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Alastair McDonald
Alastair McDonald Sings Robert Burns CDLBP 2020
Alastair McDonald Sings Robert Burns
Scottish musician and singer interprets the songs of the Bard, Robert Burns.

1. The Carls o' Dysart
2. We're a 'Noddin'
3. Sweet Tibbie Dunbar
4. Ca' the Yowes
5. Willie Brewed a Peck o' Maut
6. Willie Wastle
7. There'll Never be Peace til Jamie Comes Home
8. The De'il Awa
9. Ay Waukin, O
10. Corn Rigs / Rantin' Dog
11. I'll Gang and be a Sodger
12. Son o' Mars
13. Silver Tassie (Pint o' Wine)
14. Peace and Liberty

Price: € 12.00
MORE THINGS… in Heaven & Earth CBNCD 051
MORE THINGS… in Heaven & Earth
A collection of songs and ballads touching on faith, life, mystery and humour and life from folk singer Alastair McDonald.

A musical journey of upbeat gospels, thought provoking ballads, traditional and contemporary music.

1. Bosom of Abraham 4:22
2. She Moved Through the Fair 3:18
3. Where Do Odd Socks Go? 4:33
4. Bonnie George Campbell 3:59
5. Bring Back Your Litter (yes, YOU!) 3:32
6. Man Takin’ Names 3:07
7. Jerusalem John 3:20
8. Enchanted Salmon Evening 3:12
9. Ghostly Whispers 4:16
10. We’re Heading Home 2:58
11. The Ox Driver’s Song 3:51
12. The Logger (a COLD Christmas) 4:08
13. Men From the East 4:26
14. The Wee Christmas Bus 3:39
15. The Wife o’ Ushers Well 3:11
16. The Moon o’er Holyrood 3:35
17. Those Kinds of People 4:10
18. The Unquiet Grave 3:27

Price: € 14.90

Alastair McDonald
Ring Them Golden Bells CBNCD 044
Ring Them Golden Bells
A collection of uplifting, faith-declaring, God-exalting songs from the Scottish folksinger, broadcaster and entertainer.
In the lively musical company of Quattro MacJazz and friends, and featuring songs from the The Glasgow Gospel DVD written by Jamie Stuart.
Alastair McDonald (vocals, guitar, banjo, percussion) with Forrie Cairns (clarinet), Len Herd (trumpet), Roy Percy (double bass), Cam Findlay (bass guitar) and Clark Sorley (Hammond organ, string quartet arrangement).

1. Give the World A Smile
2. Go, Tell It On A Mountain
3. My Brother's Keeper
4. Old Rugged Cross
5. Amazing Grace
6. Keep It To Myself
7. Gift For A Boy
8. Ring Them Golden Bells
9. Goliath of Gath
10. Great Faithfulness
11. Wayfaring Stranger
12. There Is A Green Hill
13. Pearly Gates
14. Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven
15. I'm On My Way
16. Just A Little While
17. The Prodigal
18. Stars In My Crown
19. Zaccheus
20. We Shall Not Be Moved

Price: € 15.00

Alastair McDonald
River for Peace CBNCD 047
River for Peace
Alastair puts forward his argument that there is a place for 'Songs of Peace' rather than just the black & white of 'war' and 'love'.
Alastair McDonald - Vocals, Guitar & Banjo
with Sirocco Nova
Leader: Clark Sorley

1. Soldiers Who Want to be Heroes
2. Roll Jordan / Peace Like a River
3. Andorra
4. Johnny I Hardly Knew You
5. No Trident
6. Strangest Dream
7. Bring Him Home
8. Bells of Rhymney
9. Join the Army / Sergeant Where’s Mine?
10. The Recruitin’ Sergeant
11. Gone for a Soldier
12. Sunday Night

Price: € 14.00

Alastair McDonald and Leo Maguire
Scotland In Song CDLBP 2013
Scotland In Song
The popular singer with some favourites. With Leo Maguire.

1. Over the Sea
2. Rantin Rovin Robin
3. Loch Lomond
4. Mouth Music
5. The Barras
6. Silver Darlings
7. Massacre of Glencoe
8. The Wee Cooper of Fife
9. Bonnie Gallawa
10. Mary Jane

Price: € 14.00

In Colour (The songs of Robert Burns) CDLOC 1107
In Colour (The songs of Robert Burns)
Borealis is a five piece band performing the songs of Robert Burns as you've never heard before. All the band members live in the heart of Burns country in Ayrshire, South West Scotland and originally came together to perform as part of the 2005 Burns an' a' that fringe festival which runs annually in Scotland. Since then, they have continued to give live performances of their unique interpretations of Burns. This is no ordinary tribute to Robert Burns, - the 'in colour' cd presents the songs in an exciting, new accessible way. The Burns words and traditional tunes come alive as the band draw on their own music roots of classical, folk, jazz through to blues. Their own knowledge of the dialect and language used in these classic songs ensures that their arrangements always stay true to the sentiments of Burns original writing.

