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Emad Sayyah
Ma Ajmal Beirut - Modern Bellydance from Lebanon EUCD 2130
Ma Ajmal Beirut - Modern Bellydance from Lebanon
The Burning Bush is Britain’s most widely acclaimed Jewish music ensemble. Their interpretations are based upon careful research of authentic performance styles and the use of appropriate traditional instruments (violin, viola, clarinet, percussion, accordion, trumpet, hammer dulcimer,double bass). Info about artists and Klezmer music.

1. NIHNA BALADNA Our Homeland
2. MA AJMAL BEIRUT (instr.) Beirut is so beautiful!
3. AL MARJOUHA On the swing
4. LAYLAT RAKS (instr.) The Night of the Belly Dance Music
5. EL BINT EL LIBNANIYYE Ah! That Lebanese Girl!
6. MA ‘ZOUFAT SEMIRAMIS (instr.) The Music of Semiramis
7. DARBEK DARBEK Play the Darabukka
8. RAKS FIL GHABA (instr.) Bellydance in the Jungle
9. AWWEL MARRA OU AKHER MARRA The First Time and the Last Time
10. LI JAMAL CLEOPATRA (instr.) To the Beauty of Cleopatra
11. ILLI BHIBBAK Tell me, "I Love You!"
12. TABBEL TABBEL (Percussion selection) Play Only the Drums for Me

Price: € 12.50
Modern Bellydance - Lebanese Nights EUCD 2234
Modern Bellydance - Lebanese Nights
Eighteen brand new, hot, modern bellydance compositions by the master from Lebanon, Emad Sayyah. This album has a modern, almost “club” atmosphere with short and exciting pieces with punchy rhythms and catchy melodies. Songs and instrumental pieces alternate and as usual, Emad added a few pure percussion tracks. Info in English, German, French and Spanish.
Total playing time: 67:02 min.

1. BEIRUT YA BEIRUT (instr.)
3. LINDA (percussion)
4. ANA MILKIK (instr.)
6. HALHAYAAT IID (instr.)
7. BISSAHRA ANNAHRA (percussion)
10. RBIHTI ALBI (instr.)
12. NABILA (instr.)
13. BASBOUSI (percussion)
14. JADDIDINI (instr.)
15. IHDIINA RAKSA (instr.)
17. YALLA, YALLA, YALLA (instr.)
18. HALLILI HAYAATI (percussion)

Price: € 18.50
Modern Bellydance from Lebanon EUCD 1854
Modern Bellydance from Lebanon
Master of Lebanese Bellydance Emad Sayyah presents another collection of Bellydance instrumentals as well as three songs. With Nihat Karslioglu (saz) and Abdo Manssour (percussion) Emad Sayyah once again creates fascinating combinations of rhythms suitable for Bellydance newcomers and professionals alike. However, these instrumentals and songs with their percussion-driven Arabic "groove" are also designed for all lovers of Middle Eastern music - bellydancing or not.

1. 'ASHATT (instr.) - 3:53 On the Beach / Am Strand / Sur la Plage / En la playa
2. FARHA KABIRA (instr.) - 2:57 A Great Joy / Eine große Freude / Une Grande Joie / Un gran júbilo
3. TAMAM - 3:38 Perfect / Perfekt / Parfait / Perfecto
4. BAHRI BAHRI (instr.) - 7:22 Along the Sea Shore / Am Meer entlang / En longeant la Plage / A las orillas del mar
5. HABIBI LAHIBI (instr.) - 4:39 My Darling, my Fire / Mein Liebling, meine Glut / Mon amour, ma passion / Mi amado, mi fuego
6. ZA'EFFLA (percussion) - 1:58 Clap for her / Beifall für sie / Applaudissons- la / Aplàudele
7. HIZZI YA SAMMOURA - 3:33 Shake your Hips, oh Brunette / Schüttle deine Hüften, oh Brünette / Bouge tes hanches, oh brunette / Mueve las caderas, oh morena
8. ANA BI JANNI (instr.) - 3:46 I am in Paradise / Ich bin im Paradies / Je suis au Paradis / Estoy en el paraà­so
9. DALLOU'A (instr.) - 3:28 Teasing / Neckisch / Taquineries / Burlàndose
10. SOPHIE, YA SOPHIE - 2:47 Sophie, oh Sophie
11. AHZAAN WA AFRAAH (instr.) - 6:10 Sadness and Joy / Traurigkeit und Freude / Tristesse et Joie / Tristeza y alegrà­a
12. SAMMOURA AMMOURA (instr.) - 3:54 Brunette and Loving / Brünett und liebevoll / Brunette et Charmante / Morena y cariñosa
13. WARDI LA HABIBI (instr.) - 3:59 A Rose for my Darling / Eine Rose für meinen Liebling / Une Rose pour ma Bien-aimée / Una rosa para mi amada
14. ANA MALAKAT ARRAKS (percussion) - 2:19 I am the Queen of Belly Dance / Ich bin die Bauchtanzkönigin / Je suis la Reine de la Danse du Ventre / Soy la reina de la danza del vientre

