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Alex Duthart
Alex Duthart Book 2 DA 16
Alex Duthart Book 2
Alex Duthart Book 2 - The Alex Duthart Book is the second book of pipe band drums scores by the legendary Alex Duthart. The book contains no less than forty of Alex's well known compositions for the snare drum as accompaniment to a wide variety of popular pipe band tunes across the full range of time signatures. The Alex Duthart Book has more than passed the test of time and is part of the library of most top pipe band snare drummers. A must-own title for every pipe band snare drummer striving for success

Price: € 27.00

Archie Kenneth
Archie Kenneth Ceol Beag B 8650
Archie Kenneth Ceol Beag
A Song of Winter • The Clear Light of Morning • Leaving Loch Fyne-side • The Shadows of Evening, • What I would do • Alec Haddow's Welcome to Stronochullin • Alistair Campsie! Alistair Campsie! • Arthur Gillies • Banks of the Add • Breton Pipers' • Lochilphead Pipers' • Mrs. Arthur Gillies • Mull of Cara • The Price of a Bottle of Beer • Rhiconich • The Skiers' • The Gambit • Glen Grant • The Luckpenny • Maids of Bute • Spider's Web • Dr. Leslie Craig • Falls of Lora • The Fannichs • Iain Kenneth's • Iain MacLeod (Lochgilphead) • Pipe Major Neil Crawford • Spring Water • Bridge of Orchy • The Flywheel • Island of Donna • Loch Fyne by Moonlight • The Shining Light • The Skaters' • West Highland Hospital • The Bicker • Birdsong • The Far North • General MacDonald's • Go to the Hill • Honeycomb • Horseman's Word • Molly Brannigan • My Payment for the Cost • Taken from the Top • To Strike a Spark • A Ring at the Door • Alec's Milk Carton • An Irish Song • No, I'll not • Perpetual Motion • Will you go? • The Lock Gate • On Tap • Waiting on the Tide

Price: € 4.00

Bill Cleary
The Bagpipe Tutor 11AWAL-1012
The Bagpipe Tutor
Classic bagpipe tutor from Pipe Major Bill Cleary. Includes in-depth instruction, theory and history,as well as a selection of 47 popular Irish and Scottish tunes.

Price: € 16.50

Bruce Campbell
The MacPherson Pipers Of Badenoch (Book) DP 006
The MacPherson Pipers Of Badenoch (Book)
A 7th book on piping from author Bruce is an indepth study of the great MacPherson piping dynasty from 1745 on the Braes Of Badenoch.

Bruce has spent a lifetime both playing and studying piping and is an acknowledged expert on piping history. His has contributed piping articles to magazines around the world since 1975.

This book chronicles their place in history, piobaireachd style and teaching legacy with many interesting facts from 1745, their move to the Isle Of Skye as well as service to the Clan MacPherson chiefs who ultimately rewarded them with their house at catlodge.

Renowned as outstanding performers and teachers the MacPhersons provide an important link in the history of the Highland pipe.

This book takes a look at the family members, their music and their influence on piping.

Their teachings continue through the instruction of the great master piper, Calum Piobare MacPherson.

Paperback 75 page A5 illustrated book.

Price: € 14.20

Cecil Lindsay Tee
The Tribute B 8649
The Tribute
The Tribute is Cecil Lindsay Tee's Collection of Music for the Highland

Price: € 6.00

Cherry Anderson
The Great Highland Bagpipe Tutor (Book + CD) GM 2631
The Great Highland Bagpipe Tutor (Book + CD)
By pipe major Cherry Anderson. With notes on practice pipes. CD included. Made in United Kingdom.

This book is intented solely as a guide to beginners, and the aim is to good standard of playing on the practice chanter prior to the graduation to the Highland Bagpipe.

Price: € 14.00

Chris Armstrong
Notes Frae Ma Heid - vol 2 PBMON 03
Notes Frae Ma Heid -  vol 2
Another 55 new tunes from one of the leading modern pipers, and great innovators.

The melodies are written for pipers but will be snapped up by many other musicians.

A4 paperback.

•Big Bunnet's Hornpipe
•Kick Start
•New Medley Hornpipe
•Percussion Steve
•Raymond Barbour
•Russell The Lock Buster
•The Cogarette Garden
•The Five Car Trick
•The Mad Daisy Picker
•The Soft Shoe Shuffle
•Touchin Cloth
•Wee Calum Hammer Hands
•Bottom Hand
•Dive Bombing Shitehawks
•Fiona's Jig
•Mark Bennett
•McKerrell's Helium Powered Uilleann Pipes
•Rene the Banjo-man
•Rubber Man
•Simon McKerrell's
•The Barbour Roar
•The Boys of Kintail
•The Campbeltown Assassin
•The Canary
•The Electric Boogaloo
•The Gav Mobile
•The Three Amigos
•Alistair McDonald
•Barry & Irene Armstrong's 25th Wedding Anniversary
•Gordon Craig
•Jimmy's Den
•Malcolm MacInnes
•McIntyre of Goosegreen
•Pipe Major Linda Bennett
•Pipe Major Roderick MacLeod MBE
•Andrew Wright
•The Guards Club Recital Series
•Air Bodhran
•An Cu Dhu
•Bushtucker Man
•Caldwell's Bill
•Donald Shaw's
•Eggs and Bacon
•Kennedy's Favourite
•Mrs Mary Kerr
•Roarty's Reel
•Roodie's Reel
•The Almost Reel
•The B Box
•The Cabaleno
•Oran Canntaireachd

