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Andrew Shaw >
Elephants Stairs RKM 005BK
Elephants Stairs
Interpretations of late 17th & early 18th century
English Country Dances by Andrew Shaw & Persons of Quality

The book contains the directions and musical notation for 20 dances, with information on sources and historical context, and, as an appendix, a short guide to the editions and volumes of The Dancing Master, 1651 - 1728.
A4, spiral-bound.

Dances: The Jolly Company - Young Phillis of Wakefield - Flora and Phaon - Pall-Mall - Harlequin in the Mud - Beautious Grove - Belgrade - Barcelona - Elephant's Stairs - Three Coney Walk - Apollo and Daphne - Sam's Maggot - The Laughing Vicar - The Happy Couple - Hedge-Lane - King's Maggot - The Happy Conclusion.

CD - € 16.00

Price: € 12.50

Persons of Quality >
Elephants Stairs RKM 005
Elephants Stairs
Elephants Stairs is the 5th collection of English Country dances researched and collected by Andrew Shaw, UK. It has a companion book containing the dance instructions, music and historical information, available separately.

Persons of Quality are 3 talented musicians performing English Country Dance music with enthusiasm and imagination, using a wide array of instruments. Each tune gets a vivid treatment and driving rhythm, which is both wonderful to listen to, and a pleasure to dance to. Persons of Quality first recording, Farnicle Huggy, also has a companion book containing 18th century tunes and dance reconstructions by Andrew Shaw. Their second CD, Next of Kynaston chooses tunes from Andrew’s earlier collections by the composer Nathaniel Kynaston and his contemporaries. Persons of Quality has performed for dances, weekends, Balls, and camps in the US, UK, and Italy. They live in Northern California.

Book - € 12.00

1. The Jolly Company 4:41
2. Young Phillis of Wakefield 4:40
3. Flora and Phaon 3:44
4. Pall-Mall 4:11
5. Harlequin in the Mud 4:18
6. Beautious Grove 4:17
7. Belgrade 4:28
8. Barcelona 4:34
9. Elephant's Stairs 4:55
10. Three Coney Walk 4:27
11. Apollo and Daphne 3:47
12. Sam's Maggot 2:58
13. The Laughing Vicar 4:05
14. The Happy Couple 3:43
15. Hedge-Lane 3:41
16. King's Maggot 2:58
17. The Happy Conclusion 4:24

Price: € 19.00

Lorraine Sutton >
ECD-Sea to Sea B 769
ECD-Sea to Sea
Dances in the English Country Tradition by Canadian Composers, 2017

The Booklet holds 21 original dances and music from choreographers and composers from sea to sea in Canada. Dances such as Active Pass, Fundy Tides and Blue and Gold, add wonderful contributions to the existing collections of English Country Dances. The attachments hold the Table of Contents.

The purpose of the project is to acknowledge and distribute the work of Canadian ECD callers, choreographers and composers from across the country, in celebration of the 150th anniversary of the Confederation of Canada in 2017. The project coordinators have modeled ECD Sea to Sea, on the CDSS booklet 21 Easy English Country Dances, theirs is yellow ……ours is blue.

Price: € 9.50

Various >
Scotland the Brave RECD 516
Scotland the Brave
Pipe bands including the Scots Guards and Highland Fusiliers play popular tunes.

1. Piping Hot - Massed Pipes & Drums And Military Bands
2. Bonnie Dundee (All Trad) - Buccleuch & Queensberry Caledonia Pipe Band
3. The Barren Rocks Of Aden/The Earl Of Mansfield - Chamber Pipes And Flute
4. The Rose Of Allendale/Killiecrankie (Trad) - Buccleuch & Queensberry Caledonia Pipe Band
5. Skye Boat Song/The Fairy Dance/Corn Riggs (All Trad) - Pipe Major J. MacLelland With Band Of The Gordon Highlanders
6. Duncan McInnes/Teribus (Trad)/Corriechollie's Welcome To The Northern Meeting - Buccleuch & Queensberry Caledonia Pipe Band
7. Kilworth Hills/Dream Valley Of Glendaruel (Trad) - Chamber Pipes & Flutes
8. Gaelic Air/Circassian Circle (Trad)/Paddy's Leather Breeches/The Muckin O' Geordie's Byre (Trad) - Pipes And Drums Of 1st. Batallion Scots Guards
9. The Piper's Waltz (Trad)/The Stronsay Waltz - Buccleuch & Queensberry Caledonia Pipe Band
10. The Crusaders/Caller Herrin'/Scots Wha' Ha'e/The Bonnie Lass O'Fyvie (All Trad) - Pipes & Drums And Rgimental Band The Scots Guards
11. Wooden Heart (Trad)/Going Home - Buccleuch & Queensberry Caledonia Pipe Band
12. Scotland The Brave - Pipes & Drums And Regimental Band Of The Royal Highland Fusiliers
13. A. A. Cameron (Trad)/Wiseman's Exercise/Donald Bain (Trad)/The Barn Dance (Trad.) - Pipes And Drums Of The Queen's Own Highlanders
14. Mist Covered Mountains (Trad)/The Dark Island/O Gin I Were A Baron's Heir (Trad) - Chamber Pipes And Flute
15. Murdo's Wedding/Wings/Leaving Liverpool/Tom Saunders/Roses Of Prince Charlie (All Trad) - Buccleuch & Queensberry Caledonia Pipe Band
16. Brigadier Snow/Shoals Of Herring (Trad) - Buccleuch & Queensberry Caledonia Pipe Band
17. Ae Fond Kiss/My Love She's But A Lassie Yet/There Was A Lad Was Born In Kyle/A Man's A Man For... - Chamber Pipes And Flute
18. The Saffron Kilt/Lochanside - Pipes And Drums Of 1st. B'n Scots Guards
19. The Rowan Tree (Trad)/Bonnie Gallowa' (Trad)/The Waters Of Kylesku/The Rocky Road To Dublin... - Buccleuch & Queensberry Caledonia Pipe Band
20. Archie McKinlay/Cullen Bay - Pipes And Drums Of 1st. B'n Scots Guards
21. Amazing Grace (Trad) - Massed Pipes & Drums And Military Bands

