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Hilda Bronstei
Hilda Bronstein sings Yiddish Song with Chutzpah! EUCD 2296
Hilda Bronstein sings Yiddish Song with Chutzpah!
Hilda Bronstein and her band Chutzpah! perform an eclectic mix of beautiful traditional Yiddish melodies that touch the heart: tangos, wedding songs, foot-tapping swing as well as surprising Yiddish versions of favourite chart-toppers. These are songs performed with passion and Chutzpah! Complete Yiddish lyrics plus English translations.

1. A Yidishe Khasene
2. Slutsk
3. Kum Leybke Tantsn
4. Yener Langer Zumertog
5. Bloye Nekht Fun Tel-Aviv
6. Purim in Kalarash
7. Unter Beymer
8. Geselekh
9. Dray Tekhterlekh
10. Abi Gezunt
11. A Khosn on a Kale
12. Di Grine Kuzine
13. Undzer Shuster
14. Ver Vet Blaybn
15. Makh Tsu Di Eygelekh
16. Mir Besaraber
17. Farbay di Teg

Price: € 15.50

Klezmer & Yiddish Songs EUCD 2255
Klezmer & Yiddish Songs
Klezmer music and Yiddish songs, telling about the old 'Shtetl' of Eastern Europe, about the fiddlers and idlers, the coachmen, the jokers (Badchn) and about the teachers (Melamed) with their dreams and longings, their happiness and vitality.

1. Freilach / Ale brider
2. Fidl wolach (instr.)
3. For ich mir arois
4. Badchns tanz (instr.)
5. Saposchkelech
6. Der himl lacht (instr.)
7. Majn jingele
8. Jingeles trojm (instr.)
9. Bessarabjanke (instr.)
10. A klejn melamedl
11. Feiwels tanz (instr.)
12. Is gekummen a klesmer (instr.)
13. Bulbes
14. Schlemihls nigun (instr.)
15. Schmilik, Gawrilik
16. Gronams boogie (instr.)
17. Jeideidei
18. Naftalis nigun (instr.)
19. In a fremder schtot (instr.)
20. Rumenie

Price: € 13.00

Lucette van den Berg
Friling SYN 5767CD296
Van den Berg has an extraordinary, warm and expressive voice and she is passionate about Yiddish music.

1. Friling
2. A sheyner tog in gein un blo
3. A falsher krants
4. 's Hot geregnt, 's hot gegosn
5. Ze der himl hot genidert
6. Kranker foygl
7. Du geyst durkh di gasn
8. A klezmers viglid
9. A nay gezets in Nyu-york
10. Ir fregt mikh farvos
11. Di simfonye fun gas
12. Mayn khaver Yankl's bloer mantl
13. Ver ken es tseyln
14. Di royte roys
15. A zomer geven
16. Ven es fort avek a fraynd

Price: € 16.00

The Burning Bush
Yiddish, Klezmer & Sephardic Music EUCD 2332
Yiddish, Klezmer & Sephardic Music
A beautiful and varied album of Yiddish, Sephardic, Klezmer and Hassidic songs and instrumentals, played on a large variety of ancient and original instruments by Britainís most widely acclaimed Jewish music ensemble, The Burning Bush. Extensive info, including artistsí biographies and info about each of the pieces in four languages. Total playing time: 75:09 min.

1. Hey! Zhankoye (Skeaping)
2. Taksim (trad., arr. Skeaping)
3. Cuando el rey Nimrod (trad., arr., Skeaping)
4. Sirba mit Harbster Bletlekh (trad, arr, Shepherd)
5. A la una naci yo (trad., arr., Skeaping)
6. Chassidic dance (trad., arr., Skeaping)
7. Una noche al borde de la mar (Skeaping)
8. Yendome para Marsilia (Skeaping)
9. Merlin shpilt far dem Rebn (trad., arr., Shepherd)
10. Yidl mitn Fidl (trad., arr., Skeaping)
11. Taksim (trad., arr., Skeaping)
12. Morena me llaman (trad., arr., Skeaping)
13. Avre tu puerta cerrada (trad., arr., Skeaping)
14. Klezmer Medley: Mayn tayere Odessa, Dem Triske Rebn's Chosid'l, Dem Monastrishter Rebn's Chosid'l (trad., arr., Shepherd)
15. Vos geven iz geven un nito (Skeaping)
16. Lamma Badah (trad., arr., Skeaping)
17. Scalerica d'Oro (trad., arr., Skeaping)
18. Chassidic Dance (trad., arr., Skeaping)
19. Arvoles lloran por lluvias (trad., arr., Skeaping) - 20. Doina (trad., arr., Shepherd)
21. Russian Shers (trad., arr., Skeaping)

BONUS TRACK: Fun Tashlach (trad., arr., Skeaping) - 2:40

Price: € 18.00

Yale Strom & Hot Pstromi
City of the Future - Yiddish Songs from the Former Soviet Union EUCD 2617
City of the Future - Yiddish Songs from the Former Soviet Union
Yale Strom, violinist, composer, filmmaker, writer, photographer and playwright, has conducted extensive field research among the Jewish and Rom communities in Europe and Russia. In this album he explores the thriving Yiddish culture in the former Soviet Union in 1931 with Yiddish schools, theatres, choirs, literature and discussion groups. This fascinating and unique album brings light to an immensely well-established cultural entity in Russia before the onset of WWII. Extensive Info.

1. Who Did It (words: Itzik Feffer) - 3:36
2. Red Army (words: Itzik Feffer) - 3:21
3. Young Forces Grow (words: Kartshev) - 5:23
4. On the Slope (words: Leyb Kvitko) - 3:10
5. Hirsh Lekert (words: folk song) - 3:59
6. Girls Sewing at the Machines (words: Itzik Feffer) - 3:36
7. A Stone on a Stone (words: Itzik Feffer) - 3:22
8. Among the Highest (words: Izi Kharik) - 2:36
9. City of the Future (words: M. Shapiro) - 4:33
10. Village Pain (words: B. Kavinev [Yiddish: Yankev Fridman]) - 2:38
11. My Youth (words: Izi Kharik) - 3:42
12. The Young Guard (words: Sergei Tretyakov [Yiddish: Yankev Fridman]) - 5:29
13. This Will Be (words: Arn Kushnirov) - 2:30
14. The Song of the Collective Farmer (words: Yankev Fridman) - 1:50
15. Not to Worry (words: Peretz Markish) - 6:52
16. A Well (words: Itzik Feffer) - 2:39
17. October (words: Shmuel Rosin) - 6:21
18. Luminous Detachments (words: Z. Veremikin) - 1:46
19. Factory Song (words: Z. Smolyanski) - 4:18

Price: € 13.50

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