Persons of Quality
Elephants Stairs RKM 005
Elephants Stairs
Elephants Stairs is the 5th collection of English Country dances researched and collected by Andrew Shaw, UK. It has a companion book containing the dance instructions, music and historical information, available separately.

Persons of Quality are 3 talented musicians performing English Country Dance music with enthusiasm and imagination, using a wide array of instruments. Each tune gets a vivid treatment and driving rhythm, which is both wonderful to listen to, and a pleasure to dance to. Persons of Quality first recording, Farnicle Huggy, also has a companion book containing 18th century tunes and dance reconstructions by Andrew Shaw. Their second CD, Next of Kynaston chooses tunes from Andrew’s earlier collections by the composer Nathaniel Kynaston and his contemporaries. Persons of Quality has performed for dances, weekends, Balls, and camps in the US, UK, and Italy. They live in Northern California.

Book - € 12.00

1. The Jolly Company 4:41
2. Young Phillis of Wakefield 4:40
3. Flora and Phaon 3:44
4. Pall-Mall 4:11
5. Harlequin in the Mud 4:18
6. Beautious Grove 4:17
7. Belgrade 4:28
8. Barcelona 4:34
9. Elephant's Stairs 4:55
10. Three Coney Walk 4:27
11. Apollo and Daphne 3:47
12. Sam's Maggot 2:58
13. The Laughing Vicar 4:05
14. The Happy Couple 3:43
15. Hedge-Lane 3:41
16. King's Maggot 2:58
17. The Happy Conclusion 4:24

Price: € 19.00

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