Price: € 19.00
Notes Frae Ma Heid 2 B 149
Notes Frae Ma Heid 2
Second music book by one of the world's most gifted pipers. The book contains a wide variety of 2/4 and 6/8 marches, strathspeys, reels, slow airs, suites, and of course hornpipes and jigs - tunes played in concert and on recordings by Chris, and by his ScottishPower Pipe Band.
Slow Air:
Oran Canntaireachd
Alistair McDonald - Barry & Irene Armstrong’s 25th Wedding Anniversary - Gordon Craig - Jimmy’s Den - Malcolm MacInnes - McIntyre of Goosegreen - Pipe Major Linda Bennett - Pipe Major Roderick MacLeod M.B.E.
Andrew Wright - The Guards Club Recital Series
Reels: Air Bodhran - An Cu Dhu - Bushtucker Man - Caldwell’s Bill - Donald Shaw’s - Eggs and Bacon - Kennedy’s Favourite - Mrs Mary Kerr - Roarty’s Reel -
Roodie’s Reel - The Almost Reel - The ‘B’ Box - The Cabaleno.
Big Bunnet’s Hornpipe - Kick Start - New Medley Hornpipe - Percussion Steve - Raymond Barbour - Russell the Lock Buster - The Cogarette Garden - The Five Car Trick - The Mad Daisy Picker - The Soft Shoe Shuffle - Touchin Cloth - Wee Calum Hammer Hands
Bottom Hand - Dive Bombing Shitehawks - Fiona’s Jig - Mark Bennett - Mayhem - McKerrell’s Helium Powered Uillean Pipes - Rene the Banjo-man - Rubber Man - Simon McKerrell’s - The Barbour Roar - The Boys of Kintail - The Campbeltown Assassin - The Canary - The Electric Boogaloo - The Gav Mobile - The Three Amigos - Miscellaneous Tune
T.N.T. -X-treme.

Price: € 21.50

Craig Muirhead
Arranged B 4582
A fantastic collection of modern pop songs arranged for the bagpipes by Craig Muirhead, Piping Instructor to Strathallan Schools, Former National Youth Pipe Band Pipe Major, Accomplished soloist and multi-instrumentalist.

Included in this book are tunes including :
•Best Song Ever - One Direction
•Budapest - George Ezra
•Cheerleader - Omi
•Dancing Queen - Abba
•Drinking from the Bottle - Calvin Harris
•Hold my Hand - Jess Glynne
•Human - The Killers
•I Gotta Feeling - Black Eyed Peas
•I'm a Believer - The Monkees
•I Need Your Love - Calvin Harris
•Imagine - John Lennon
•Let it Go - Eva Mendez
•Little Things - One Direction
•Living on a Prayer - Bon Jovi
•Locked out of Heaven - Bruno Mars
•Looked so Perfect - 5 Seconds of Summer
•Love me like you do - Ellie Goulding
•Midnight Memories - One Direction
•Mr Brightside - The Killers
•Nobody to Love - Sigma
•Not Letting Go - Tiny Tempah
•Pompei - Bastille
•Rehab - Amy Winehouse
•Run - Snow Patrol
•Sex on Fire - Kings of Leon
•Someone I Used to Know - Gotye
•Something i Need - One Republic
•Stay with Me - Sam Smith
•Summer - Calvin Harris
•Sweet Caroline - Neil Diamond
•Sweet Child of Mine - Guns & Roses
•Simply the Best - Tina Turner
•Thinking out Loud - Ed Sheeran
•Wonderwall - Oasis
•Wrecking Ball - Miley Cyrus

Price: € 24.00

David Glen
David Glen’s ‘Ancient Piobaireachd Book 6’ DP 11
David Glen’s ‘Ancient Piobaireachd Book 6’

The penultimate book in this outstanding 7-book reprint series which the legendary John MacDonald of Inverness rated as "piping's greatest source".
David Glen's settings are not available in any other published source and are marked by their lack of textual error and balance of melodic line. These books are archival
material for any serious Piobaireachd student.
Book 6 contains Craigellachie; The MacRaes' March; John Garve MacLeod of Raasay's Lament; The Earl of Antrim's Lament; The Little Spree; Corriness (The Lost Pibroch); Mary's praise for her gift; Lady Elizabeth Diana MacDonald's Lament; Roderick Mor MacLeod's Salute; A Lament for Great Findlay; A Lament for ary MacLeod; The Blue Ribbon; Kinloch-Moidart's Lament; A Lament for the Duke of Hamilton; The Great Spree.

Price: € 15.90

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