Price: € 18.50
Modern Bellydance From Lebanon 'Samira Amira' EUCD 2303
Modern Bellydance From Lebanon 'Samira Amira'
Lively and bubbly new bellydance compositions by Emad Sayyah: 17 short pieces, between 3 ½ and 4 ½ minutes, over one hour of bellydance fun! Written in different 'grades' of difficulty, there are pieces for beginners and experienced dancers alike. The album is rounded off by pure percussion pieces. Information about each of the pieces in four languages.

1. Ghaab el habhaab (instr.)
2. Ya salam ya madam
3. Habibi thabibi (instr.)
4. Inti sitt (percussion)
5. Belly belly belly
6. Dounya ya dounya (instr.)
7. Jismik
8. Samira amira (instr.)
9. Shou hajjamaal (instr.)
10. Btiji al mowad?
11. Ibsitiina (percussion)
12. Sahara wa anghaam (instr.)
13. Hazzi helou
14. Ounousah (instr.)
15. Shou hilwi inti (instr.)
16. Ma baddi flousik
17. Azza, raksa lazza (percussion)

Price: € 18.50
Modern Bellydance from Lebanon - The Enchanted Dance EUCD 1661
Modern Bellydance from Lebanon -  The Enchanted Dance
The master from Lebanon does it again! An exhilarating album full of new bellydance music and songs by Emad Sayyah. There are lively, up-tempo pieces as well as romantic ones plus a drums and percussion solo piece to conclude the CD. There are pieces for all levels of dancing skills. All music and lyrics written by Emad Sayyah. Lyrics in English and German in the booklet.

1. AL WAAHA (instr.) - 3:53 At the Oasis
2. DA DOU DE - 4:06
3. RAKSIK, OH RAKSIK (instr.) - 4:18 Your Dance, oh, Your Dance
4. 'AZIZA LAZIZA (instr.) - 3:14 Sensual Aziza
5. DAWWI YA AMMAR - 4:19 Shine, o Moon
6. SALAAM 'ALAYKOUM (instr.) - 3:54 Peace be with You
7. HABIB 'ASALI (instr.) - 4:01 My Darling is my Honey
8. SHTA'TILLAK HABIBI - 4:06 I Missed You, my Darling
9. HAYAATI MILKIK (instr.) - 4:10 My life is yours
10. LEYLA YA LEYLA - 4:03 Leyla, oh Leyla
11. YALLA 'AL MASRAH (instr.) - 3:56 Onto the stage
12. RAKSA SAHRAWIYYA (percussion solo) - 3:27 A Dance of the Desert

Price: € 18.50
Modern Bellydance from Lebanon - Jalilah EUCD 2169
Modern Bellydance from Lebanon - Jalilah
Emad Sayyah’s latest production of glorious, up-beat and exhilarating bellydance songs and instrumentals, interspersed with excellent tabla and percussion solo pieces. The booklet provides the lyrics in English and German as well as descriptions of each of the pieces. 68 minutes of bellydance fun!

1. Mahlik mahlik
2. Katharina
3. Aktar min sihir
4. Iish hayaatak ouh!
5. Raksa attabla
6. Laylat saif
7. Lisa
8. Salina
9. Khallina nihlam
10. Sahretna
11. Mona Mona
12. Ahla salwa
13. Bihlam birraks
14. A firdausik
15. Jalilah
16. Touboul majnouni

Price: € 18.50

Ensemble Hüseyin Türkmenler
Bellydance from Turkey - Azize EUCD 2123
Bellydance from Turkey - Azize
Original Turkish belly dance music played with traditional instruments such as saz, cura (lutes), violin, kanun (zither), nay (flute), zurna ('oboe'), darbouka, bendir (drums), finger cymbals and keyboards.

