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Bodhran 16" Instruments
Waltons NEW T SERIES pro bodhran - 16" Hand Tuneable Bodhran Deep Pro Frame 10AWAL-T6165
Waltons NEW T SERIES pro
bodhran - 16
16" Hand Tuneable Bodhran Deep Pro Frame

Manufactured using a technique refined over the last 40 years, the T-Series bodhrans guarantee a perfect balance of form and function, neatly tailored to the modern player. Our hand-picked, premium goatskins are hand treated using a unique combination of age old traditions and 21st century science which allows us to maximise the skin potential while preserving the tonal and performance characteristics that give each of our T Series bodhrans its own individual personality.

All of our T Series bodhrans use an innovative hand tuning system developed by Christian Hedwitschak and exclusively
licensed to Waltons.

Price: € 203.00

Pipe Chanter Instruments
G1 Band Competition Pipe Chanter G1 CH02
G1 Band Competition Pipe Chanter
The new G1 Pipe Chanter has recently been designed and crafted by the G1 team to provide the highest quality sound with optimum comfortability.

The chanter easily reaches the demands of the modern day pitch without having over-sized holes.

Price: € 160.00

Pipe Chanter in Bb Instruments
G1 Concert Bb Chanter G1 CH01
G1 Concert Bb Chanter
The new G1 concert pitch chanter has been designed by the G1 team to provide musicians with a very rich resonating sound which perfectly blends and harmonises with other instruments .
The chanter is very flexible in terms of pitch ranging from 440 to 445 with an impressive true register resulting in a minimum usage of tape.

Price: € 152.00

Understanding Victorian Society Through Dance B 6851
Understanding Victorian Society Through Dance
'From monarch to Mudlark': Including - waltz, quadrille, polka, processionals with garlands or staves, country dances, Morris with sticks, clogging, parlour dances.
EFDSS (English Folk Dance & Song Society) publication.

Book - € 20.00

1. The Waltz
2. The Spanish Dance
3. The Polka
4. The Schottische
5. Highland Schottische
6. Hart's Lancers
7. Galop Finale
8. Pop Goes the WeaseL
9. Four Hand Reel from Dorset
10. La Tempête (The Tempest)
11. Sir Roger de Coverley
12. The Triumph
13. Nine Pins
14. Castleton Garland
15. Bean Setting from Headington
15. Helston Furry Dance
17. Stave Dance
18. Sailor's Hornpipe
19. Jockey Dance
20. Skirt Dance
21. Tambourine Dance
22. Street Clowns 1
23. Street Clowns 2
24. Street Clowns 3
25. Crossing Sweepers 1
26. Crossing Sweepers 2
27. Crossing Sweepers 3
28. Clog 6 x 8-bar reel - practice speed
29. Clog 6 x 8-bar reel - intermediate speed
30. Clog 8 x 16-bar reel - performance speed

Price: € 16.00

Yates, Mike >
Traveller's Joy - Book + CD: Songs of English and Scottish Travellers B 2100
Traveller's Joy - Book + CD: Songs of English and Scottish Travellers
Compiled by Mike Yates; musical transcriptions by Elaine Bradtke; editorial assistance by David Atkinson and Malcolm Taylor; audio recordings by Mike Yates.
Traveller's Joy is a celebration of the extraordinary and ultimately unique musical legacy of the Gypsies and Travellers of England and Scotland.
The eminent singers and folklorists Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger once wrote that 'the travelling people have become the real custodians of English and Scots traditional song'. No wonder, then, that over the years folk song scholars and collectors have been fascinated by this rich heritage. Mike Yates is no exception and has met and recorded many fine singers from the travelling people of England and Scotland. Examples from their repertoires are presented here.
Traveller's Joy is first and foremost a songbook - a collection of over fifty songs to be learned, sung, and enjoyed by the reader. It is not meant to be a scholarly dissertation, though the intention is to portray the singers and their music with honesty and sensitivity. To enhance and complement the texts and musical transcriptions, an accompanying twenty-track CD allows the reader to hear some of the performers themselves. In addition, there is an authoritative introductory essay by Mike Yates, along with biographical sketches of the singers, notes on the songs, photographs of the singers and of travelling life, and a bibliography and discography.

Price: € 15.00

Cecil Sharp >
The Country Dance Book - Book 5 & 6 B 965
The Country Dance Book  -   Book 5 & 6
Kentucky Old Time Dances.

1918, 187 pgs.

Price: € 11.00

Malcolm Douglas, R.Vaughan Williams, Albert Lancas >
Classic English Folk Songs B 5863
Classic English Folk Songs
The long awaited reprint of the Penguin Book of English Folk Songs, first published in 1959. Very influential in the folksong revival. Published by the English Folk Dance and Song Society, revised by Malcolm Douglas, foreword by Martin Carthy, and with an updated bibliography. 2003 154 pages

In Britain's multi-cultural Society, there are many evolving or imported folk traditions of known origin to which mythical pasts are attributed. There is a great lack of knowledge about these and yet writers and folklorists have sought to interpret them with very little real evidence on which to base their findings. Although designed primarily to provide cross-curricular teaching activities for key stage 2 pupils, this series provides ideas for working with children in any setting. These three books together work through a full calendar year. Each one concentrates on the material relevant to one school term. Their objective is to increase awareness of the traditional folk culture through a variety of means including fact sheets, songs, plays, dances and practical projects. Each one contains a short bibliography with suggestions for further reading.

Price: € 21.00

Flute in Bb Instruments
Tneable Alto Bb Flute DX 018 BB
Tneable Alto Bb Flute
Alto flute with polymer body and polymer head. Tuneable.

Price: € 32.00

Flute in D Instruments
Three-Part Polymer Flute DX032FL
Three-Part Polymer Flute
Dixon Low D 3 Part Polymer flute

Price: € 245.00

Low Whistle D Instruments
Three Part Polymer 'D' Whistle DX032WH
Three Part Polymer 'D' Whistle
Tenor/low Whistle with tapered bore in solid polymer.

Price: € 245.00

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