Helene Cornelius and Francis Attanasio
Strong Roots: Dances for Volume 9 B 178
Strong Roots: Dances for Volume 9
Dance instructions for the 14 intermediate-level historical (18th-century) dances found on Volume 9 of the CDS Boston Centre's English Country Dance Collection with Bare Necessities CDs.

Dances : The Hop Ground; Braes of Dornoch; Huntington's Maggot; Rakes of Rcohester; Scotch Cap; Sion House; Apley House; Mr. Isaac's Maggot; Heartsease; Old Wife Behind the Fire; Spanish Jigg; Portabella; Well Done Jack; Row Well, Ye Mariners. With an index to Vol 1-10, alphabetically by name of the dance.

2006 - 39 pgs.

CD - 18.00

Price: € 9.00

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