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Patri Pugliese
Dances for The Civil War Ballroom B 289
Dances for The Civil War Ballroom
A Manual of Dance Instruction to accompany "The Civil War Ballroom recording" by Spare Parts.

This pocket manual supplies instructions for all the dances on The Civil War Ballroom recording by Spare Parts, also the dance music in The Civil War Ballroom Band Book.

Included are the most fashionable mid-nineteenth-century dances:
waltz, polka, schottische, polka redowa, galop, Grand March, Soldier’s Joy, Gothic Dance, Spanish Dance, La Têmpete, The Lancers Quadrilles (figures 1, 3, and 5), and the Virginia Reel. It provides detailed explanations, plus abbreviated calls for the set dances.

To help recreate a Victorian ball, the manual also includes "Etiquette of the Ballroom" and "A Note on Ballroom Refreshments."

Patri Pugliese was a dance historian and teacher who drafted these instructions to help reenactors and people of all ages recreate a midcentury Victorian ball. The project was interrupted by Patri Pugliese's untimely death in February of 2007. With Barbara Pugliese's approval, Liz Stell and Bill Matthiesen have undertaken to format and publish this volume in the style of the mid-nineteenth century dance manuals that served as Patri's sources.

Small hardbound volume (4.5" x 6.75"); 110 pages with period illustrations.

Etiquette of the Ballroom

The Dances:
The Grand March
The Waltz
Soldier's Joy
The Polka
The Lancers Quadrilles (figures 1, 3, and 5)
The Galop
La Tempête
The Polka Redowa
The Schottische
The Gothic Dance
Redowa Waltz
Virginia Reel
Spanish Dance

Ballroom Refreshments
Select Bibliography
Contact Information About the Authors

Musicbook - € 20.00

CD - € 14.00

Price: € 15.00

Dances for Jane Austen DHDS JA2011
Dances for Jane Austen
Jane Austen's brother Henry recorded that 'Jane was fond of dancing, and excelled in it'. The ballroom and assembly scenes in her novels were based on first-hand experience, but she rarely specified the dances. The selection given here goes a little closer to the dances she knew, particularly by making fuller use of the Austen family music books than before. It includes a selection of cotillons and country dances from the ballroom repertoire.

Polonese Russe, The Perigordine, Savage Dance, The Gloucester Waltz, The Family Party, The Muff, Royal Chace, Les Ombres Chinois, La Jesuite, Les Belles Filles de Norwich, La Pastorelle, La Charmante Irlandoise, The College Hornpipe, The Charity Boy, Countess of Yarmouth's Fancy, Jackey Tarr.

Based on material developed for Summer School 2011 by Anne Daye (dances) and Ian Cutts (music)

CD included!

1. Polonese Russe
2. The Perigordine
3. Savage Dance
4. The Gloucester Waltz
5. The Family Party
6. The Muff
7. Royal Chace
8. Les Ombres Chinois
9. La Jesuite
10. Les Belles Filles de Norwich
11. La Pastorelle
12. La Charmante Irlandoise
13. The College Hornpipe
14. The Charity Boy
15. Countess of Yarmouth's Fancy
16. Jackey Tarr

Price: € 22.00

Elly Boeren ,Liesbeth Maltha, Wim Rooth
Dans, Van Revérence Tot Rock 'n Roll B 305
Dans, Van Revérence Tot Rock 'n Roll
Dance histtory from 15th century till the 20th century.

Basse Dense "Jouyssance vous donnerai" + "Retour", Branle des lavandiores, Bean setting, La Valentine, Black nag, Gathering peascods, Contredans de Mozart, Die Schlittenfahrt, Zweedse maskerade, La Russe quadrille, Quadrille des Lanciers, Chorosjenki Molodjenki, Polonez, Krakowiak, Polka jenny lind, Ploem ploem jenka, Steppin' out, Bums 'n wah-wah, Rock 'n roll.

CD - € 15.00

Price: € 9.00

Kate van Winkle Keller and George A. Fogg
Contra Dances from New Hampshire, 1783 B 7777
Contra Dances from New Hampshire, 1783
Contra Dances from New Hampshire 1783 by Kate van Winkle Keller and George A. Fogg (October 2012) is the latest from The Colonial Music Institute press. This book is an interpretation of the fifty-five dances written down by one Clement Weeks, a 33-year-old schoolteacher in Greenland, New Hampshire. In February 1783, just a few months before the Treaty of Paris would end the Revolutionary War, Weeks began writing out “Figures for Contra Dances,” thirty-five of them, the authors point out, “from a collection from a friend named Smith” and another twenty chosen by Weeks himself. Keller and Fogg, both expert dance historians, interpreted each set of dance figures and, using the titles in the Weeks manuscript, located the music intended for them. Thus, each dance, is written out in modern notation and coupled with its facsimile from Weeks’ manuscript. Facsimiles are provided for most of the tunes as well. That plus the front matter, comprising a history of Weeks and his manuscript and an explanation of “Contra Vs Country,” plus the back matter (“Formation,” glossary, and bibliography), makes for a book packed with information – and not just for dancers, either.

