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Allison Thompson
Dancing Through Time B 439
Dancing Through Time
Western Social Dance in Literature, 1400-1918.
From Chaucer to Fitzgerald, writers have used dancing as a vital, if subtle, element in plot and character development. The ballroom, an important element of society in real life, was a backdrop to grand passions or pivotal encounters -- ideal ground for commentary on the social milieu. This work presents 88 literary selections that together form a survey of social dance in England and America over a span of 500 years. Seven sections (historical time periods) provide an editorial introduction with descriptions of relevant dances, and then eight to twenty or so illuminating passages from etiquette manuals, diaries, poems, plays, essays or novels. The selections illustrate specific dances, social dance behavior or the intimate reactions of participants. Full indexing aids those readers interested in specific authors or works.

1998, 259 pgs.

Price: € 24.90

Ann and Paul Kent
Cherwell Thy Wyne: Dances of fifteenth-century England from the Gresley Manuscri DHDS 2013BK
Cherwell Thy Wyne: Dances of fifteenth-century England from the Gresley Manuscri
A new dance instruction book by Ann and Paul Kent with accompanying CD by The York Waits.

The 'Gresley' manuscript is a small notebook written by John Baynes belonging to the Gresley of Drakelow family papers and held in the Derbyshire Record Office at Matlock, dated to c. 1500. As far as is known, it is the only extant English dance record of its type.

This book contains is the product of extensive research by Ann and Paul Kent. It contains an overview of the manuscript, a guide to the performance of the dances, detailed descriptions of the steps, transcriptions of the text, melody lines and full dance instructions for all 26 of the dances for which choreographies are given in the manuscript.

The CD has music for all the dances with other tunes from the manuscript and specially written tunes for dances where no music is given. It has been designed to match the dances in the book, as well being excellent listening.

CD - € 19.00

Dances: Attendans* , Armynn , Mowbray , Talbott , Prenes in gre , Temperans , Lebeus disineus , Damesyn , Eglamowr , Hawthorne , Oringe , Tamrett , Grengynger , La Duches* , Bugill , Northumberland , Esperans , Roye , New yer , Sofferance , Aras , Prenes a gard , What so ever ye wyll , Princitore , Egle , Rawty , This enderis day* , Bayon* , Petygay (to the same tune as New yer), Newcastell (to the same tune as Sofferance)

Price: € 16.00

Arbeau Thoinot
ORCHESOGRAPHIE et traité en forme de dialogue B 923
ORCHESOGRAPHIE et traité en forme de dialogue
ORCHESOGRAPHIE et traité en forme de dialogue, par lequel toutes personnes peuvent facilement apprendre et pratiquer l\'honnête exercice des dances. Included: Albert Czerwinski - Die Tänze des 16. Jahrhunderts und die alte französische Tanzschule vor Einführung des Menuett. Nachdruk - Georg Olms Verlag - 1989

Price: € 48.35

Charles Cyril Hendrickson and Hendrickson Frances
Minuets for Dancing (Book + CD) B 894
Minuets for Dancing (Book + CD)
The music comes from two colonial American sources: the manuscript collection of minuets made by John Ormsby, a dancing master active in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland in the 1750s, and a group of printed English minuet collections from about the same time that belonged to Thomas Jefferson. For this publication, each of the dances was interpreted and reconstructed using period sources. Several pages are devoted to the technique of 18th-century deportment, figures (or "geography") of the minuet, honors for both the woman and the man, the English minuet step, a complete bibliography of period sources, and there is a first-hand account of the terror induced by a gentleman's first performance of the minuet at a public ball. Chords are indicated on the music and the figures have been matched with each piece of music.
2002, 24 pgs.

1. Corelli's Minuet
2. Countess of Eglington's Minuet
3. The Dutchess of Ancaster's Minuet
4. The Dutchess of Richmond's Minuet
5. Lord Cathcart's Minuet
6. A Minuet
7. A Dances: Minuet by Captain Read
8. A Minuet by S. Philpot
9. A Minuet by Reverd. Mr. Bacon
10. Miss Webster's Minuet and Mrs. Hedges Her Minuet

Price: € 14.00

... and then take hands - Dances of the court of James I B 1962
... and then take hands - Dances of the court of James I
Book published for Summer School 2003. Many of the dances can be found on the Dances of Court and Country CD.