1. ÜSKÜDARA GIDERKEN (trad. song) - While I was Going to Üsküdar
2. AZIZE (trad.) - A girl's name
3. YOLLAR ZAK GELEMEDIM (Suat Sayin) - It was too far Away – I Couldn't Come
4. FE SUPANALLAH (Erkin Koray) - Problem after Problem after Problem … I've Had Enough!
5. KADIFEDEN KESESI (trad.) - Velvet Purse
6. ADA SAHILLERINDE BEKLIYORUM (Yesari Asim Arsoy) - I am Waiting at the Coast of the Island
7. KALBIMDE GIZLI (anon.) - It's a Secret in my Heart
8. DERT ORTAGIM BENIM (Kerem Güney) - She Shares all her Problems with Me
9. ELHÂMDÜRÜLLAH (Orhan Gencabay) - Thank God!
10. YAZ DEMEDIM KIª DEMEDIM EVLENDIM (Kazaci Bedii) - Winter or Summer, I Kept Marrying
11. Medley - 5. a. RAKKAS (Sezen Aksu) (Special kind of dance) / b. BENDE ISTEREM (Ibrahim Erkal) - I Want those Cherry Lips /c. DOM DOM KURªUNU (Mahsuni ªerif) - Bullets for Bear Hunting
12. SÖYLEYIN YILDIZLAR SEVGILIM NERDE (trad.) - All You Stars, Tell me where my Darling Is

Price: € 13.50

Hossam Ramzy, Essam Rashad
The Best of Hossam Ramzy, Vol II EUCD 1921
The Best of Hossam Ramzy, Vol II
This glorious album is an update since Hossam Ramzy's first "Best of..." album released in 1997 - a collection of the most popular new Oriental dance music from the "Sultan of Swing". Gamaal Oyounik, Henni Ya Amar, Amiret El Sahara, Tublet Hossam Hattra-Assna, Maalehsh, Tool omri ba-hebbak (Kamal Al Taweel), Raqs El Khayyalah, Alwan El Neel and more.

1. Gamaal Oyounik - 5:50
2. Henni Ya Amar - 6:09
3. Amiret El Sahara - 3:42
4. Tublet Hossam Hattra-Assna - 5:52
5. Maalehsh - 4:23
6. Tool omri ba-hebbak - 4:18
7. Raqs El Khayyalah - 6:54
8. Alwan El Neel - 4:45
9. Amar El Sahara - 4:29
10. Raqset El Assaya - 4:32

Price: € 12.50

Hossam Ramzy
From Cairo to Sao Paulo - Bellydance Greats from Hossam Ramzy EUCD 2336
From Cairo to Sao Paulo - Bellydance Greats from Hossam Ramzy
Exuberant, exhilarating and infectious dance compositions with a funky, modern touch by Hossam Ramzy, rhythmically arranged especially with dancers in mind - freshly remastered, including bonus track. Hossam’s percussion is accompanied on keyboards, bass, mizmar, quarter tone accordion, nay, kawala and quarter tone saxophone. The booklet contains information in English, German, French and Spanish.

1. Serena (H. Ramzy)
2. Gamaal Rawhany (H. Ramzy)
3. A Baladi Feeling (H. Ramzy)
4. Agmal Hob (H. Ramzy)
5. Oyoun Sandra (H. Ramzy)
6. From Cairo to Sao Paulo (H. Ramzy)
7. Ya Bel Hob … Ya Balash (H. Ramzy)
8. Bamoot Feeki (H. Ramzy)
9. Mohra Shageyyah (H. Ramzy)
10. Naima's Desert Castle (H. Ramzy)
11. BONUS TRACK: Serena [Extended Version] (H. Ramzy)

Price: € 13.00
Hafla – Bellydance Party! EUCD 2065
Hafla – Bellydance Party!
Hafla! – Party! A special hafla CD put together by Hossam and Serena Ramzy. Selected favourites, short and funky pieces, for haflas – party time – and lots of belly dance fun.

1. Sallam Alay (trad., arr. Hossam Ramzy, Walid Fayed)
2. Oyoun Sandra (Hossam Ramzy, arr. Walid Fayed)
3. Aziza (Mohammed Abdul Wahab)
4. Enta Omri III (Wahab, arr. Hossam Ramzy)
5. Eddalla Ala Kefak (Najib Al Sehdar)
6. Oqbalak Yom Miladak (Adbul Halim Hafiz)
7. We Mali Bas (Mohamed El Mougy)
8. El Gamal Wel Gammal (Hossam Ramzy)
9. From Cairo to Sao Paulo (Hossam Ramzy, arr., Walid Fayed)
10. Habibi We Enaya (Mohammed Fawzy)
11. Sanatein Wanahayel Feek (Raouf Zohney)
12. Bahlam Beek (Adbul Halim Hafiz)
13. Baladi We Hetta, Part I
14. West Naima (Hossam Ramzy)
15. Baladi We Hetta, Tabla Solo (Hossam Ramzy)

Price: € 15.00

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