For those of us with an interest in Ancient history, the Contra Dances from New Hampshire demonstrates how easily dance music could become march music. At this time, both fifers and dancers required uncluttered music with two strong pulsations per measure in order to know which foot should be where at each musical measure. These indications of foot placement were just as important to soldiers marching in formation as they were to the ladies and gentlemen footing it on the dance floor, proven by the fact that about half of Weeks’ dance music is also found in the manuscript march collections kept by fifers in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.

Price: € 18.00

Ann and Paul Kent
Cherwell Thy Wyne: Dances of fifteenth-century England from the Gresley Manuscri DHDS 2013BK
Cherwell Thy Wyne: Dances of fifteenth-century England from the Gresley Manuscri
A new dance instruction book by Ann and Paul Kent with accompanying CD by The York Waits.

The 'Gresley' manuscript is a small notebook written by John Baynes belonging to the Gresley of Drakelow family papers and held in the Derbyshire Record Office at Matlock, dated to c. 1500. As far as is known, it is the only extant English dance record of its type.

This book contains is the product of extensive research by Ann and Paul Kent. It contains an overview of the manuscript, a guide to the performance of the dances, detailed descriptions of the steps, transcriptions of the text, melody lines and full dance instructions for all 26 of the dances for which choreographies are given in the manuscript.

The CD has music for all the dances with other tunes from the manuscript and specially written tunes for dances where no music is given. It has been designed to match the dances in the book, as well being excellent listening.

CD - € 19.00

Dances: Attendans* , Armynn , Mowbray , Talbott , Prenes in gre , Temperans , Lebeus disineus , Damesyn , Eglamowr , Hawthorne , Oringe , Tamrett , Grengynger , La Duches* , Bugill , Northumberland , Esperans , Roye , New yer , Sofferance , Aras , Prenes a gard , What so ever ye wyll , Princitore , Egle , Rawty , This enderis day* , Bayon* , Petygay (to the same tune as New yer), Newcastell (to the same tune as Sofferance)

Price: € 16.00

Hazel Dennison
Ballare et Danzare: Dance Music of 15th Century Italy DHDS 2011 DHDS 2011BK
Ballare et Danzare: Dance Music of 15th Century Italy  DHDS 2011
Book written to accompany the CD with research by Hazel Dennison, published May 2012.

Anello , Pellegrina , Mercantia , Marchexana , La Ingrata , La fia Guielmina , Sobria , Prexonera , Verçeppe , Damnes , Colonese , Lionzello , Belreguardo , Giloxia , Rostiboli Gioioso , Amoroso , Jupiter , Tesara , Pizochara , Legiadra , Rossina - Voltati in ça Rosina

CD - € 19.00

Price: € 12.00

More Dances for Jane Austen (Book and CD) DHDS 2015
More Dances for Jane Austen (Book and CD)
More Dances for Jane Austen is a sequel to Dances for Jane Austen. This collection continues in the same spirit, offering a typical repertoire from the Regency age. There are several direct connections to Jane Austen herself in the country dances, and some in the cotillons, which are identified in the Contextual Information on Dances.

The book, by Anne Daye, contains an introduction, notations and music for 6 country dances and 7 cotillons, notation for a reel, descriptions of steps, holds, figures and the changes. There is also information on the dances and their history along with a section on the English Cotillon 1760-1815.

All the music on the CD was specially recorded to accompany the book. The musicians are:
The Austen Allegros: Ian Cutts (violin, tambourine), Vernon Wood (flute), Gail Ford (harpsichord, piano, oboe), and Jeanette Edwards (cello).

1.Chichester Bells
2.The Honey Moon
3.Lord Granthams Whim
4.Miss Bennets Jigg
5.Mr Brockmans Hornpipe
6.Ramsgate Assembly
7.La Brunette
8.L'entrée du Bal
9.La Fete de Regent
11.Les plaisirs des Anglois
12.Le Reproche
13.Twelfth Night
14.Reel (Mrs Drummond Younger of Perth's Strathspey, Lord Macdonald's Reel, The Irish Washerwoman)

Price: € 22.00

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