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Tabor Pipe Instruments
Susato Garland -V- Series Tabor-Pipe in -D- (2 Piece) GTP205-V
Susato Garland -V- Series Tabor-Pipe in -D- (2 Piece)
Three-holed pipes for one-handed playing are known in many parts of the world since Medieval times. Tabor-Pipes and Txirula/Txistus have two finger- holes in front and one thumb-hole in the back. The instruments are designed to be played with one hand, so that the other hand is free to play a tabor-drum, a stringed-tambour, or hurdy-gurdy. The only difference between a Tabor-Pipe and a Txirula or Txistu is the diameter and position of the three tone holes and the musical scale resulting from that difference. Both types can produce a contiguous scale of one octave and a fifth, ample range for any folktune!


Price: € 48.00

Whistle G Instruments
Kildare -V- Series Pennywhistle in High -G- KPW201-V
Kildare -V- Series Pennywhistle in High -G-
Includes a fingering chart, thumbrest, joint grease, and a vinyl pouch.


Price: € 49.00

Brooch Instruments
Scots Guards Pipers Plaid Brooche GMP 61
Scots Guards Pipers Plaid Brooche
Scots Guards Pipers Plaid Brooch

Price: € 35.00

Figurines >
Highland Dancer RPC 20
Highland Dancer
Figurine set on a hardwood base which depict an array of enduring Scottish images.

Each piece is approximately 3.5" - 5" in height (excluding base) and is cast from high quality 100% lead-free pewter

Price: € 23.00

Drone Reeds Instruments
Ezeedrone Inverted Bass Drone Reed H-RD01EZ05
Ezeedrone Inverted Bass Drone Reed
The most popular brand of synthetic reeds on the market. They produce excellent tone


Price: € 32.00

Drone Reeds Instruments
X-TREME Premium Drone Reeds XT 01
X-TREME Premium Drone Reeds
X-TREME Premium Drone Reeds are precision engineered to exacting standards and the design profiles a carbon fibre tongue which will give you a tailored, stable and rich tone. The Premium version comes with the added benefit of being moisture resistant.

Product features:

Manufactured from a hydrophobic material which repels moisture for extended playing time.

Specifically designed tuning screw with a finer pitch thread to ensure an airtight seal without the need for additional tape etc. This also allows for a great degree of precision when setting the pitch.

Carbon Fibre tongue which provides a robust, stable and rich, full sound.

Engineered and manufactured to a high level of precision to ensure good air efficiency.

Price: € 93.50

Sgian Dubh Instruments
Sgian Dubh - Rope Handle SD02
Sgian Dubh - Rope Handle
Beautiful Sgian Dubh hand crafted in Scotland to the highest standard.

The stone is multi facet cut and gold foil backed and the traditional 4-piece Celtic Metalwork is cast in lead-free pewter and plated in palladium.

Stainless Steel Blade

Available in a choice of 6 stone colours or alternatively can be supplied with a plain metal top.

The Sgian Dubh is supplied in a highly attractive presentation box as standard

Stone Colour: black or Ruby or Amethyst or Topaz or Sapphire or Emerald.
Please note the Stone colour when you order.

Price: € 64.00

Sgian Dubh Instruments
Sgian Dubh - Plain Handle with plain Top C-SD01TP
Sgian Dubh - Plain Handle with plain Top
Traditional Scottish made Sgian Dubh available in celtic or thistle pewter metal work with a plain top.

Features: Pewter celtic or thistle metal work. Steel Blade (not suitable for under 18's)
Made in Scotland

Available Options

Metal work: Celtic or Thistle

Price: € 64.00

Setting Tool Instruments
The Default Settings Tool for Shepherd Reeds SH 01
The Default Settings Tool for Shepherd Reeds
Designed for the individual to manipulate the “mouth opening” and achieve a desirable strength of reed in the ranges;

Easy • Easy/Medium • Med/Hard

Made possible because of the link to our
measured Cane Classification. No sanding or rubbing required.


Factory settings for reed depth in the Shepherd Chanters, Classic, Symphonic and Orchestral.*


Factory bridle settings for the Shepherd All Plastic and SM 90 Drone reeds.*

*Please note these are our recommended default settings and can be altered dependent on each player’s individual requirements.


Price: € 10.50

Kate Badrick, Wendy Crouch , Anne Daye, Diana Camp >
Understanding Victorian Society Through Dance B 6851BK
Understanding Victorian Society Through Dance
This is a distance learning manual, with an accompanying CD, to help teachers deliver the requirements of the National Curriculum from Key Stage 2 upwards. Learning these dances requires, in particular, teamwork and knowledge of the rules. It will encourage the acquisition of social skills and promote self-esteem, which can equip a child for life. This title includes: how to use this resource; teaching tips; and, dances. Ballroom Dances include: The Waltz; The Spanish Dance; The Polka; The Schottische; Highland Schottische; Hart's Lancers; Galop Finale Country Dances; Pop Goes the Weasel; Four Hand Reel from Dorset; La Tempete (The Tempest); Sir Roger de Coverley; The Triumph; Nine Pins Morris and Processional Dances; Castleton Garland; Bean Setting from Headington; Helston Furry Dance; Stave Dance Performance Dances; Sailor's Hornpipe; Jockey Dance; Skirt Dance; Tambourine Dance; Street Clowns 1; Street Clowns 2; Street Clowns 4; Crossing Sweepers 1; Crossing Sweepers 2; Crossing Sweepers 3; Clog Dance; Clog - 6x8-bar reel - practice speed; Clog - 6x8-bar reel - intermediate speed; and, Clog - 8x16-bar reel - performance speed

CD - € 16.00

Price: € 20.00

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