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Ian Cutts
For the ballroom and the stage: dances for 18th century France and England DHDS 2006A
For the ballroom and the stage: dances for 18th century France and England

1. The Geud Man of Ballangigh
2. Jack's Magott
3. Jameko
4. La bonne amitié
5. The New Bore
6. The Hole in the Wall
7. The Juice of Barly
8. Prince George
9. Mr. Lane's Minuet
10. The Minuet
11. The Indian Queen
12. Les Galéries d'Amour
13. Gigue de Roland

Price: € 16.00

Jeremy Barlow
Dances for Mortals and Majesty - European dances from c. 1581 DHDS 1998
Dances for Mortals and Majesty - European dances from c. 1581
Music arranged and played by Jeremy Barlow, harpsichord

1. Alta Vittoria
2. Ballo del Fiore
3. Pavana Matthei
4. Se Pensand' Al Partire
5. Squilina Cascarda
6. Alta Mendozza
7. Leggiadra Marina
8. Il Villanicco
9. So Ben Mi Chi Ha Buon Tempo
10. La Pavaniglia all'uso di Milano
11. Branles
12. Pavans
13. Galliard
14. Suyte de Gavottes.

Price: € 15.00
The Art of Dancing - Early Georgian dances 1714-1760 - CD 1 & 2 DHDS 1985.1
The Art of Dancing -  Early Georgian dances 1714-1760 - CD 1 & 2
Published for Summer School 1985. Music peformed by Jeremy Barlow, Lucie Skeaping, Rosemary Thorndycroft. Book - € 15.00

1. Les Absences
2. Aimable Vainqueur
3. The Address
4. L'Allemand
5. Lady Mary's Courant
6. Cavendish Court
7. Chacoon for a Harlequin
8. The Rakes of Rochester
9. The Minuet
10. La Bouree d'Achille
11. Joy After Sorrow
CD 2
1. Le Rigaudon d'Angleterre
2. Lilli Burlero

Price: € 15.00

Ballare et Danzare: Dance Music of 15th Century Italy DHDS 2011
Ballare et Danzare: Dance Music of 15th Century Italy
Music performed by Mediva, Director Ann Allen.
Recorded January 2010 St. Stephans-Kirche, Therwill, Basle, Switzerland.

1. Anello
2. Pellegrina
3. Mercantia
4. Marchexana
5. La Ingrata
6. La fia Guielmina
7. Sobria
8. Prexonera
9. Verçeppe
10. Damnes
11. Colonese , Lionzello
12. Belreguardo
13. Giloxia
14. Rostiboli Gioioso
15. Amoroso
16. Jupiter
17. Tesara
18. Pizochara
19. Legiadra
20. Rossina - Voltati in ça Rosina

Price: € 19.00

Orange and Blue - The Ranchers
The English Dancing Master - 2 CD EFDSS 9
The English Dancing Master -  2 CD
Dance Music from the 17th and 18th Centuries.

CD 1:
1. Gathering Peascods
2. Hey Boys, Up We Go
3. My Lady Cullen
5. Mage On A Cree
6. Adson's Saraband
7. The Old Mole
8. Twenty-Ninth Of May
9. Jenny Pluck Pears
10. Parson's Farewell
11. Upon A Summer's Day
12. Dargason
13. Chestnut
14. Amarillis
15. Althea
16. The Friar And The Nun
17. Fain I Would
18. Maid's Morris
19. Confess
20. Argeers
21. Lilliburlero
22. Lull Me Beyond Me
23. Maiden Lane
24. The Merry, Merry Milkmaids
25. Broom, The Bonny, Bonny Broom
26. Spring Garden
27. The Phoenix
28. Jacobs Hall's Jig
CD 2 :
1.Sellenger's Round
2. My Lady Winwood's Maggot
3. The Boatman
4. Whirligig
5. Heartsease
6. The Health
7. Orleans Baffled
8. The Mock Hobby Horse
9. Picking Up Sticks
10. Mr Isaac's Maggot
11. Hit and Miss
12. Juice Of Barley
13. King Of Polmand
14. Epping Forest
15. The Slip
16. The Mulberry Garden
17. Apley House
18. The night Piece
19. The Maid In The Moon
20. The Geud Man Of Ballangigh
21. Dissembling Love
22. The Country Farmer
23. Four Pence Half-Penny Farthing
24. Indian Queen
25. Dick's Maggot
26. The Queen's Jig

Price: € 21.00

Spare Parts
Dancing by the Shore BM 003
Dancing by the Shore
Victorian Music from Nahant

1. Sea Serpent Polka by M. Strakosh, 1850 (2:20)“To Miss Rose Kennedy of New Orleans.” This piece, in the keys of Eb and Ab, is a classic example of a midcentury polka. The Sea Serpent was sighted on Boston's North Shore several times, most notably off of Nahant in 1819. The illustration on the cover of the sheet music shows a splendid large serpent at sea (its head looks remarkably like a terrestrial snake) with Boston's Beacon Hill in the distance.

2. Nahant March by W.H. Thomas, 1884 (4:34)
The feeling of this march is similar to early Sousa marches, which date to the same period. Our version is adapted from multi-piece band arrangement published by W.H. Cundy of Boston, MA in 1884.

3–7. Nahant Quadrilles by John H. Hewitt, 1836
No. 1 – Rebecca (3:17)
No. 2 – Estelle (1:40)
No. 3 – Laura (1:56)
No. 4 – Georgette (2:36)
No. 5 – Sophia (2:03)
“Dedicated to Miss Rebecca Willson of Boston.” The illustration on the sheet music shows a lovely nautical scene by Fitz Hugh Lane, with the Nahant Hotel in the distance. John Hill Hewitt, according to the New Grove Dictionary, “has often been named the first successful native American composer of songs.” He's the son of James Hewitt, composer of the Nahant Waltz.

