The Blind Harper Dances BHD 01
The Blind Harper Dances
From lively to lyrical, Amarillis has arranged the music of Turlough O'Carolan for listening or dancing. All of the tunes on this CD have had English country dances written to go with them. Contact artists for companion book of dances.

Book - 24.00

1. Hewlett (tune: Hewlett: AABB x 4 Tune suitable for Antony Heywood's An Enchanted Place (4-Couple round) and Judith Hanson's Michael's Waltz (4-Couple LW)
2. Blind Mary (tune: Blind Mary) by Ken Sheffield. Duple minor LW 32 bars x 4
3. Swirl of the Sea (tunes: Kitty Magennis/Bridget Cruise, 3rd air)By Carolyn and Maurice Dunnett. 4-Couple Square 32 bars x 4 + 32 bar free waltz
4. Luke Dillon (tune: Luke Dillon) By Ken Sheffield. 4-Couple round 40 bars x 4
5. Frank Palmer (tune: Frank Palmer)By Ken Sheffield. Duple LW 32 bars x 7
6. Stockton Ruby Celebrations (tune: Mrs. Maxwell, 1st air)
By Dave Turner. 4-Couple Square 32 bars x 3
7. Bridget Cruise (tune: Bridge Cruise, 4th air) By Ken Sheffield. 4-Couple Square 32 bars x 3
8. We Were So Young (tune: Abigail Judge) By Fried de Metz Herman. Duple Minor LW 32 bars x 7
9. Exwood United (tune: Captain Sudley, or Carolan's Dowry) By Antony Heywood. 3-Couple LW 32 bars x 6
10. Hartburn Village (tune: Constantine Maguire)
By Dave Turner. LW Duple Minor 32 bars x 7
11. Cat in the Window (tune: Young Terence McDonough) By Fried de Metz Herman. 3-Couple LW 32 bars x 6
12. Orliana (tune: Miss MacMurray) By Charles Bolton. 4-Couple LW 32 bars x 4
13. Planxty Irwin (tune: Planxty Irwin)
32 bars x 4 Tune suitable for Ken Sheffields' Colonel John Irwin (4-Couple LW), John Wood's Farewell to Bude (4-Couple LW ) and Charles Bolton's Mrs. Pike's Maggot (4-Couple LW)
14. Winter Waltz (tune: Captain O'Kane)

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