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George Washington. - A Biography in Social Dance B 406
George Washington. -  A Biography in Social Dance
The dances in this collection are selected from 18th-century American sources. They are presented with a narrative on each page linking historical events to dance titles such as 'The Brandywine, Independence Cotillion, Congress Minuet, Hessian Camp, Washington's Resignation' and 'The New Constitution'. Others are more personal: 'Mount Vernon, Washington's reel, The president, ... A transcription of Washington's handwritten 'Rules Of Civility' is included. Cd is available.

1998, 144 pgs.
CD - 18.50


Rules of the Richmond Assemblies, November 1790.
The Country Dances, Fair Hybernian, The Grove, True Felicity, Black Dance, Stony Point, The Taste, St. Patrick\'s Day, White Cockade, Jacky Bull, The Cotery, La Belle Catharine, Free Mason, What a Beau My Granny Was, Fisher\'s Hornpipe.
Formations, Figures, and Steps.

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