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Jean Redpath
The Songs of Robert Burns, Vol. 7 CDTRAX 029
The Songs of Robert Burns, Vol. 7
urns' songs performed by Scotland's outstanding traditional singer.

1. The Mauchline Lady
2. Merry Hae I Been
3. The Gallant Weaver
4. The Young Highland Rover
5. Cauld Is The E'enin Blast
6. My Father Was A Farmer
7. My love, She's But A Lassie Yet
8. Ode To Spring
9. O, Guid Ale Comes
10. The Bonnie Lass Of Albaine
11. O, Far Ane-And-Twenty, Tam
12. Where Are The Joys

Price: € 18.00

Donnie Murdo MacLeod, Cliar, Iain MacKay
Gaelic Scotland - Volume 2 EUCD 2032
Gaelic Scotland - Volume 2
from the Isle of Skye, Isle of Lewis, Uist and other areas of Scotland presented by a veritable "who is who" of Gaelic singers and musicians: Mackenzie, Clar, Mary Ann Kennedy & Charlotte Petersen, Donnie Murdo MacLeod, Dchas, Maeve MacKinnon, Iain MacKay, Blair Douglas. Original lyrics in Gaelic with English translations plus Information about songs and musicians.

1. Fama Clamosa
2. Shona MacDonald
3. One Hump or Two?
4. Nach truagh leat mi's tu'n Eirinn
5. Tha sneachd' air Druim Uachdair
6. Am Buachaille Bn
7. Nelson and Donella
8. Soraidh bhuam gu Eilean Bharraigh
9. Da Sheltie Set
10. Cailleach an Airgid / Rachainn a shuiridh' air Oighrig
11. Waulking Song / Gura Mise Tha Fo Mhulad / Braes of Melinish
12. E ho ro mo nighean donn
13. A' Bhean Ionmhainn
14. Chuir lad Mise dh'Eilean Leam Fhn
15. Ingy's Jigs
16. Ma bhios tu fo mhulad

Price: € 18.50

Eve Graham
Born To Be A Warrior ITV 4S722
Born To Be A Warrior
Eve has been widely respected in the music business over the years as a 'singer's singer, admired by rock stars, jazz singers and folk singers.

1. Highland Cathedral
2. I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing
3. The Mountains

Price: € 7.55
Price: € 3.50

Glen Daly
Legends of Scotland CDELM 4135k
Legends of Scotland
Twenty two tracks of Scottish song from one of Glasgow's most popular music hall-style entertainers.

1. Scotland the Brave
2. The Dacent Irish Boy
3. The Northern Lights of Old Aberdeen
4. The Road and the Miles to Dundee
5. Wild Colonial Boy
6. Auld Scots Mither of Mine
7. A Gordon for me
8. When I Leave the World Behind
9. You Need Hands
10. China Doll
11. When I Leave Old Glasgow Behind
12. Come In, Come In
13. Bonnie Scotland I Adore Thee
14. Granny's Highland Hame
15. Dear Old Glasgow Town
16. MacNamara's Band
17. Little Grey Home in the West
18. On Mother Kelly's Doorstep
19. Lovely Stornoway
20. Why Did you make me Care ?
21. I'm Glad that I was Born in Glasgow
22. I Belong to Glasgow

Price: € 15.50

Gordeanna McCulloch
Skeath & Knife FECD 117
Skeath & Knife
Gordeanna McCulloch is recognised as one of the finest singers of Scottish traditional songs and ballads in her generation. She is joined on this album by Erland Voy (concertina), Calum Allan (fiddle), Jimmy Anderson (Scottish Lowland pipes) and Ronnie Alexander (guitar).

1. The Kirk O' Birnie Bouzle
2. The Dowie Dens O' Yarrow
3. The Lichtbob's Lassie
4. Will Ye Gang Love
5. The Bleacher Lassie O' Kelvinhaugh
6. The Yowie Wi' The Crookit Horn
7. There's A Herrin' In The Pan
8. Sheath & Knife
9. Jock Since Ever I Saw Yer Face
10. Chevy Chase
11. Captain Wedderburn
12. The Gallant Weaver
13. Eence Upon A Time
14. Caw The Yowes
15. Bawbie Allan
16. The Hielan' Laddie
17. Be Kind Tae Yer Nainsel

Price: € 20.95

Ivan Drever
Four Walls IRCD 037
Four Walls
Previously singer with Wolfstone.

