A Joyful Noise & Hold The Mustard
Red Star Line - From Belgium to America JM 1
Red Star Line -  From Belgium to America
English Country Dances by Philippe Callens. It is an international country dance project. The recordings repesents a collaboration between Philippe Callens , A Belgian dance leader and choreographer, and A Joyful noice and Hold The Mustard, two bands from the United States.
Dance descriptions ...see the following books: Belgian Boutades (Philippe Callens) and Continental Capers (Philippe Callens).
Book Boutades - 8.00.
Continental Capers - 8.00.

1. Arlington Assembly
2.The Astonished Archeologist
3. The Two Pauls
4. Patrick's Waltz
5. Excuse Me
6. Enfield Common
7. Gentleman's Delight
8. Return to Newcastle
9. A Trip to Amsterdam
10. The Delight of Kentish Countryside
11. Hortonia
12. La Gavre
13. Volpony
14. Gold For The Mahieus
15. An Early Frost.

Price: € 18.50

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