Dampier's Round
Spring Blossom COHU 01
Spring Blossom
Dampier's Round is Moira Gutteridge on fiddle and harp, Peter Gutteridge on guitar and bass, Clare Alexander (now Clare Marsh) on flute.

The band has made a CD “Spring Blossom” of music for dances available on the website of colin Hume. It was launched at Whitby Folk Week in August 2008, where Colin called most of the dances from it. Links to all the instructions can be found here.

1. Spring Blossom
2. Strawberries and Cream
3. Symonds Yat
4. Three Weddings
5. The Bribe
6. John's Folly
7. Summer Reverie
8. Northbourne Hop
9. The Indian Princess
10. Ruth
11. Unrequited Love
12. Mrs Felton's Maggot
13. Round Hill Wedding
14. Colin's Tambourine

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