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David & Ginger Hildebrand
Over the Hills and Far Away TROYO 042
Over the Hills and Far Away
Over five years of extensive research into the music and instruments of 18th-century Annapolis went into the making of this recording. The selections were recorded at Colonial sites throughout Annapolis using original and authentic reproduction instruments. With its six tune groupings, this recording is very useful in teaching students of all levels about music and colonial life.

Scottish Vogue:
1. The Birks of Endermay
2. The Last Time I Came O'er the Moor
3. Ianthe the Lovely
4. Corn Riggs
The Theatre:
5. A Rose Tree from The Poor Soldier
6. Tho' Late I was Plump from The Poor Soldier
Medley from The Beggar's Opera:
7. If the Heart of a Man
8. Since Laws were Made
9. Over the Hills and Far Away
The Tuesday Club:
10. Club March Against Sir Hugh Maccarty
11. She Tells Me With Claret
12. See See My Boys
Local Music:
13. Annapolis March
14. As I was Going to Baltimore
15. New Bath Minuet
The Tavern:
16. Handsome Cabin Boy
17. Planxty Fanny Power
18. Oyle of Barley
19. Tobacco, Morgan Megan
The Church:
20. Psalms 42 and 92

Price: € 18.50

Twee Violen En Een Bas
De streken van Rembrandt SYN 5765 282
De streken van Rembrandt
"Twee Violen en een Bas" ("two violins with a double bass") presents ancient Dutch music from around 1700. Simple and straightforward music, that could be heard in the world famous Amsterdam music inns, at the theatres where the poor and the rich found entertainment, at fairs and in the private citizens' rooms. Exuberant or thoughtful, robust or delicate, celebrating or contemplating.

1. Molenaer/Maneschijn/Lijsken/Hoboken
2. 't Loose bakkertie/Bakkers bruggetie/Allemande moer
3. Vadertje lief/Wat is dat mantie quaat/Giga voor vader
4. G'lyck den grootsten rap-sack/Allemande guerre gay
5. Gaillarde du comte de solms/Orainge/Princes royaele
6. Prins Robbert/Soet soet Robbertgen
7. Courante bourbon
8. Met al mijn hert en sinnen
9. Bruiloftslied/De bruyds dans/'T Bruijloft
10. Wel Jan wat drommel
11. St. Teunis poort/Catte kop
12. Mouris langbeen/Rigodon voor loris langbeen
13. Wat heeft hij een spitse kop/Wat heeft hij een dikke kop/Het gesicht
14. Waeckt op israel
15. Burgers schildwacht gesang/Mars van de cloppermannen
16. Les veules/Exters ende krayen
17. Ayr/Sarabande amours/'k heb veel nachten lang gewaeckt
18. De nieuwe keijzers kroon
19. Mijn ooghkens wenen/Bedroevet harteken
20. Hoboken/Graeff Maurits

Price: € 16.50

Far, Far From Ypres (Songs, Poems And Music Of World War I) - 2CD CDTRAX 1418
Far, Far From Ypres (Songs, Poems And Music Of World War I) - 2CD
The album is a tribute to all the soldiers from Scotland, England, Ireland and Wales, and also their Commonwealth brothers in arms from all corners of the globe, who fought and suffered together in the Great War and, in particular, all those who died.

The album has a more Scottish perspective than any of its predecessors but when one considers that Scotland suffered the most soldiers killed, per head of population, of any nation that fought in the conflict, such an album was greatly overdue. It is also doubtful if the songs, poems and music of WW1 have ever before been covered in such depth.

This project was first suggested to Ian Green of Greentrax Recordings in 2004 by Des Brogan, Managing Director of Mercat Tours International, who specialise in tours of both WW1 and WW2 cemeteries and battlefields. Jim Paris, who also contributed, is a Mercat Tours Battlefield Guide. Ian, who had read many books on both WW1 and WW2, was interested but regrettably the lack of financial resources at that time caused it to be placed on the ‘back-burner’. In 2007, however, Des Brogan invited Ian and his wife June on one of Mercat’s WW1 coach tours of France and Belgium. June was also finally able to fulfil a life-long desire to visit the graveyard of her Grandfather McLennan, in one of the many beautifully maintained War Cemeteries.

1. Your King and Country Need You (Spoken Word - Iain Anderson)
2. Your King and Country Need You (Song - The Scottish Pals Singers)
3. Regimental Tunes (The Army School of Piping and Highland Drumming)
4. The Last Mile Home
5. It's a Long Way To Tipperary
6. Mademoiselle From Amenities
7. Fred Akron's Army
8. We're Here
9. Living in a Trench
10. Raining
11. Minor Worries
12. If The Sergeant Steals Your Rum
13. Oh! It's a Lovely War
14. Hush! Here Comes The Whizz-bang
15. Bombed Last Night
16. Gassed Last Night
17. Fritz Boy
18. Forward Joe Soap's Army
19. Pack Up Your Troubles
20. Whiter Than Whitewash
21. Far, Far From Wipers I Long To Be
22. Take Me Back to Dear Old Blight
23. I'll Make a Man of You
24. I Wore a Tunic
25. Goodbye
26. When this Bloody War is Over
27. I Don't Want to be a Soldier
28. I Want to go Home
29. The Old Battalion
30. The Bells of Hell
31. It's a Long Way to Tipperary
32. Keep The Home Fires Burning
33. Sister Suzie Sewing Shirts For Soldiers
34. The Only Girl in The World
35. Roses of Peccary (All The Scottish Pals Singers)
36. Keep Right on to The End of The Road (Harry Lauder)
37. The Flowers of The Forest (Corporal Neil McNaughton)
38. The Last Post (John Samson).

1. The Bloody Fields of Flanders Set (The Army School of Piping and Highland Drumming)
2. In Flanders Fields (Poem - Iain Anderson)
3. The Green Fields of France / No Man's Land (The Corries)
4. Jimmy's Gone Tae Flanders (Jim Malcolm)
5. Black is The Sun (Steve Palmer)
6. Mothers, Daughters, Wives (The McCalmans)
7. Geordie McCrae (Robin Laing)
8. And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda (Eric Bogle)
9. In Memorium (Poem - Iain Anderson)
10. An Eala Bhan (Roddy MacLeod)
11. Halloween (Sheena Wellington and Karine Polwart)
12. Why Old Men Cry (Dick Gaughan)
13. As If He Knows (Eric Bogle)
14. Jimmy Waddell / Battle of The Somme (Malinky)
15. Letters From Wilfred (Alan Bell)
16. Only Remembered (The McCalmans)
17. Cha Till MacCruemen (Poem - Iain Anderson) / MacCrimmon's Lament (Heather Heywood) / MacCrimmon's Sweeheart (Dougie Pincock)

Price: € 19.50

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