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Leather Pipe Bag Instruments
Goatskin Pipe Bag - Bennett BT 01
Goatskin Pipe Bag - Bennett
Goatskin is Bennett's top of the range bag. Its a great quality skin and gives you a longer lasting bag with great resonance and comfort.
The goatskin is of the highest quality and all our skins are hand-picked and tanned by our own tanner who we have worked with closely since the business was established in 1995.
We believe its the new sheepskin overtaking the status quo in terms of tonal quality and performance.
The biggest problem in bag pipes is moisture either the lack of, or too much. A goat skin pipe bag gives you another 35-40 min window of optimum tonal quality. Sheepskin doesnt absorb the moisture as well as Goat Skin. Whereas a sheepskin pipe bag is the traditional choice for the piper, the goat skin pipe bags are relatively new to the market.
All bags are made to order and has a waiting time of approx 14-21 days.


Price: € 275.00

George Way >
Scottish Clan And Family Encyclopedia - Third Edition B 8001
Scottish Clan And Family Encyclopedia - Third Edition
The Scottish Clan & Family Encyclopedia is the work of a team of renowned specialists and, in addition to their own contributions, has been overseen, compiled, and edited by George Way of Plean and the late Romilly Squire.

Revised and updated to reflect changes in clan society since its original publication in 1994, the Scottish Clan & Family Encyclopaedia is the definitive single-volume reference work on the Scottish clans and will appeal to everyone of Scottish ancestry throughout the world.

Price: € 76.00

Jenna Simpson >
Under the Influence B 8000
Under the Influence
A book of 18 English Country dances composed by Jenna Simpson. Each dance includes full instructions, teaching notes, and sheet music (notated and chorded by Dave Wiesler).

37 pages, 2017

Banish Misfortune
The Best of Company
Charlotte's Dilemma
The Congresswoman
Cross My Heart
Cupid's Revenge
Fair Play
Somerset Wassail
Sweet Cream
Trip to Tintagel
Under the Influence
Warden of the Marches
The Way of the World
We Meet Again

Price: € 20.50

Moisture Control System Instruments
Trap Dri M 95A
Trap Dri
he perfect device for your sheepskin/hide bag etc.

Joins to your existing tube and can slip through a split stock.

This can also be adapted into other Moisture Control Systems for use in zip bags.


Price: € 24.50

Si Puo Ballare - A selection of dances from 15th century Italy DHDS 2017 BK
Si Puo Ballare - A selection of dances from 15th century Italy
Book + CD

Si Puo Ballare is a compilation of dances from HDS Summer Schools 1992 and 1995 re-researched and realised by Hazel Dennison, and placed in a choreographic and cultural context, with new diagrams by Paul Kent and revised step descriptions. The CD contains previously published music from earlier CDs and some new tracks.

Petti Rosse
Fiore de Vertu
Mignotta Vechia
Partita Crudele
Chorona Gentile
Bialte di Chastiglia
Petit Vriens

Price: € 28.00

Practice Chanter Reeds Instruments
Shepherd practice Reed SHRD P1
Shepherd practice Reed
Shepherd Practice Chanter Reeds.


Price: € 6.50

Drone Reeds Instruments
Ezeedrone Bagpipe Drone Reeds Increased Absorption (2 Tenor Reeds plus Inverted RD 3EINV
Ezeedrone Bagpipe Drone Reeds Increased Absorption (2 Tenor Reeds plus Inverted
The material used for these reeds has been designed to absorb more moisture whilst maintaining the stability and tonal qualities associated with standard Ezeedrone reeds. To ensure optimum performance it is recommended that these reeds be allowed to dry naturally after long playing sessions.


Price: € 89.00

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