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More Dances for Jane Austen (Book and CD) DHDS 2015
More Dances for Jane Austen (Book and CD)
More Dances for Jane Austen is a sequel to Dances for Jane Austen. This collection continues in the same spirit, offering a typical repertoire from the Regency age. There are several direct connections to Jane Austen herself in the country dances, and some in the cotillons, which are identified in the Contextual Information on Dances.

The book, by Anne Daye, contains an introduction, notations and music for 6 country dances and 7 cotillons, notation for a reel, descriptions of steps, holds, figures and the changes. There is also information on the dances and their history along with a section on the English Cotillon 1760-1815.

All the music on the CD was specially recorded to accompany the book. The musicians are:
The Austen Allegros: Ian Cutts (violin, tambourine), Vernon Wood (flute), Gail Ford (harpsichord, piano, oboe), and Jeanette Edwards (cello).

1.Chichester Bells
2.The Honey Moon
3.Lord Granthams Whim
4.Miss Bennets Jigg
5.Mr Brockmans Hornpipe
6.Ramsgate Assembly
7.La Brunette
8.L'entrιe du Bal
9.La Fete de Regent
11.Les plaisirs des Anglois
12.Le Reproche
13.Twelfth Night
14.Reel (Mrs Drummond Younger of Perth's Strathspey, Lord Macdonald's Reel, The Irish Washerwoman)

Price: € 22.00

Hoses Instruments
Lomond Blue Piper Hose K 0900LOM
Lomond Blue Piper Hose
The Piper Kilt Hose takes its look and texture from the classic "Bubble" top hose, however it is integrated into the sock as an extended turn over section. The length of the turn over section can be adjusted to meet individual's needs and requirements.

The Piper Kilt hose cross stitch section expands up to 12" dependent on hose size. This allows the turn over section to turn over up to 3 times to produce a "roll" section at the top of the Hose. Alternatively turnover twice for an elongated look.


° S (37-40)

° M (40-44)

° L (44-47)

Please note the colour and the size you want.

Price: € 24.00

Various Artists >
Reclaimed - Pipe Music and song from the Scottish Borders CDTRAX 390
Reclaimed - Pipe Music and song from the Scottish Borders
A variety of smallpipes, Border pipes and Pastoral pipes are on occasion acompanied by fiddle, cello& viols, guitar & mandolin and voice too.
A fairly dynamic introduction to these pipes.

1. Jack Latin - Lignum Vitae (Annie Grace, Fin Moore & Gary West)
2. The Garb of Old Gaul/Hacky Honey - Chris Norman & David Greenberg
3. Over the Dyke and Till her Laddie/With her Tocher What a Lassie - Fin Moore & Matheu Watson
4. Helen of Kirckonnell - Fiona Hunter,Mairi Campbell and Iain MacInnes
5. The Twa Corbies/Saw Ye Not My Meggie Crudds and Whey - Pete Stewart
6. Now Westlin Winds - Hamish Moore and Mairi Campbell
7. Jingling Geordie - Callum Armstrong and George Pasca
8. The Night Visitor's Song/Willie stays lang at the Fair/Well Bobbit Blanch of Middlebie - Iain MacInnes
9. Alison Gross - Judy Barker and Annie Grace
10. The Highland Watch's Farewell to Ireland/Landlady Count the Lawin/Duncan Gray - Stewart Gaudin
11. Alasdruim's March - Paul Roberts
12. The Jedburgh Ba' Game - Gary West and Ciaran Ryan
13. Kilt thy Coat Maggie/Linkumdoddie - Mike Katz and Iain MacLeod
14. The Cairdin' O't/Stumpie/Duns Dings A'/Tail Toddle/Spark's Rant - Angus MacKenzie
15. Jimmy Allan/Geld Him Lassies/Coffee and Tea/Skint o'willer - Gordon Mooney and Shona Mooney
16. The Football March and two reels - Carlos Nunez
17. Saw Ye Never a Bonnie Lass - Martyn Bennett

Price: € 17.00

Iain MacFarlane >
Gallop To Callop OLP 005
Gallop To Callop
First Class in Fiddling here with some grand new tunes well mixed with other contemporary pieces and some rousing traditional classics, all making for a grand album.
Also a first class gathering of the cream of the folk music scene in loyal support.

