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Emad Sayyah
Modern Bellydance - Lebanese Nights EUCD 2234
Modern Bellydance - Lebanese Nights
Eighteen brand new, hot, modern bellydance compositions by the master from Lebanon, Emad Sayyah. This album has a modern, almost “club” atmosphere with short and exciting pieces with punchy rhythms and catchy melodies. Songs and instrumental pieces alternate and as usual, Emad added a few pure percussion tracks. Info in English, German, French and Spanish.
Total playing time: 67:02 min.

1. BEIRUT YA BEIRUT (instr.)
3. LINDA (percussion)
4. ANA MILKIK (instr.)
6. HALHAYAAT IID (instr.)
7. BISSAHRA ANNAHRA (percussion)
10. RBIHTI ALBI (instr.)
12. NABILA (instr.)
13. BASBOUSI (percussion)
14. JADDIDINI (instr.)
15. IHDIINA RAKSA (instr.)
17. YALLA, YALLA, YALLA (instr.)
18. HALLILI HAYAATI (percussion)

Price: € 18.50

Mostafa Sax
Egyptian Bellydance - Afrah Baladi EUCD 2269
Egyptian Bellydance - Afrah Baladi
Enchanting compositions of Egyptian bellydance music played by Mostafa Sax (saxophone, keyboards) and Hossam Ramzy (percussion, keyboards).

1. Afrah baladi (M. Sax / H. Ramzy)
2. Eddalla ya Rashidi (trad, arr. M. Sax / H. Ramzy)
3. Farah Amira (M. Sax / H. Ramzy)
4. Raqs el-khail (M. Sax/ H. Ramzy)
5. Henneyya (M. Sax / H. Ramzy)
6. Sunset in the Sahara (M. Sax / H. Ramzy)

Price: € 13.00

Emad Sayyah
Bellydance from Lebanon EUCD 2278
Bellydance from Lebanon
A fine selection of Lebanese bellydance music from Emad Sayyah: Habibi Hayati, Tirilalli, Raksat Loubnan, Min Aboukra L' Ashiye, Ya Moukhtara, Raksat Ajjamal, Ba' Dou'l Khat Ma'Tou, Balla Tghanni Ya Mourkos, Raksat al Bassara, Ya Hala Bi Hala, Hibbina Ya Samra, Mohammed Rayeh Masr & thirteen pieces in all including exciting pure percussion tracks.

1. Ma Baddi Illa Hiyye
2. Habibi Hayati (instr.)
3. Tirilalli
4. Raksat Loubnan (instr.)
5. Min Aboukra L'Ashiye
6. Ya Moukhtara
7. Raksat Ajjamal (instr.)
8. Ba'Dou'l Khat Ma'Tou
9. Balla Tghanni Ya Mourkos
10. Raksat al Bassara (instr.)
11. Ya Hala Bi Hala
12. Hibbina Ya Samra
13. Mohammed Rayeh Masr (Percussion selection)

Price: € 13.00

Emad Sayyah
Modern Bellydance From Lebanon 'Samira Amira' EUCD 2303
Modern Bellydance From Lebanon 'Samira Amira'
Lively and bubbly new bellydance compositions by Emad Sayyah: 17 short pieces, between 3 ½ and 4 ½ minutes, over one hour of bellydance fun! Written in different 'grades' of difficulty, there are pieces for beginners and experienced dancers alike. The album is rounded off by pure percussion pieces. Information about each of the pieces in four languages.

1. Ghaab el habhaab (instr.)
2. Ya salam ya madam
3. Habibi thabibi (instr.)
4. Inti sitt (percussion)
5. Belly belly belly
6. Dounya ya dounya (instr.)
7. Jismik
8. Samira amira (instr.)
9. Shou hajjamaal (instr.)
10. Btiji al mowad?
11. Ibsitiina (percussion)
12. Sahara wa anghaam (instr.)
13. Hazzi helou
14. Ounousah (instr.)
15. Shou hilwi inti (instr.)
16. Ma baddi flousik
17. Azza, raksa lazza (percussion)

Price: € 18.50
From Cairo to Sao Paulo - Bellydance Greats from Hossam Ramzy EUCD 2336
From Cairo to Sao Paulo - Bellydance Greats from Hossam Ramzy
Exuberant, exhilarating and infectious dance compositions with a funky, modern touch by Hossam Ramzy, rhythmically arranged especially with dancers in mind - freshly remastered, including bonus track. Hossam’s percussion is accompanied on keyboards, bass, mizmar, quarter tone accordion, nay, kawala and quarter tone saxophone. The booklet contains information in English, German, French and Spanish.

1. Serena (H. Ramzy)
2. Gamaal Rawhany (H. Ramzy)
3. A Baladi Feeling (H. Ramzy)
4. Agmal Hob (H. Ramzy)
5. Oyoun Sandra (H. Ramzy)
6. From Cairo to Sao Paulo (H. Ramzy)
7. Ya Bel Hob … Ya Balash (H. Ramzy)
8. Bamoot Feeki (H. Ramzy)
9. Mohra Shageyyah (H. Ramzy)
10. Naima's Desert Castle (H. Ramzy)
11. BONUS TRACK: Serena [Extended Version] (H. Ramzy)

Price: € 13.00

Hüseyin Türkmenler
Turkish Bellydance - Desert Night Dance EUCD 2411
Turkish Bellydance - Desert Night Dance
Original bellydance music from Turkey played on traditional Turkish instruments such as saz (Turkish lute), violin, kanun (Arab zither), darbouka (goblet drums), bendir (frame drum), finger cymbals, plus keyboards.

1. Çöl geceleri dansi (Desert Night Dance) (trad., arr. Göçen)
2. Bir zamanlar bir yar vardı (Once I had a Darling…) (anon.)
3. Kaşik oyun havası (Spoon Dance) (trad, arr. Türkmenler)
4. Söyleyin yıldızlar sevgilim nerde (All you Stars!) (trad., arr. Göçen)
5. İllede roman olsun (Must be a Gypsy) (Göçen)
6. Nihavent oyun havası (Dance Music from Nihavent) (Tatlıyay)
7. Şeker Oğlan (Sugar Boy) (trad., arr. Türkmenler)
8. Rast oyun havası (Dance Music in 'Rast Makam') (Tatlıyay)
9. Ateş dansı (Fire Dance Music) (anon.)
10. Fidayda (Folk Song and Dance from Ankara) (Türkmenler)
11. Trakya çiftetellisi (Dance from Thrace) (anon.)
12. Üsküdara Giderken (trad. song)

Price: € 13.00

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