Zwyrtni, Grojcowianie, Walasi
Górale - Mountain Dwellers PAN 215
Górale - Mountain Dwellers
Melodies and songs from the Polish Beskid Mountains
Melodies and song from the Beskid Mountains.

Ensembles Zwyrtni, Grojcowianie, Walasi. Language and music of the inhabitants of the far-away mountain villages in the Polish Beskidy Mountains are quite special. The górale (mountain dwellers) migrated from Rumania into Poland
at the end of the Middle Ages and have since lived in isolation, keeping their traditions. This CD contains music of these górale, performed by two ensembles from the Silesian Beskids and an ensemble from the Zywiec Beskids. Hardly any recordings exist of this music, which is undeserved as the language, the peculiar scales, and the powerful style of singing and playing, make the górale music very much worth listening to. The three ensembles on this CD have stayed close to their roots. Although now and then their ensemble playing sounds archaic, the songs are melodious and accessible. 8-page booklet in English.

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