Price: € 13.00

Earplugs Instruments
QT 20's Musicians Hearing Protection Earplugs HA30 EAR01
QT 20's Musicians Hearing Protection Earplugs
QT-20's enhance your enjoyment of music & loud events by reducing the level of potentially harmful frequencies while retaining the overall clarity. QT-20's are soft, easy to use & have a discrete skin coloured tone.

With a choice of 2 interchangeable filter levels (high & low) you can adjust your earplugs to get the correct level of noise reduction in almost any situation. Ideal for: musicians, nightclubs, festivals, sporting events & much more.

Each set of QT20's comes with an aluminium keyring case so that you can carry your earplugs and filters everywhere you go!

High Filter Attenuation (White)
SNR 27 | H - 31dB | M - 24dB | L - 18dB

Medium Filter Attenuation (Green)
SNR 19 | H - 21dB | M - 16dB | L - 12dB


Price: € 18.00

Fiona Birchall >
Hampshire Garden B 279A
Hampshire Garden
28 Country dances.

Price: € 4.00

Dances for a Crowded Hall : Self-Contained English Dances B 4444
Dances for a Crowded Hall : Self-Contained English Dances
A CDSS Pubication

The latest in our CDSS Booklet Series.
Six experienced English dance leaders present programming and hall management suggestions for a crowded hall. Does not include actual dance instructions. 2004 20 pages

Price: € 6.00

Brooke Friendly & Chris Sackett >
Impropriety Volume IV - Country Dances BKROG 4
Impropriety Volume IV - Country Dances
Dances included in Volume IV:
1. English Country Dances

All Who Wander
An(other) Improper Notion
Banjo in a Bear Suit
A Big Heart
Birds of a Feather
Chocolate Moose
Foot it Featly
General Grooviness of the Universe
It's Always Something
Julie's Scandal
Monte Toyon Mist
Rain on the Roof
Ruby-Crowned Kinglet
Standard Conclusions
To Dance Divine
Scottish Country Dances
Crimson Clover
The Sun Box
Triple Chocolate
CD - € 19.00

Price: € 19.00

Roguery >
Impropriety Volume 4 - CD ROG 4
Impropriety Volume 4 - CD
This CD includes all of the English country dances published in Impropriety Volume IV, the Country Dances of Brooke Friendly and Chris Sackett, performed by the band Roguery.

Roguery is: Anita Anderson (piano) and Dave Bartley (guitars, cittern, mandolin, snare drum) from Seattle, WA, Jim Oakden (recorders, clarinets, tenor banjo, whistles, guitar, mandolin, accordion, gaita, bombard) from Santa Cruz, CA, and Shira Kammen (fiddle, viola, vielle) from Berkeley, CA, who met in the Rogue Valley of Oregon to record this album.

CD - € 19.00

1. It’s Always Something - tune: “Da Vicissitudes of Loif” by Peter Barnes 2008
2. Essentials (Andrew’s Maggot) - tune by Rebecca King 2010
3. To Dance Divine - tune: “To Ayre is Purcell” by Shira Kammen 2009
4. Foot it Featly - tune by Chris Sackett 2009
5. Jubilation - tune: “Mother’s Day Kas-a-Barh” by Shira Kammen and Ray Price 1999
6. Travelers - tune: “Partners” by Chris Sackett 2010
7. Chocolate Moose - tune: “The Goldfinch” by Paul Gitlitz 1999
8. Reflections - tune: “Mi Querida” by Peter Barnes 2008
9. Monte Toyon Mist - tune by Steve Hunt 2010
10. Julie’s Scandal - tune: “Zephyr” by Bo Leyden 2009
11. A Big Heart - tune by Peter Barnes 2010
12. Standard Conclusions - tune: “The Royal Forester” (Traditional English)
13. Banjo in a Bear Suit - tune by Dave Bartley 2009
14. Ruby-Crowned Kinglet - tune: “Flash of Vermilion” by Dave Bartley 2009
15. General Grooviness of the Universe - tune: “March for Warren” Peter Barnes 2010
16. Rain on the Roof - tune: “The White Petticoat” (Traditional Irish)
17. Birds of a Feather - tune: “Flights of Fancy” by Shira Kammen 2011
18. 1A - tune: “The Ground Floor” by Chris Sackett 2011
19. All Who Wander - tune: “Golden Trout Waltz” by Shira Kammen

Price: € 19.00

Brooke Friendly & Chris Sackett >
Impropriety Volume III - Country Dances BKROG 3
Impropriety Volume III - Country Dances
Dances included in Volume III:
1. English Country Dances

The Bemused Benthologist
Breakfast with Coyote
The Chocolate Equation
Dreams of Mirth
Footprints in the Sand
Hidden by Light
Leaves of Autumn
Plum Thursday
Pony Express
The Potter's Wheel
Rock the Boat
Sally by the Pond
Shira Delight
Ursa Minor
We'll Bed and We'll Weed
Well Met
2. Scottish Country Dances
The Cold Snap
The New Garden
Roll Back the Rug
Spiced Cider

CD - € 19.00

Price: € 19.00

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