Pipe Bag
Ross Hybrid Zipper Pipe Bag RHZ 01
Ross Hybrid Zipper Pipe Bag
The Ross Suede Canister Pipe Bag is the result of an extensive amount of research, trial and error, and the desire to produce a major upgrade from Ross's previous bag and canister system.

This product offers pipers a combination of great comfort, feel and harmonics, and moisture control that is unequalled in the bagpipe world. The bag can be played without a canister system of course, and for drier blowers this basic setup might well be sufficient. Yet it is the implementation of the canister drying system that takes this bag to the highest level of moisture control and has been used to great benefit by thousands of pipers throughout the world.

Approximate sizes

Small: Depth 230mm x Length 625mm
Extended Small: Depth 245mm x Length 665mm
Medium: Depth 280mm x Length 685mm
Large: Depth 295mm x Length 710mm


Price: € 225.00

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