1. Rantin Rovin Robin (There was a lad)
2. John Anderson my Jo
3. The Birks of Aberfeldy
4. My love's like a red, red rose
5. The de'il's awa
6. Ae fond kiss
7. Duncan Gray
8. Ay waukin' o
9. Comin' thro' the rye
10. The banks o'Doon (Ye banks and braes)

Price: € 16.00

Caledon - Scotland's Tenors
The Power and The Passion RECD 551
The Power and The Passion
1. Sailing
2. The Braes O' Balquhidder
3. Over The Sea To Skye
4. Mingulay Boat Song
5. Highland Cathedral
6. Land O' Heart's Desire
7. The Dark Island
8. The Mist-Covered Mountains Of Home
9. Loch Lomond
10. Sleeps The Noon In The Deep Blue Sky
11. Gloomy Winter (Medley)
12. Dumbarton's Drums
13. Will Ye No' Come Back Again?

1. Sailing

2. The Braes O' Balquhidder

3. Over The Sea To Skye

4. Mingulay Boat Song

5. Highland Cathedral

6. Land O' Heart's Desire

7. The Dark Island

8. The Mist-Covered Mountains Of Home

9. Loch Lomond

10. Sleeps The Noon In The Deep Blue Sky

11. Gloomy Winter (Medley)

12. Dumbarton's Drums

13. Will Ye No' Come Back Again?

Price: € 17.00

Donnie Murdo MacLeod, Cliar, Iain MacKay…
Gaelic Scotland - Volume 2 EUCD 2032
Gaelic Scotland - Volume 2
from the Isle of Skye, Isle of Lewis, Uist and other areas of Scotland presented by a veritable "who is who" of Gaelic singers and musicians: Mackenzie, Clíar, Mary Ann Kennedy & Charlotte Petersen, Donnie Murdo MacLeod, Dòchas, Maeve MacKinnon, Iain MacKay, Blair Douglas. Original lyrics in Gaelic with English translations plus Information about songs and musicians.

1. Fama Clamosa
2. Shona MacDonald
3. One Hump or Two?
4. Nach truagh leat mi's tu'n Eirinn
5. Tha sneachd' air Druim Uachdair
6. Am Buachaille Bàn
7. Nelson and Donella
8. Soraidh bhuam gu Eilean Bharraigh
9. Da Sheltie Set
10. Cailleach an Airgid / Rachainn a shuiridh' air Oighrig
11. Waulking Song / Gura Mise Tha Fo Mhulad / Braes of Melinish
12. E ho ro mo nighean donn
13. A' Bhean Ionmhainn
14. Chuir lad Mise dh'Eilean Leam Fhìn
15. Ingy's Jigs
16. Ma bhios tu fo mhulad

Price: € 18.50

Eve Graham
Born To Be A Warrior ITV 4S722
Born To Be A Warrior
Eve has been widely respected in the music business over the years as a 'singer's singer, admired by rock stars, jazz singers and folk singers.

1. Highland Cathedral
2. I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing
3. The Mountains

Price: € 7.55
Price: € 3.50

Fiona Mackenzie
Duan Nollaig (A Gaelic Christmas) - 2 CD CDTRAX 320D
Duan Nollaig (A Gaelic Christmas) - 2 CD
Fiona Mackenzie is a former Gaelic Mod Gold Medal winner, and also received a Scots Trad Music Award in 2004. This is a unique double album of both traditional and contemporary Scottish Gaelic Christmas songs and carols.

Vocal harmonies are provided by Maggie MacDonald, Katie Mackenzie (who also plays clàrsach), Sarah Jane Scott, Morven MacLeod, Mark Thomson and James Graham. Capercaillie's Karen Matheson also guests on two tracks. Other well known musicians include Anna Massie (fiddle), John Goldie (guitar), Jim Drummond (drums), Ed MacFarlane (bass), Simon Welsh (fiddle), Hamish Napier (whistles, bamboo flute), Ronan Martin (fiddle), Gary Innes (accordion) and Charles V Clark (didgeridoo). Producer Irvin Duguid.

1. The Blessed Infant
2. King of Kings
3. Song of Christmas
4. There Were Shepherds in an Eastern Country
5. Child of Bethlehem
6. Silent Night
7. When Rose The Sun of Righteousness
8. Mary's Joy
9. Christ Child's Lullaby
10. Look, Coming From The East
11. Bountiful Star of Joy
12. Praised Be The Trinity
13. In The Bleak Midwinter
14. The Virgin Mary's Hymn
15. Great Christmas Night
16. How Glorious The News
17. New Year Song
18. Halleluiah
1. Christmas Song
2. The Star
3. Praise Christ
4. Welcome, Welcome the Only Son of God
5. Precious Thing
6. Sleep My Baby Sleep
7. Christ Child's Lullaby
8. Away in a Manger
9. Father Christmas
10. Presents
11. We Made a Snowman Today
12. He is Rushing
13. 12 Days of Christmas
14. He is Coming
15. The Robin
16. Look at The Snow
17. We Wish you a Merry Christmas

Price: € 19.50

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