is My Delight
8. Flora MacDonald's Fancy (4): The Glendaruel Highlanders/The Atholl Highlanders
9. Scottish Lilt (4): The Battle of the Somme
10. Sailors Hornpipe (4): The Jolly Beggarman/ Paddy McGinty's Goat
11. Irish Jig (4): Paddy's Leather Breeches
12. Highland Fling (6): Susan Macleod/The Rose Among the Heather/Fiddler's Joy
13. Sword Dance (3 slow, 1 quick): Ghillie Callum
14. Shean Truibhas (4 slow, 2 quick): Whistle o'er the Lave O't
15. Strathspey and Highland Reel: The Keel Row/Mrs Macleod of Raasay
16. Wilt Thou Go to Barracks Johnnie (4): The Barren Rocks of Aden/The Nut Brown Maiden
17. Highland Laddie (4): The Highland Laddie
18. Argyll Broadswords: The Rose Among the Heather/Mrs Macleod of Raasay
19. Sailors Hornpipe (5): Bobby Cuthbertson/The Black Bear
20. Irish Jig (6): Minnie Hynd/Pipe Major Lee's Contention.

Price: € 18.00
Fling Time - Volume 2 CDMON 824
Fling Time -  Volume 2
Piping for Highland Dancing.

1 Flora MacDonald's Fancy (6):
The Muckin' O' Geordie's Byre/Bonnie Dundee/The Steamboat; 2. Scottish Lilt (6): The Battle of the Somme/The Festival March; Wilt Thou go to
3. Barracks Johnnie (6): The Barren Rocks of Aden/Teribus/Corrichoillie's 43rd Welcome to the Northern Meeting;
4. Highland Laddie (6): The Highland Laddie;
5. Blue Bonnets are Over the Border (4): All the Blue Bonnets are Over the Border;
6. Village Maid (6): The Liberton Pipe Band;
7. Scotch Measure (6): Mairi's Wedding/A Man's a Man for a' That;
8. Sailors Hornpipe (6): The 78ths Walk Round (The Liverpool Hornpipe)/Crossing the Minch;
9. Irish Jig (8) The Irish Washerwoman;
10. Blue Bonnets are Over the Border (6): All the Blue Bonnets are Over the Border; Dusty Miller ;
11. Earl of Errol (4);
12. Tribute to J L MacKenzie (4): Longueval;
13. Hebridean Laddie (4): Earl of Mansfield;
14. Earl of Errol (6);
15. Tribute to J L MacKenzie (6): Longueval/The Highland Cradle Song;
16. Hebridean Laddie (6): Earl of Mansfield

Price: € 18.00

Bill Douglas And His Scottish Dance Band
A Dundee Welcome BRHCD 43
A Dundee Welcome
Vintage recordings of dance sets and solos from this six-piece band, as well as songs from The Camperdown Singers and Jim MacFarlane

Bill Douglas (violin) with Jim MacFarlane (accordion), Abb MacFarlane (accordion), David Little (piano), John Whyte (bass) and George Stark (drums).

The Camperdown Singers are Jack Jamieson, Harry Troup, Colin Stewart and Willie Kilcullen with Charlie Milne (piano) and Jerry Campbell (accordion).

1. Jig - Bonnie Dundee
2. The Gallowa' Hills
3. Fiddle Solo
4. The Braes Of Benill
5. The Gay Gordons
6. Bonnie Galloway
7. Accordion Solo
8. Waltz
9. Reels
10. Killiecrankie
11. Grand March
12. Kissing In The Dark
13. Fiddle Solo
14. A Hundred Thousand Welcomes
15. 6/8 Marches
16. The Piper O' Dundee

Price: € 15.50
Bill Douglas and his Scottish Dance Band CDLBP2017
Bill Douglas and his Scottish Dance Band
Dance and listening tunes.

1. Teviot Brig
2. Miss Jean Milligan
3. Scottish Waltz Medley
4. Fiddle Solo
5. Border Marches
6. Angus Two-Step
7. Accordion Solo
8. Retreat and March
9. Black Dance
10. Irish Waltz Medley
12. Barn Dance
13. Pipe Marches
14. Accordion Solo
15. Gay Gordons

Price: € 14.50

Bob McMurtry
The Devil's Quanda FDM 09
The Devil's Quanda
World Music Scottish Country dance music.
Dance music with a gentle contemporary slant. Andy Imbrie tickles the ivories, Bob McMurtry blows the recorder and bangs drums, and Deby Benton Grosjean fiddles finely over the top. Thirteen full-length dances including a wonderful waltz set.

1. Pint o' Ale
2. Fiddlin' Round
3. The Slopes of Hlidarendi
4. Rising Phoenix
5. Gloria's Wee Jig
6. Australian Laddie
7. Marilyn's Reel
8. Catch Me If You Can
9. Lady In Red
10. Miller's Crossing
11. The Devil's Quandary
12. Fox In the Wood
13. Green Isle Waltzes

Price: € 15.00

Campbell's Birl
Muriel Johnstone & Keith Smith SSCD17
Muriel Johnstone & Keith Smith
Music for thirteen dances devised by Bob Campbell and published in the Glasgow Assembly and Farewell My Fancy collections. Muriel's piano and Keith's fiddle provide an uncluttered sound.

1. On The Wings Of The Morning (8x32 Jig)
2. Expert Dancer (8x32 Strathspey)
3. Davy Nick Nack (8x32 Reel)
4. General Ritchie's Reel (8x32 Jig)
5. Dear Gladys (8x32 Strathspey)
6. Shetland Fiddler (4x32 Reel)
7. Montreal Rendezvous (8x16S+16R Medley)
8. Just In Time (8x32 Jig)
9. Spirit Of The Dance (8x32 Strathspey)
10. Let's Have A Ceilidh (4s32 Reel)
11. Traveller's Jig (8x32 Jig)
12. Banks Of Spey (4x32 Strathspey)
13. Australian Ladies (8x32 Reel)

Price: € 19.50

Colin Dewar
Special Requests vol 8 SRCD 008
Special Requests vol 8
Another volume of requested Scottish dances and tunes from Colin Dewar (lead accordion) with Jack Delaney (2nd accordion), Judi Nicolson (fiddle), Gus Millar (drums) and Stephen Provan (keyboard).

A couple of warm-up tracks followed by fifteen Scottish Country dances.

1. Warm Up March
2. Warm Up Waltz
3. Mrs Stuart Linnell
4. The Duchess Tree
5. Muirland Willie
6. The Midnight Ferry
7. Tribute To Drummond Cook
8. A Tribute To The Borders
9. The Minister On The Loch
10. Aird Of Coigach
11. A Reel For Davina
12. Anne Sheach's Strathspey
13. The Raven's Dance
14. The Outer Circle
15. The Shepherd's Crook
16. The Lochalsh Reel
17. Never At Sea

Price: € 18.00

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