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Sam Sherry
Sam Sherry Memorial DVD EFDSS 56
Sam Sherry Memorial DVD
The CD-ROM contains details of all Samís known clog steps, each transcribed separately in Newcastle Notation, and illustrated by a video clip either danced by Sam,or by one of his principal pupils. It also collects together a wealth of photographs, recordings, press cuttings, reviews, playbills and personal papers.

DVD 1 contains full length films ofhis main routines, danced by Sam or his principal pupils.
DVD 2 assembles a collection of assorted video recordings of Samís appearances at festivals and on Television, including astonishing footage from 1938 of the Five Sherry Brothers act.
DVD-ROM3 contains biographies, step notations, films and other archival material.
Compiled by Chris Metherell and Barry Callaghan 2007

Price: € 15.00

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