1. Camus Eidhinn/Willie MacRae's/Seamus Alec's
2. St Fillan's Monastry/Mrs MacPherson Of Inveran/John Morrison Of Assynt House/Iain MacDonald,Seanlag
3. Gathan Na Greine/Fad A'Gheamhraidh/Na Miosan Dorcha
4. Isobel's Tune
5. The Lochside Hornpipe/The Excelsior
6. Tatties On The Manifold
7. DJ's Reel/MacFarlanes' Wedding/Stoddie's Reel
8. The Mill in the Glen/Reaping The Ryegrass/The Breast of St Marc
9. The Head,The Heart and the Tail/Freefalling
10.Am Bruadair
11. Pipe Mjr Willie MacLean/Alice,Torr Ban/Ashley's Strathspey/The Gallop to Callop
12. Meall A'Bhuiridh/BeinnFhada/Fearchar Mac Iain Og/An T-Sealgair

Price: € 17.00

Brooke Friendly and Chris Sackett >
Impropriety Volume V: The Country Dances BKROG 5
Impropriety Volume V: The Country Dances
Brooke Friendly and Chris Sackett are back with a fifth outing in the Impropriety series. Volume lV includes 19 English and Scottish dances set to tunes both traditional, and by modern composers such as Dave Wiesler, Shira Kammen (part of Roguery), Dave Bartley, Paul Hutchinson, and Gary Thomas.

CD - € 18.00
On the Midway (tune: Dance of the Demon Daffodils), Autumn Gifts (tune: Saint Malo), Love Always (tune: Love and all that Hijaz), The Ruddy Duck (tune: A4 Up Go We), Gingerbread (tune: Kuparai Eeva), Rare Vintage, Greengage (tune: Walnut Hall), The Longest Night (tune: Cog Railway), Chocolate is the Answer (tune: The Maid's Complaint), Sweet Mischief, Sea Shadows (tune: Your Slip is Showing), The Skin of Our Teeth (tune: Trip to Sligo), Nutkin's Hornpipe (tune: Squirrels), Cascades (tune: Bugs in Both Pockets), V (Vee - tune: Incunabula), De Novo, Make the Sun Dance (tune: Tatshenshini Triple), Blythe Company (tune: All Among the Barley).

Price: € 17.00

Roguery >
Sweet Mischief (Impropriety, Vol. 5) ROG 5
Sweet Mischief (Impropriety, Vol. 5)
Enjoy the improvisatory interplay across a variety of styles and moods, from raucous to serene and points in between, with original and traditional tunes inspired by the dance music of the British Isles.

Book - € 17.00

1. On the Midway (Dance of the Demon Daffodils) 4:24
2. Autumn Gifts (Saint Malo) 5:12
3. Love Always (Love and All That Hijaz) 4:02
4. The Ruddy Duck (A4 Up Go We) 5:13
5. Gingerbread (Kupparai Eeva)1:44
6. Rare Vintage 2:32
7. Greengage (Walnut Hall)5:14
8. The Longest Night (Cog Railway)5:25
9. Chocolate Is the Answer (The Maid's Complaint)1:48
10. Sweet Mischief 4:28
11. Sea Shadows (Your Slip Is Showing)3:34
12. The Skin of Our Teeth (Trip to Sligo)3:51
13. Nutkin's Hornpipe (Squirrels) 3:00
14. Cascades (Bugs in Both Pockets) 4:58
15. V (Incunabula) 6:04
16. De Novo 3:33
17. Make the Sun Dance (Tatshenshini Triple) 4:33
18. Blythe Company (All Among the Barley) 4:15

Price: € 18.00

Sporrans Instruments
Day Sporran SDY1
Day Sporran
A full leather day sporran with celtic embossed design.

Made on our premises in Glasgow, Scotland using the finest materials. This sporran can be worn with a day highland outfit or with a pipe band uniform.

Price: € 82.00

Sporran Chain Instruments
Fancy Square Sporran Chain GMP 006
Fancy Square Sporran Chain
Fancy Square Sporran Chain
Chrome Finish

Small to fit 32” -- 36” With 5 holes of adjustment

Medium to fit 32” -- 42” With 9 holes of adjustment

Large to fit 34” -- 46” With 10 holes of adjustment

X Large to fit 42” -- 51” With 10 holes of adjustment

XX Large to fit 48” -- 58” With 10 holes of adjustment

XXX Large to fit 56” -- 64” With 10 holes of adjustment

Price: € 51.00

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