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Goatskin Pipe Bag - Bennett BT 01
Goatskin Pipe Bag - Bennett
Goatskin is Bennett's top of the range bag. It’s a great quality skin and gives you a longer lasting bag with great resonance and comfort.
The goatskin is of the highest quality and all our skins are hand-picked and tanned by our own tanner who we have worked with closely since the business was established in 1995.
We believe it’s the new sheepskin – overtaking the status quo in terms of tonal quality and performance.
The biggest problem in bag pipes is moisture – either the lack of, or too much. A goat skin pipe bag gives you another 35-40 min window of optimum tonal quality. Sheepskin doesn’t absorb the moisture as well as Goat Skin. Whereas a sheepskin pipe bag is the traditional choice for the piper, the goat skin pipe bags are relatively new to the market.
All bags are made to order and has a waiting time of approx 14-21 days.


Price: € 275.00

  You can order material by phone or by E-mail. We garantee a quick delivery. Payment should be done after delivery (in €, US $, GBP)
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