8. Col. Lowell’s Quick Step by B.A. Burditt, 1838 (5:20) “As performed at Nahant July 6, 1838. Respectfully dedicated to the Officers and Members of the Independent Company of Cadets by the Boston Brigade Band.” A nineteenth century quick step is described as a "spirited" military march.

9. Nahant Polka by Ludwig Stasny
“Composed & Dedicated to Mess’rs Paran & J.E.P. Stevens, Proprietors of the Nahant House.” The illustration on the sheet music shows the Nahant Hotel (also known as the Nahant House), which was built in 1823 by Colonel Thomas H. Perkins; in the 1850s the management was taken over by Mess'rs Paran and Stevens. The hotel burned down in 1861.

10–14. The Lancer's Quadrilles
No. 1 – La Dorset (1:54)
No. 2 – Lodoiska (2:00)
No. 3 – La Native (1:34)
No. 4 – Les Graces (2:00)
No. 5 – Les Lanciers (3:56)
One of the most popular quadrille sets throughout the nineteenth century was The Lancer's. This orchestration is adapted from The Star Collection of Instrumental Music by John W. Moore (1858); at the top, the original states “As danced at Nahant, Newport, Saratoga, and Other Fashionable Places.”

15. Nahant Waltz by James Hewitt, c.1827 (4:19)
The music-box sound of this waltz is typical of the first quarter of the nineteenth century, when waltzes first began to achieve popularity. Hewitt (1770-1822) was a British conductor and composer who came to the U.S. in 1792. The original version of this waltz was published by his son in Boston between 1825 and 1829. This versionis is adapted from one published in a much later collection.

Price: € 19.50
Returning Heroes: more music for the Civil War ballroom SP 02
Returning Heroes: more music for the Civil War ballroom

The Ball Card: (over 64 minutes of music)
1. Deliciosa, or Leonore Polka (1:51)
2. Grand March: Stephen Foster Medley (9:44)
3. La Redowa (2:20)
4. Zouave Schottische (2:32)
5. Jeff Davis's Dream: a jig medley (5:20) [9 x 32 bars]
6. La Douce Pensée Polka Mazurka (2:30)
7-11. The Rats Quadrilles, 5 figures
12. The Wrecker's Daughter Galop (2:22)
13. Willie Mazurka (2:48)
14. Dodworth's Very Best Polka (2:16)
15. Single Quadrille medley: [4 x 32 bars with 8-bar intro]
Turkey in the Straw & Devil's Dream (2:38)
16. Polka Contra Medley (5:00) [8 x 32 bars]
17. La Cachucha, a waltz (3:14) [4 x 32 bars with 8-bar intro]
18. Virginia Reel: Southern Belles Medley (5:56)
19. Endearing Young Charms (3:49) [8 bars + 4 x 32 bars + 8 bars]

Price: € 17.25
The Regency Ballroom - English Country Dance Music from the era of Jane Austen SP 03
The Regency Ballroom - English Country Dance Music from the era of Jane Austen
Step back into the early 1800s, into Almack's fashionable Assembly Rooms in London. The evening's festivities are well underway, and the dancers are in position, awaiting the music. Prepare to honor your partner to the opening strain, as the orchestra is about to begin!

These are the days of Lord Byron, Jane Austen and Beau Brummell; of Lord Nelson and Napoleon, and the setting for "Master and Commander" and the Regency novels of Georgette Heyer.

This elegant music is played by Spare Parts, a group specializing in dance music from many eras. Liz Stell (flute), Bill Matthiesen (piano) and Eric Buddington (violin) win praise for historical accuracy and for bringing lively dance energy to all their performances. (photo: Michael Bergman)

1. Four waltzes
2. Two sauteuses (turning dance for couples in 2/4 time)
3. Two Country Dance Medleys
4. Two Scotch Reels
5. Plus: La Belle Assemblee March
6. Fashionable Parisian Quadrille
7. La Boulanger (3-couple circle)
8. And Sir Roger de Coverley
9. The British precursor to the Virginia Reel

Price: € 18.50

Stuart Marsden
From Rout to Regency - CD2 DHDS2008CD2
From Rout to Regency - CD2
Produced for the 2008 DHDS summer school, the book is divided into three sections, with step descriptions for all the dances and music for sections 1 and 3.

Book - € 16.00

Section 3. Belvidere Waltz, Charity Boy, Countess of Yarmouth's Fancy, Fife Hunt, Jackey Tarr, The Marseillois, The Pleasures of Huntingdon, Robin Shore in Herst, Harbour's Allemande, La Nouvelle Promenade, La Petite Caroline, Le Prince de Galles, Le Retourne du Printems, Reels.

Price: € 12.00

Si Puo Ballare - A selection of dances from 15th century Italy DHDS 2017 BK
Si Puo Ballare - A selection of dances from 15th century Italy
Book + CD

Si Puo Ballare is a compilation of dances from HDS Summer Schools 1992 and 1995 re-researched and realised by Hazel Dennison, and placed in a choreographic and cultural context, with new diagrams by Paul Kent and revised step descriptions. The CD contains previously published music from earlier CDs and some new tracks.

Petti Rosse
Fiore de Vertu
Mignotta Vechia
Partita Crudele
Chorona Gentile
Bialte di Chastiglia
Petit Vriens

Price: € 28.00

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