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The Colin Dewar Scottish Dance Band
The Ruthven Collection of Scottish Country Dances vol 1 RVC 01
The Ruthven Collection of Scottish Country Dances vol 1
One of the top Scottish dance bands.

Colin (accordion) is joined by Dennis Morrison (piano, bass), Judi Nicolson (fiddle) and Gus Millar (drums).

1. The Windy Strath
2. Montgarrie Mill
3. Balnain House
4. Sir J.M. Barrie Of Thrums
5. Ruthven's Fancy
6. The Leck
7. Peggy Rose
8. Findhorn Bay
9. Highland Ladies
10. Robbie Over The Waves
11. Mrs Jay Robertson's Hornpipe
12. The Dancers Fae Auchleven
13. Mr McColl's Hornpipe
14. Tribute To The Black Watch 2004
15. Calum's Road
16. Distillery Reel

Price: € 16.00

The Craigievar Scottish Dance Band
Scottish Dances vol 14 HRMCD 514
Scottish Dances vol 14
Another selection in the Highlander Music series for Scottish Country Dancing.

The Craigievar Band has been around since the 1980s, and is run by Stuart and Alistair Forbes who originally come from Buckie in Banffshire.

They have played at weddings, Country Dances and Reeling parties throughout the South of England. Among their more notable engagements have been The Brighton Festival Ceilidh, The Black Watch Summer Ball, The St Andrews Ball in Caracas, The St Andrews Ball in Oman and a Burns Night in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Alistair Forbes (lead accordion) with David Hume (second accordion), Stuart Forbes (fiddle) and Alex Forbes (keyboard, bass).

1. Aird Of Coigach (4x48 jig)
2. Whigmaleeries (8x32 reel)
3. Blue Mess Jacket (4x32 strathspey)
4. Old Nick's Lumber Room (8x32 jig)
5. Sloane Square (1x64 strathspey)
6. Sloane Square - Encore (1x64 strathspey)
7. The Rothesay Rant (4x32 jig)
8. La Tempete (4x48 reel)
9. Bedrule (8x32 strathspey)
10. My Heather Hills (3x48 jig)
11. The Epping Hundred (8x32 reel)
12. Rose Of Dunure (3x32 strathspey)
13. The Spinnaker Tower (8x40 jig)
14. Gavin's Reel (5x32 reel)
15. Birks Of Invermay (8x32 strathspey)
16. Startled Rabbits (5x32 jig)

Price: € 15.50

The Glencraig Scottish Dance Band
The Reel Party (Are Ye Askin'?) CDTRAX 315
The Reel Party (Are Ye Askin'?)
The Glencraig Scottish Dance Band, led by Nicol McLaren, capture the mood and feeling of the traditional Reel Party. With full dance instructions by Karin Ingram, this is essential material for all who enjoy Reeling!

1. Grand March
2. Reel of The 51st Division
3. Hamilton House
4. Canadian Barn Dance
5. Virginia Reel
6. Eightsome Reel
7. Foursome Reel
8. St Bernard's Waltz
9. Dashing White Sergeant
10. Britannia Two-Step
11. Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh
12. Glasgow Highlanders
13. Duke of Perth
14. Postie's Jig
15. Mairi's Wedding

Price: € 18.00

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