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The Lassies' Reply DUG 002
The Lassies' Reply
The Lassies' Reply is a unique release by the newly formed duo Pur, who are two of Scotland's brightest young traditional musicians - Scots singer and fiddler Shona Donaldson and Gaelic singer Katie Mackenzie.

This album of the songs of Robert Burns is released to coincide with the celebrations in the Year Of Homecoming, and demonstrates that both Gaelic and Scots cultures can co-exist and complement each other very well. Both girls sing 'their' own language but also sing the 'other' to demonstrate the interchangeability and common ground of the cultures.

The songs include many composed by Burns on his Highland tour in 1787. The Highlands and Gaelic had a profound effect on Burns, a fact which is often overlooked - Pur have included several of Burns' songs inspired by this area.

1. My Heart's In The Highlands (Tha Mo Chridhe)
2. John Anderson, my Jo
3. Aon Phg Ghridh (Ae Fond Kiss)
4. The Slave's Lament
5. Fhathast na Mo Dhisg (Aye Waukin' O)
6. I'm O'er Young To Marry Yet (Ro-g gu Psadh)
7. Cagaran Gaolach (Highland Balou)
8. Chan Eil Ach Cram Air Gach Limh (Green Grow the Rashes O)
9. Truis na h-isgean (Ca' The Yowes)
10. The Highland Widow's Lament
11. O My Luv Is Like A Red Red Rose
12. Auld Lang Syne (Air Sgath nan Iomadh Linn)

Price: € 14.00

Dhachaigh (Home) - The Murdo MacFarlane Songbook LANNCD 003
Dhachaigh (Home) - The Murdo MacFarlane Songbook
A compilation from top Gaelic artistes, made as a tribute to Murdo Macfarlane, the composer of the beautiful song Canan Nan Gaidheal as well as many other songs and poems.

Featuring: Karen Matheson, Blair Douglas, Christine Primrose, Ishbel MacAskill, Paul Mounsey, Ann Murray, Isobel Ann Martin, Alasdair White, Fraser Fifield, Calum Alex MacMillan, Alyth McCormack, Lau, Brian O Headhra, Fiona Mackenzie and Mary Smith.

1. Paul Mounsey - Dhachaidh/Home
2. Isobel Ann Martin - 'S Fhada Leam An Oidhche Gheamhraidh
3. Alasdair White - The "Symmetry"
4. Fraser Fifield & Calum Alex MacMillan - Tobair Tobair Solaidh
5. Christine Primrose - Mhrag, Leat Shibhlainn
6. Alyth McCormack with Lau - Leag Iad Am Bom An Raoir
7. Ishbel MacAskill - Naoi Ceud Deug 'S A Ceithir Deug
8. Blair Douglas - Cnan Nan Gidheal
9. Anna Murray - Thig Mi Gad Iarraidh
10. Brian O'headhra & Fiona MacKenzie - Thug Iad A Thung Thu
11. Mary Smith - Raoir Reubadh An Iolaire
12. Karen Matheson - Mi Le M' Uilinn Air Mo Ghlin
13. Blair Douglas - Chunnaic Mi Uam A' Bheinn
14. Paul Mounsey - Till/Return

Price: € 19.50

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