Chris & Nick Dewhurst
Brass Tracks CM 110
Brass Tracks
All the tunes on this recording are favourites from the Dancing Masters, from Playford to the present day, chosen either because they sound terrific on trumpet, or fantastic on flugelhorn! Whilst we were working on the arrangements, I found myself gravitating towards the piano for some of the gentler tunes, whilst others got the benefit of Nick’s drum kit, just as they would at a live gig!

There are 16 tracks in total, and with help from our friends Kathryn and David Wright, we have tried to ensure that the music fits the dance well, and is played at a tempo which will suit the majority of dancers.

Book in German - € 6.00

1. My Lady Winwood’s Maggot
2. Sellenger’s Round
3. Corelli’s Maggot
4. Hole in the Wall
5. Rigadoon
6. Wakefield Hunt
7. Red and All Red
8. Orleans Baffled
9. A Trip to Castle Howard
10. Holborn March
11. Marching to Praetorius
12. Gathering Peascods
13. Delia
14. The Drummer
15. Heidenröslein
16. Lull Me Beyond Thee

Price: € 16.00

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