1. Bassa Pompilia - 2. Ballo (Dame) - 3. Ballo (Cavalieri) - 4. La Battaglia - 5. Brando detta Alta Regina - 6. Brando di Cales - 7. Branles: d'Aridan, d'Escosse, de la Guerre, des Sabots, de Poitou - 8. Celeste Giglio - 9. Canario - 10. Coranto - 11. Cortesia Amorosa - 12. Galliard - 13. La Nizzarda - 14. Passo e Mezzo - 15. Il Pastor Leggiadro - 16. Longe Pavian - 17. Pavane de la Guerre - 18. Queen's Almaine - 19. Queen's Currand - 20. La Volta - 21. Hearts Ease - 22. Drive the cold winter away - 23. Jenny pluck Pears - 24. Putney Ferry.

CD - € 15.00.

Price: € 16.00
Dances for Jane Austen DHDS JA2011
Dances for Jane Austen
Jane Austen's brother Henry recorded that 'Jane was fond of dancing, and excelled in it'. The ballroom and assembly scenes in her novels were based on first-hand experience, but she rarely specified the dances. The selection given here goes a little closer to the dances she knew, particularly by making fuller use of the Austen family music books than before. It includes a selection of cotillons and country dances from the ballroom repertoire.

Polonese Russe, The Perigordine, Savage Dance, The Gloucester Waltz, The Family Party, The Muff, Royal Chace, Les Ombres Chinois, La Jesuite, Les Belles Filles de Norwich, La Pastorelle, La Charmante Irlandoise, The College Hornpipe, The Charity Boy, Countess of Yarmouth's Fancy, Jackey Tarr.

Based on material developed for Summer School 2011 by Anne Daye (dances) and Ian Cutts (music)

CD included!

1. Polonese Russe
2. The Perigordine
3. Savage Dance
4. The Gloucester Waltz
5. The Family Party
6. The Muff
7. Royal Chace
8. Les Ombres Chinois
9. La Jesuite
10. Les Belles Filles de Norwich
11. La Pastorelle
12. La Charmante Irlandoise
13. The College Hornpipe
14. The Charity Boy
15. Countess of Yarmouth's Fancy
16. Jackey Tarr

Price: € 27.00
Dances for Mortals and Majesty - European dances from c. 1581 B 214
Dances for Mortals and Majesty - European dances from c. 1581
Alta Vittoria, Ballo del Fiore, Pavana Matthei, Se Pensand' Al Partire, Squilina Cascarda, Alta Mendozza, Leggiadra Marina, Il Villanicco, So Ben Mi Chi Ha Buon Tempo, La Pavaniglia all'uso di Milano, Branles, Pavans, Galliard, Suyte de Gavottes.
Published for Summer School 1998.

CD - € 15.00

Price: € 15.00
Devices for Dancing: 1680 - 1700 - Ballroom and stage dance DHDS1987
Devices for Dancing: 1680 - 1700 - Ballroom and stage dance
Published for Summer School 1987.

Dances: Bouree de Persee, Le Rigaudon des Vaisseaux, Gigue, Folies d'Espagne, Passacaille de Persee, Madame la Dauphine, Forlane, Entree a Deux - Rigaudon, Mr. Lane's Trumpet-Minuet, The Scotch Measure, Greenwood, Mr. Isaac's Maggot, The 29th of May, The Wives Victory

CD - € 15.00

Price: € 16.00
Excellent new dances, dances of court and country c 1699 DHDS1999
Excellent new dances, dances of court and country c 1699
Performing instructions (some assuming knowledge of Feuillet dance notation) and melody lines for 18 country dances and 7 court dances.

Minuet La Savoye, The Great Turk , La Paysanne, Entrée de Matelot, The Marlborough , Valentine's Day, The Forlong, Sarabande à deux, Old Noll's Jigg , Mr. Lane's Minuet, Count Leon , Sage Leaf , etc...

CD 1 - € 12.00
CD 2 - € 12.00

Price: € 16.00
For the Ballroom and the Stage - Dances for 18th century France and England B 215
For the Ballroom and the Stage - Dances for 18th century France and England
Published for Summer School 2006, the book is divided into three sections, with step descriptions and music.
Dances include:

The Geud Man of Ballangigh, Jack's Magott, Jameko, La bonne amitié, The New Bore, The Hole in the Wall, The Juice of Barly, Prince George, Mr. Lane's Minuet, The Minuet, The Indian Queen, Les Galéries d'Amour, Gigue de Roland
CD1 Music by Ian Cutts

CD - € 16.00

La Ribeyra, La Czarienne, La Modene, La Clermont, La Nouvelle Bourée des Princesses, l'Italiene Contre Dance, La Bavaroise Contre dance, La Vandangeuse Contre dance, La Duchesse Louise, La Hage, Le Marinier, Les Oeufs de Paque
CD2 Music by Copenhagen Baroque Musicians

CD - € 16.00

Price: € 17.00

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