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Neil Stuart >
The Silver Fern and other dances B 8881
The Silver Fern and other dances
The dances are all either English or American in style.

18 dances

2017, 41 pgs

Price: € 7.00

Neil Stuart >
Latitude and Longitude B 8882
Latitude and Longitude
A collection of 33 Longways dances in contra and Beckett formation.

Price: € 10.00

Neil Stuart >
Squares and Double Contras B 8884
Squares and Double Contras
9 square dances
6 double contras

Whilst written in a broadly American style, as the majority of the dances do not contain a lot of swinging, they may appeal more to English dancers.

Price: € 7.00

Valve Instruments
Little Mac Replacement Valve LM 01
Little Mac Replacement Valve
This valve is a replacement flapper for your Little Mac Valve. These are always nice to have around as a spare, just in case you need it. The flapper valves can break down over time, and this is an easy fix. Install the replacement valve and your Little Mac is good as new.


Price: € 3.45

Reed Absorbers Instruments
Practice Chanter Reed Absorbers (12) M 85
Practice Chanter Reed Absorbers (12)
Practice Chanter Reed Absorbers. Pack of 12 absorbers.


Price: € 3.90

Tone Protector Instruments
Tone Protector H-A05RP06
Tone Protector
The world’s first digital chanter cap with two-way humidity control technology.

Stabilize your tone and tuning. Protect your reed from changing weather conditions. Get a consistently great sound every time you play. Anywhere in the world. Save money and hassle with reeds that last 3 to 4 times longer. Play more. Tune less.

Available in 4 different colours to identify chanters3quickly.


Price: € 75.50

Practice Pipes Instruments
Twist-Trap Practice Pipes H-RGHTP01
Twist-Trap Practice Pipes
Twist-Trap Practice Pipes are a set of mouth blown smallpipes incorporating a long practice chanter and two drones. They produce a softer more mellow tone in comparison to the Highland Bagpipes and pitch in the key of A (440Hz), a general tuning standard for many musical instruments. They are fun to play on their own or in a group setting along with other instruments.

Twist-Trap Practice Pipes allow beginners to start playing on a mouth blown instrument that closely resembles the Highland Bagpipes.

Twist-Trap Practice Pipes are not just for beginners however, Pipers of all abilities can appreciate the sound, making practice time that much more enjoyable.

Product features:

Suitable for Pipers of all abilities
Key of A
Twist Trap Moisture Control
Long Practice Chanter
Bass and Tenor Drone
Integral Valve
Synthetic Pipe Bag
Corduroy Bag Cover
Deluxe Carry Case


Price: € 450.00

William Kimber >
Absolutely Classic: The Music of William Kimber TECD 161
Absolutely Classic: The Music of William Kimber
William Kimber (1872-1961) was the best-known English traditional musician of the twentieth century. He appeared at major concert halls in London, broadcast on television and radio, recorded for HMV records and was revered as the 'Father of the Morris.'

CD compiled by Derek Schofield, first published by EFDSS 1999.

1. Constant Billy - William Kimber
2. Talk: Boxing Day 1899 (part 1) - William Kimber
3. Bean Setting - William Kimber
4. Talk: Boxing Day 1899 (part 2) - William Kimber
5. Getting Upstairs - William Kimber
6. Rigs o'Marlow - William Kimber
7. Talk: First contacts with Mary Neal - William Kimber
8. The Twenty-Ninth of May - William Kimber
9.Country Gardens - William Kimber
10. Talk: Cecil Sharp's lecture at the Steinway Hall - William Kimber
11. Trunkles - William Kimber
12. Bacca Pipes - William Kimber
13. The Willow Tree - William Kimber, singing and playing
14. Talk: Memories of Cecil Sharp - William Kimber
15. Hunting the Squirrel - William Kimber
16. Jockie to the Fair - William Kimber
17. Rodney - William Kimber
18. Up with the Lark in the Morning - sung by William Kimber
19. Double Set-Back - William Kimber
20. Talk: Dance Style - William Kimber
21. The Blue-Eyed Stranger - William Kimber
22. Over the hills to Glory - William Kimber
23. The Morris Reel (Soldier's Joy) - William Kimber
24. Talk: Women dancing the Morris - William Kimber
25. Double Lead Through - William Kimber
26. Laudnum Bunches - William Kimber and the Headington Quarry Morris Dancers
27. Old Mother Oxford - William Kimber
28. The Old Woman Tossed up in a Blanket - William Kimber, singing and playing
29. The Rigs o'Marlow - John Graham and the Headington Quarry Morris Dancers
30. Shepherd's Hey - William Kimber
31. Haste to the Wedding - William Kimber
32. Laudnum Bunches - John Kirkpatrick

Price: € 13.50

Sticker >
Ireland - Tricolour Sticker IC 94
Ireland - Tricolour Sticker
Ireland Tricolour Sticker

Price: € 2.50

Sticker >
Scotland Thistle Round Sticker SC 101
Scotland Thistle Round Sticker
Scotland Thistle Round Sticker

Price: € 2.50

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