1. The Ballad of Jimmy Fry
2. Catching the Dream
3. Timmer the Tarter/Colonel Sir Neil MacRae of Howden End
4. How Far
5. Called To Fire
6. Chrissy jane Drever
7. We Sometimes Hurt too
8. Kinnairdie's awa wi the geese/John Boocock's Reel
9. Brave Souls
10. Brae's O' Glenniffer

Price: € 16.50

Karen Matheson
Down River VERTCD 075
Down River
Vocalist with Capercallie. Solo album, The Dreaming Sea on Survival Records, paired her with contemporary songwriters like James Grant. Widely recognised as the haunting vocals of Celtic supergroup Capercaillie, Karen was awarded Best Gaelic Singer at the inaugural Scottish Trad Music Awards 2003. Her career began with ceilidh performances as a child in local village halls on the West coast of Scotland. Karen recorded with Capercaillie on their first album in 1984 whilst still at school. With Capercaillie, Karen has enjoyed a stellar career, with more than a million albums sold across the world and performances in over thirty countries. In 1995 they wrote, recorded and starred in the blockbuster movie Rob Roy, in which Karen performed a solo rendition of a Gaelic lament.

1. Chi mi bhuam
2. Cronan Bleoghainn
3. Gleann baille chaoil
4. I will not wear the willow
5. O Mhairi's tu mo airi
6. O nach eisdeadh
7. Laoidh Fhearchair Eoghainn
8. Singing in the dark
9. Puirt a beul
10. Luadh an Toraidh
11. Crucan na bpaiste

Price: € 20.45

Kathleen MacInnes
Og Mhadainn Shamhraidh (Summer Dawn) CDTRAX 294
Og Mhadainn Shamhraidh (Summer Dawn)
Kathleen MacInnes was born and brought up on South Uist, Western Isles, in a Gaelic-speaking home. This is her debut album and also features some wonderful session musicians, including Ross Martin (guitar), Iain MacDonald (whistles & pipes), Marc Duff (bouzouki), Donald Shaw (keyboards & accordion), James MacKintosh (percussion), Neil Johnstone (cello) and John McCusker (fiddle). Additional vocals are provided by Cathy-Ann MacPhee, Julie Fowlis and Karen Matheson.

1. Air an Airigh
2. Oganaich An or-Fhuilt Bhuidhe
3. Tuireadh Bard Thurnaig
4. Reul Alainn a'Chuain
5. O Luaidh
6. Dh'eirich mi Moch Madainn Cheitein
7. Oran Talaidh na Mna-Sidhe
8. Duthaich MhicAoidh
9. Jimmy Mo Mhile Stor
10. Puirt-a-Beul
11. Twa Corbies
12. Ceud Failt' Air Gach Gleann
13. Oran Na Cloiche
14. A Mhic Iain 'ic Sheumais
15. Oran Dhomhnaill Phadraig

Price: € 19.50

Kennedy Calum
Legends of Scotland CDELM 4133
Legends of Scotland
The definitive sound of Scottish Rock.

1. Here's to the Hills
2. Mouth Music
3. My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean/Comin' Thro' the Rye/ Loch Lomond/Annie Laurie/Bluebells of Scotland
4. Gipsy Rover
5. Laird of Drumblair/The Mason's Apron
6. Calum's Ceilidh/Campbeltown Loch/Brochan Lom/Bratach Bana
7. Donald, Where's Your Troosers?
8. Top of Ben Nevis
9. The Dark Island
10. Amazing Grace
11. Five Lovely Lassies from Bannion
12. Muirsheen Durkin
13. Bonny Lass O' Fyvie
14. The Bridal Path
15. Scarborough Fair
16. Eilean Fraoich
17. Caristiona
18. Dark Lochnagar
19. Bonnie Kyleswater
20. Ae Fond Kiss
21. Leanabh Og
22. O Gin I Were a Baron's Heir

Price: € 18.50

Margaret Stewart & Allan MacDonald
Fhuair mi Pog CDTRAX 132
Fhuair mi Pog
The Gaelic voice of Margaret Stewart combined with Allan MacDonald's innovative and lyrical piobaireachd style. Allan sings and plays Highland bagpipes, Scottish smallpipes, tromb, mouthorgan and whistle.

1. Fhuair Mi Pog A Laimh An Righ
2. Bha Caileag As T-Earrach
3. Cille Pheadair
4. Dol Dhan Taigh Bhuan Leat
5. O Mhairi 's Tu Mo Mhairi
6. I Ho Ro 's Na Hug Oro Eile
7. He Na Milibhig
8. Slainte Bhon t-Seann Duthaich
9. Ochoin a Righ, Gur Tinn An Galair An Gradh
10. Cro Chinn t-Saile / A Bhanais A Bha'n Ciostal Odhar
11. Siuthadaibh Bhalachaibh
12. Cumha Mhic an-Toisich
13. Ruidhlichean Pioba
14. Uamh an Oir / Cumha an t-Seana Chlaidheimh
15. 'S Olc an Obair Do Theachdairean Cadal
16. Port na bPucai

Price: € 18.50

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