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Accademia Amsterdam
A Choice Collection Of Dances AA 001
A Choice Collection Of Dances
A Choice Collection of Dances. A CD with an enchanting, exciting and varied repertoire of pieces of baroque dance music, recorded by Accademia Amsterdam.
We proudly announce a new release: A Choice Collection of Dances, Music for Baroque Dances at the Court and Theatre.This CD, with its enchanting, exciting and varied repertoire of pieces of dance music, will delight both dancers and musicians, as well as those who simply enjoy listening to beautiful (early) music.
A Choice Collection features music for 26 notated choreographies, for most of which to date no 'danceable' recording has been available. The selected choreographies range from danses à  deux to solos for men and ladies, from dances for three or four dancers to the occasional contredanse. The 16-page booklet offers interesting information about Baroque dance and its music in general as well as a short paragraph about each of the recorded dances.
The music was recorded by the Dutch Baroque ensemble Accademia Amsterdam; the notated choreographies were selected and reconstructed by Dorothée Wortelboer.

1. Dances for the Ballroom
2. Dances fro the Theatre
3. Menuet for the Ballroom
4. Dances for the Ballroom
5. Dances for the Theatre
6. XIII° Recueil de Dances fro the year 1716
7. A taste of the exotic: dances with a Spânish and Italian Flavour
8. Two English Dances

Price: € 19.00

Bare Necessities
Volume 9 - Strong Roots CDS 09
Volume 9 - Strong Roots
Easy Historical Dances.

Book - € 9.50

1. Apley House
2. Braes of Dornoch
3. Heartsease
4. The Hop Ground
5. Huntington's Maggot
6. Mr. Isaac's Maggot
7. Old Wife Behind the Fire
8. Portabella
9. Rakes of Rochester
10. Row Well Ye Mariners
11. Scotch Cap
12. Sion House
13. Well Done Jack
14. Spanish Jigg

Price: € 18.00

Copenhagen Baroque Musicians
For the Ballroom and the Stage - Dances for 18th century France and England DHDS 2006B
For the Ballroom and the Stage - Dances for 18th century France and England

1. La Ribeyra
2. La Czarienne
3. La Modene
4. La Clermont
5. La Nouvelle Bourée des Princesses
6. l'Italiene Contre Dance
7. La Bavaroise Contre dance
8. La Vandangeuse Contre dance
9. La Duchesse Louise
10. La Hage
11. Le Marinier
12. Les Oeufs de Paque

Price: € 16.00

David Hildebrand
Music of the War of 1812- 2 CD Set CD 27908
Music of the War of 1812- 2 CD Set
Rigorously researched, the music and lyrics herein bring life to the issues, thoughts, and stories of this critical period of American history—authentically with drama and humor. THE WAR OF 1812 in America spawned a huge variety of songs and instrumental music. From the stirrings of party politics under President Adams, the traumatic effect of Jefferson’s Embargo in 1807, through the triumphal defense of Fort McHenry and last major battle at New Orleans, Americans sang about their thoughts, feelings and unfolding history. Fresh lyrics lashed out at political opponents, while military heroes like Hull, Perry and Jackson inspired ballads of praise which detail their great battles on land and sea.

° Ginger Hildebrand (voice, guitar, violin, hammered dulcimer)
° Laura Hildebrand (violin)
° John Burkhalter (recorder)
° Jonathan Palmer Lakeland (piano & choral conductor)
The United States Naval Academy Glee Club - directed by Dr. Aaron Smith
The Sons of Harmony, St. John’s College - directed by Peter Kalkavage
Singers from the Westminster Choir College

Book - € 27.50

DISC A (57:31) Broadside to Anthem: Music of the War of 1812 is a one-hour public radio program written, produced, narrated and performed by David Hildebrand and guest musicians; it was creatively conceived by Peter Fretwell, General Manager, WWFM—The Classical Network.

DISC B (46:32) Twenty American Songs, Marches and Dances includes most of the recorded pieces within the radio show, plus additional selections, but without the spoken commentary.
1. Madison’s March (1:30)
2. Perry’s Victory (2:26)
3. James Madison my Jo (3:35)
4. Jackson’s Welcome Home (0:36)
5. The Anacreontick Song, harmonized by the author (1:59)
6. Yankee Tars (4:00)
7. The Battle of Baltimore (3:03)
8. Decatur and the Navy (2:03)
9. Sacket’s Harbor (1:26)
10. The Embargo (3:23) Listen to SAMPLE Audio track
11. The American Star (3:39)
12. Hull’s Victory (1:46)
13. Before the Lord We Bow (1:36)
14. Fort Niagara Quick Step by Carroll (0:42)
15. An Old “War Song of ’76” new vamped (2:26)
16. Lilli-bull-ero (4:41)
17. Jockey to the Fair (1:12)
18. The Death of the Embargo (2:07)
19. The Anacreontic Song (with choruses) (1:55)
20. The Star-Spangled Banner (1:31)

Price: € 21.00

... and then take hands - Dances of the court of James I DHDS 2003
... and then take hands - Dances of the court of James I


1. Bassa Pompilia
2. Ballo (Dame)
3. Ballo (Cavalieri)
4. La Battaglia
5. Brando detta Alta Regina
6. Brando di Cales
7. Branles: d'Aridan, d'Escosse, de la Guerre, des Sabots, de Poitou
8. Celeste Giglio
9. Canario
10. Coranto
11. Cortesia Amorosa
12. Galliard
13. La Nizzarda
14. Passo e Mezzo
15. Il Pastor Leggiadro
16. Longe Pavian
17. Pavane de la Guerre
18. Queen's Almaine
19. Queen's Currand
20. La Volta
21. Hearts Ease
22. Drive the cold winter away
23. Jenny pluck Pears
24. Putney Ferry.

Price: € 15.00
Dances for Jane Austen DHDS JA2011
Dances for Jane Austen
Jane Austen's brother Henry recorded that 'Jane was fond of dancing, and excelled in it'. The ballroom and assembly scenes in her novels were based on first-hand experience, but she rarely specified the dances. The selection given here goes a little closer to the dances she knew, particularly by making fuller use of the Austen family music books than before. It includes a selection of cotillons and country dances from the ballroom repertoire.

Polonese Russe, The Perigordine, Savage Dance, The Gloucester Waltz, The Family Party, The Muff, Royal Chace, Les Ombres Chinois, La Jesuite, Les Belles Filles de Norwich, La Pastorelle, La Charmante Irlandoise, The College Hornpipe, The Charity Boy, Countess of Yarmouth's Fancy, Jackey Tarr.

Based on material developed for Summer School 2011 by Anne Daye (dances) and Ian Cutts (music)

CD included!

1. Polonese Russe
2. The Perigordine
3. Savage Dance
4. The Gloucester Waltz
5. The Family Party
6. The Muff
7. Royal Chace
8. Les Ombres Chinois
9. La Jesuite
10. Les Belles Filles de Norwich
11. La Pastorelle
12. La Charmante Irlandoise
13. The College Hornpipe
14. The Charity Boy
15. Countess of Yarmouth's Fancy
16. Jackey Tarr

Price: € 22.00
For the Further Improvement of Dancing (1680-1725) - Volume 1 DHDS 19852
For the Further Improvement of Dancing (1680-1725) - Volume 1
Dancing in the time of Playford
Music by String Beans (Ian Cutts, Trisha Mathews, Sarah Barton)

Book - € 16.00
CD 2 - € 15.00

1. Excuse Me
2. Rigadoon
3. Mr. Eaglesfield's Hornpipe
4. Edinburgh Castle
5. A Trip to the Jubilee
6. Bourée et Menuet d'Achille
7. Gigue de Roland, Minuet
8. The Queen's Jig
9. Hunt the Squiril
10. Marlborough's Victory
11. America

Price: € 16.00
For the Further Improvement of Dancing (1680-1725) - Volume 2 DHDS 20022
For the Further Improvement of Dancing (1680-1725) - Volume 2
Music by baroque musicians in Copenhagen:
Contredanse Nouvelle - Die Menuet d'Anjou - La Victoire - Madame Robin - La Semaine Passé - Le Soleildieu - La Corsini - La Florentine - La Musette

Music by Accademia Amsterdam:
Entrée seule pour une femme - Sarabande of Issé - Jigg by the same - Entrée de deux femmes - An Echo by Mr. Groscort

Music by baroque musicians in Copenhagen:
1. Contredanse Nouvelle
2. Die Menuet d'Anjou
3. La Victoire
4. Madame Robin
5. La Semaine Passé
6. Le Soleildieu
7. La Corsini
8. La Florentine
9. La Musette

Music by Accademia Amsterdam:
1. Entrée seule pour une femme
2. Sarabande of Issé
3. Jigg by the same
4. Entrée de deux femmes
5. An Echo by Mr. Groscort

Price: € 15.00
Gallant Measures & Masquing: Dances for the Jacobean Court DHDS CD 2009
Gallant Measures & Masquing: Dances for the Jacobean Court
ontains introductions to the steps, dance descriptions and music.
Dances researched by Anne Daye, Hazel Dennison and Jørgen Schou-Pedersen.

Performed by:
+ The Broadside Band directed by Jeremy Barlow
+ Peter Greener (lute)
+ The Presence (musicians of Herts Early Dance)
+ Stuart Marsden (harpsichord)
+ Copenhagen Renaissance Musicians directed by Jørgen Schou-Pedersen

1. Brando di Cales
2. Brando la Biscia Amorosa
3. Galliard
4. Pavaniglia
5. Blew Cap
6. Argeers
7. Lulle thee beyond me
8. Confesse
9. Bella Gioiosa in tre
10. Il Bigarà
11. Il Canario
12. Squilina
13. Rosa Felice
14. Cesarina
15. Il Furioso all'Italiana
16. Il Cesarino
17. Il Villanicco
18. La Cortesia Amorosa

Price: € 15.00
Georgian Delights - Dances from England c. 1728 DHDS1990
Georgian Delights -  Dances from England c. 1728
Published for Summer School 1990.

Book - € 11.00

1. The Princess Royale
2. The Prince of Wales's Sarabande
3. The Princess Amelia
4. The Princess Ann's Chacone
5. Scotch Union, Prince William
6. Prince Frederick
7. The Prince of Wales
8. Mars & Venus
9. Pastor Fido
10. Prince George's Birthday
11. Mrs. Santlow's Minuet
12. Subligny's Minuet
13. Mrs. Booth's Minuet.

Price: € 15.00

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